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This Greninja is a Water/Dark-type Pokémon that was owned by Ash and was the first Pokémon he obtained in the Kalos region.


Greninja's troublesome past as a Froakie.

Greninja seems to be a tough and strict Pokémon in reference to his personality. During his time at the breeding facility as a Froakie, he preferred to train alone instead of socializing with his kind. Because of this, the other Froakie attacked and injured him. After he was healed by Nurse Joy, he realized that in order to become strong, he need a trainer he could trust. He ended up going through several trainers, but they all failed to live up to his standards. He finally chose Ash after seeing his bravery and being shown love. Greninja even has the tendency to blush when he is thanked and praised by other Pokémon and people. For example, when he used its Frubbles to tidy up Fennekin's tail, she thanked Froakie for his thoughtfulness. Greninja is also very protective towards others and is willing to keep them protected from harm. For example, when everyone got separated after an attack from angry Pangoro, Frogadier stepped forth and protected Serena and Chespin. One of Greninja's greatest insecurities was his close bond with Ash, as failing to perfect the Ash-Greninja form took a toll on both Ash and Greninja alike. When Ash left Greninja in the Pokémon Center out of guilt for losing against Wulfric, Greninja gave chase to look for his trainer. While Greninja was recovering from the battle, he also felt responsible for making Ash lose the battle. However, after fully synchronizing their feelings to save a Spewpa from falling, Ash explained to Greninja why he chose to be a Pokémon master and he views Pokémon as friends. After that, Greninja and Ash fully came to understand each other.

Greninja became a unique Pokémon of Ash after its hidden potential was unleashed; in its Ash-Greninja form, he gained considerably more power, endurance and speed. Ash-Greninja has been very successful in helping Ash win his battles, with feats including overpowering Diantha's Mega Gardevoir, defeating Wulfric's Mega Abomasnow by slamming into the ice ceiling with Aerial Ace and easily defeating Tomo's Altaria with a single Water Shuriken. He soundly defeated Sawyer's Mega Sceptile despite being at a type disadvantage, slicing through Sceptile's Frenzy Plant with Cut and overcoming he with a massive Water Shuriken, and went toe-to-toe with Alain's Mega Charizard X, an opponent that had once defeated 10 Mega-Evolved Pokémon in a row and went on par with a 50% Zygarde.

Before he joins with Ash while he was a Froakie, he is highly observant and a risk taker when he saves Pikachu when Jessie's Wobbuffet's Mirror Coat rebounded his Electro Ball against him.

In one episode, Greninja while he was still a Froakie has a short fierce rivalry with Ash's Hawlucha when they are not getting along during the double battle with both Clemont's Bunnelby and Chespin and they are usually seen arguing during Ash's special training of combining their moves. But they later settle their difference after seeing Ash risking his life to save them from being hit on Trevenant's Will-O-Wisp and became best friends after they teamed up to stop Team Rocket's Pokémon. Both Hawlucha and Froakie who is now evolved into a Frogadier team up against both Sawyer's Treecko and his Bagon. Later, they play each other in the river stream and teaming up again to find the wild Eevee in both land and air but ends up in a failure until Serena captures it. Therefore, after evolving into Greninja, he and Hawlucha are seen doing some exercise during the break.

Aside from his strong friendship with Hawlucha, Greninja is another Pokémon who is briefly seen trying to stop Chespin and Pancham from fighting one another, seemingly aware of their rivalry. Pikachu and Braixen are considered Greninja's other best friends as well as being very close friends with Talonflame, Goodra, and Noivern.

At the start of A Fashionable Battle! and onward, Greninja while he was a Frogadier gains a friendly rivalry towards Sawyer's Treecko who is furious not to give up the fight after being hit from his Water Pulse twice and leading its evolution to Grovyle followed by Sceptile and its mega evolve form, Mega Sceptile. Their long-standing rivalry was demonstrated during the 3-on-3 battles between Ash and Sawyer as their fight were equally matched and both of their Pokémon are seen either of the two will win or lose. This also happens when both competed each other in the Kalos League Lumiose Conference. Their rivalry soon ended where Ash defeats Sawyer at the semi-finals using Greninja as Ash-Greninja against Sceptile as Mega Sceptile.

Just like Sceptile, Buizel, Snivy, and Hawlucha, Greninja is very cool, calm, collected and can get very serious when he comes to situations.



Upon seeing him catch Pikachu from the fall following Wobbuffet's Mirror Coat, Greninja as a Froakie was moved by the young man's couragous action for the injured Pokémon.

Greninja's Teammates


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Greninja teaching Lucario how to maintain perfect balance in its Aura abilities.

A recent addition to Ash's current roaster, Greninja came across the Aura Pokémon when it was dealing with the rampant vines from the Team Flare crisis. Lucario heard about the resonance that Greninja had with Ash and got furious at the level of power he has compared to itself. After a humiliating defeat during its training, Greninja helped Lucario maintain a perfect balance with its bond towards Ash and demonstrated it by using the ripples in the water. According to Ash, they are similar to each other as both share the desire to become stronger as expressed by their similar aura. With that, Greninja and Lucario developed a student-teacher relationship with each other. Their strong relationship was demonstrated when Greninja sensed Lucario increasing its Aura during Ash's battle with Raihan in the Galar region. With that, Greninja smiled proudly that his student, Lucario, has utilized his teachings to win Ash's battle.

Other Pokémon


A mysterious being that was under the care of Bonnie, Greninja helped protect and save Squishy from the likes of Team Flare and Squishy in return aided Greninja in locating where Ash was in the snowstorm.


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As Froakie

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Ever since he hatched, Froakie was a loner who preferred to train instead of playing with his Froakie kind. Prior to meeting Ash, he was also very selective of his Trainers due to his high expectations. In most cases, he was either returned to the Professor Sycamore because of disobedience, or abandoned them of his own accord.[1]

Froakie blocking the attack to protect Pikachu.

Greninja first appeared as a Froakie when he observed Pikachu shocking Bonnie, Clemont and Ash outside the Lumiose Gym. He followed the group to a nearby park, where he watched the trio talking from a tree. When the group were attacked by Team Rocket who actually followed Ash on his journey to capture his Pikachu, Froakie protected Pikachu from its own Electro Ball, which had been rebounded by Wobbuffet's Mirror Coat. He then used the sticky bubbles on his back, called Frubbles, to hit Wobbuffet, and helped Ash defeat Team Rocket. After Team Rocket were blasting off, Froakie fainted due to its heavy injuries and Ash took him to Professor Sycamore's lab.[2]

Froakie, Pikachu and Ash free Garchomp.

Eventually, Froakie was healed at Sycamore's lab. Froakie was present when Team Rocket tried to take control of Professor Sycamore's Garchomp who saves him from getting controlled and assisted Ash in his attempt to help. When Garchomp was about to fall off the Prism Tower, Froakie used his Frubbles to stick Garchomp's feet to the floor and prevent her from falling. This then allowed Pikachu to destroy the machine controlling Garchomp with Iron Tail.

Froakie joining Ash's team as his first caught Kalos Pokémon.

At the end of the episode, Froakie appeared in front of Sycamore's lab with a Poké Ball and asked Ash to catch it, to which Ash agreed as Froakie quickly clicks the Poke Ball to make Ash obtains his first Pokémon much to his excitement.[1]

Froakie quickly attacked a Fletchling that made Bonnie cry and a Dedenne leave, despite Ash telling him to stand down and let Pikachu attack. Fletchling easily evaded every attack and almost knocked Froakie out with a devastating Razor Wind, but Ash pushed him away to save him. Although the group was initially mad, they learnt of Froakie's motives, and made a plan for him to take down Fletchling. They lured Fletchling to an area with many rocks at many levels, which allowed to Froakie to move freely and be on even grounds with the flying-type. However, Fletchling's aerial speed allowed it to evade all of Froakie's attacks, although Froakie evaded his just as well. Fletchling then got a solid hit on a hidden Froakie, which was actually a fake made of Frubbles. Froakie then finally landed a hit with his newly learned Bubble, and Ash attempted to capture it, but failed. Froakie then evaded the powerful Razor Wind and finished Fletchling off with Water Pulse, allowing Ash to capture it.[3]

Froakie helping Pikachu and Fletchling complete their training.

Froakie was used again, using his Frubbles for Pikachu and Fletchling to dodge; in preparation for Ash's rematch against Viola; later after the training was over, he went over to Fletching and gave it a smack on the head to show how impressed he was on dodging his frubbles.[4] Froakie was sent out to battle Clemont's Magnemite and Magneton, and despite the type disadvantage, Froakie single-handedly incapacitates them with his Frubbles.[5]

Froakie was seen having lunch with everyone before some wild Pancham showed up, which causes mischief for Clemont's Chespin, as they ate all the food available. Then he, Pikachu, and Serena's Fennekin cheered him up before they were captured by Team Rocket, however they get into a fight, which causes the net they were captured in to break and get separated from everyone. Froakie landed in a river before he was found by Pikachu, then they find Chespin but before they go looking for Fennekin, they see Meowth on a tree branch hanging, due to being thrown by a wild Pangoro when he landed on its face. Froakie tells Pikachu not to help him seeing through his lies but he and Chespin do so out of their caring nature. However, he still doesn't trust Meowth even though Pikachu and Chespin tell him it is a truce, even Meowth notices that Froakie is not fooled by his tricks much. When everyone finds Fennekin at a river trying to clean her tail, Froakie helped her by using his Frubbles to clean it up, in return he gets praised by her and blushes out of being flattered. They reunite with their trainers, after they were attacked by the same wild Pangoro that threw Meowth on the tree, to which Chespin retaliates by firing his Pin Missile at it causing its bamboo to burn up. Froakie helped Ash get a new bamboo for the Pangoro when Team Rocket shows up to cause trouble once again.

Froakie was sent out to see if the coast is all clear at the Pokémon smugglers hide out, then he helps Ash battle the Smuggler's Diggersby before the Spewpa that Ash befriended steps up to help.

Froakie was sent out to battle Penelope's Sylveon and lost in a bad way. He was then seen hanging at the kindergarten school. When Sylveon tried to be nice he turned away due to losing to her with Ash trying to cheer him up. He even helps Ash befriend one of the students named Randall, who was afraid of Pokémon. Team Rocket shows up as entertainers, to which Froakie stays out off before Team Rocket reveal themselves and catch Pikachu and Sylveon. Froakie was still in the van but he's not alone, Randall was in there too and was shocked to see that the Pokémon were in cages. Froakie helps to get them out of their cages, when Ash shows up to help them. Then he helps to stop Team Rocket before Pikachu sent them blasting off again. Before leaving, he was happy that he made friends with Randall after the adventure they had.

Froakie was used to battle against Clemont's Chespin for a practice match since Chespin was getting lazy and obese, but Froakie overcame the type disadvantage and easily beat it with his new Pound attack.[6]

Later, Froakie was used to battle against Sanpei and his Frogadier. But because of Frogadier's immense speed and power, he lost. Froakie then tried to become super fast and strong by trying to learn Quick Attack. However, when Team Rocket attacked, he instead learned Double Team.[7]

Froakie was sent out with Fletchling to cheer for Viola; even though she lost, Froakie was impressed by the strength of Grant's Onix. However he was shocked when he finds out along with his friends and trainer that he is the leader of the gym they are going next to, then Froakie is ready to train for the battle with his friend Fletchling agreeing with him. While getting ready to train he saw one of Clemont's invention backfire before seeing Serena's and Fennekin outfit for their next scene, which they are doing for a Poke vision video.

Froakie was sent out to have some at a sea on with Pikachu and Dedenne before they went to an Aquarium, under Serena's suggestion. Froakie was training with Fletchling and Pikachu before Alexa shows up to see everyone.

Froakie was having Lunch right by an ocean with everyone before they decided to go fishing which they meet a Skrelp who was injure however after it was treated it attack them and poisoned Pikachu. Lucky for Pikachu two marine archaeologists were driving near by and got rid of the poison. Froakie was sent back out to help the Skrelp they help before to stop Team Rocket which they did as much as they could before they were caught in a whirlpool. Froakie was able to jump through some stuff to get back their safely with Ash catching them then got praised for helping out and they even comment on his jumping which helps Ash get a new strategy for his gym battle against Grant.

Froakie was then used in his first gym battle against Grant's Onix for Ash's second Kalos Gym Battle, which Froakie successfully did when he performed a newly formed strategy called the Rock Tomb Climb. Froakie then battled Grant's Tyrunt, but was easily defeated with a powerful Draco Meteor.[8]

Froakie with Chespin and Fennekin helped stop Team Rocket when they stole Pikachu before the Flabébé Bonnie befriended help them out. Froakie was sent out to help get Pikachu back from Team Rocket, who stole Pikachu once again.

Froakie was later used to battle a Hawlucha Ash made friends with, after settling a rivalry with a Machamp. However, the battle ended when Hawlucha's Flying Press collided with Froakie's Pound attack, knocking both Pokémon out in a draw. Froakie was later seen with Pikachu, excited to see Ash easily catch Hawlucha.[9]

Froakie was sent out to have a break with everyone when all the other Pokémon met Ash's new friend Hawlucha. Froakie battle a mirror version of Serene, when his trainer counterpart took his Pikachu by mistake, due to not believing that he's not the same Ash she used to and won easily.

Sometime later, Froakie was doing some training sessions with Ash and his Pikachu. But when a log came hurdling down from a waterfall, Froakie defended Pikachu and learned Cut to stop the log from falling on Pikachu. Froakie later got into a squabble with Hawlucha and began fighting against each other. Their fight didn't last long until a Trevenant kidnapped Ash and dragged him into the forest. When Froakie and Hawlucha attempted to save their trainer, they learned that the reason why Trevenant kidnapped Ash was because it needed his help in saving its companions, a Bonsly and a Sudowoodo, who were caught in an electric net set up by Team Rocket. After Pikachu freed the two Rock-types and got caught by his enemies, Froakie and Hawlucha worked together using their combination moves against both Inkay and Pumpkaboo. With the help of Trevenant, they destroyed the device that captured Pikachu in Meowth's hands, Pikachu was finally released and blasted Team Rocket off with his Thunderbolt. Froakie and Hawlucha finally settle their differences, becoming best friends in the process.[10]

Froakie was later sent out to play with Pikachu, Chespin and Fennekin where they made friends with their trainer's new friends and rivals Pokémon, Tierno, Trevor and Shauna, before being used in a first-touch battle against Tierno and his Squirtle, but was quickly overwhelmed by Squirtle's dance moves.[11]

Froakie star with Pikachu, Chespin, Fennekin and Dedenne for a new PokéVision they are doing for an activity at the Pokémon Summer Camp. Froakie helps with the PokéEnteering stamp rally that his trainer is participating in even teaming up with Chespin to fend off a spore attack done by a wild Amoonguss, while looking for Bonnie and Pikachu. Froakie was stun when he saw Pikachu asleep, due to being hit with spore, however this turned into shock when he saw Bonnie was on the other side and asleep as well, from the same thing as Pikachu. Ash goes to get Bonnie while Froakie stayed to watch Pikachu even watching Ash tried to get back on the other side even helping get Ash back up when he missed the ledge then saw the Pokémon that Pikachu and Bonnie saw.

Froakie helps get Tierno, Trevor and Shauna Pokémon back after they were stolen by Team Rocket then later he watch Tierno strategy to help with there gym battle along with his friends. When they arrived to Shalour City and meet up with Korrina he was released to do some training before seeing Clemont's invention to help his trainer with his dancing which backfired once again also he watch Serena helping Ash as well before being called back when they go to the gym.

Froakie is seen with Clemont, Serena and Bonnie watching Ash's Gym battle against Korrina using Hawlucha, Fletchinder and Pikachu. When Team Rocket intervenes due to their motives of stealing, Froakie stops them in their tracks using its Frubbles. With the aid of Serena's Fennekin and Clemont's Chespin, he manages to distract both Inkay and Pumpkaboo long enough by using Frubbles to stop their attacks allowing both Fennekin and Chespin to blast them off with Flamethrower and Pin Missile combination. Froakie later hugs Ash after winning the Gym battle against Korrina when Pikachu uses most of its attacks to defeat Mega Lucario.[12]

Froakie was released by Ash while teaming up with Pikachu, Serena's Fennekin and both Clemont's Luxio and Chespin to break the large boulder with their powerful abilities to make the wild Lapras to move from the river stream down through the ocean before being confronted by Team Rocket.[13]

Froakie, Ash and co escaping in Sanpei's Ninja Leaf Shroud.

Sooner or later, Froakie was practicing using Water Pulse to hit the trees as targets along with Ash's Pikachu who uses his Thunderbolt until the group found Sanpei and his newly evolved Greninja drifting in the river stream, unconscious making Ash swims to take them in safety. Sanpei finally wakes up to be reunited with Ash after informing him that his Greninja was okay since Clemont feeds it with a Pecha Berry to cure his poison status due to the effects of Poison Jab. Ash was surprised that Sanpei's Greninja had evolved while it was a Frogadier which Sanpei guesses it. Sanpei finally explains to Ash about what happened to both of them getting hurt until they are confronted by a ninja named Saizo and his Pokémon, Saizo's Barbaracle. When his Pokémon attempts to unleash its Razor Shell, Froakie deflects it with Cut but its not enough due to its strength causing to be knock down and angrily frustrated to see how strong Barbaracle is even withstanding Pikachu's Thunderbolt. With no other options, Sanpei use Leaf Shroud to escape with Ash and the group.

While they were hiding, Sanpei finally shows the secret scroll that Saizo was searching for and it was his mission to deliver this scroll before sun down. In Sanpei's flashback, Saizo which happens to be Sanpei's instructor who gives Sanpei the secret scrolls to him to delivered it on the manor. Therefore, they got ambushed by a masked ninja in the woods unaware that both masked and unmasked Saizo are the same person. Both ninjas clashed as Saizo's Barbaracle manage to poison his Greninja with Poison Jab. Before it deals a final blow, Sanpei tackles his Greninja down through the river stream before he was found by Ash and the group. After hearing Sanpei's story, Ash decides to assists him whenever they can and Serena, Clemont and Bonnie also decided to help as well even risking their lives.

When they balanced through the mountain cliffs, both Serena and Clemont fell into the broken path only to be saved by both Froakie and Greninja using both its tongue and its Frubbles to make them safe. As they enter to the cave which happens to be Golbat's territory. After Sanpei makes escape using his Greninja's Smokescreen, they found the manor where he could deliver the scroll as both Serena and Clemont are separated. They are soon confronted by Saizo and his Barbaracle.

Froakie evolves into Frogadier.

Froakie teamed up with Greninja to fight his Barbaracle in an handicap by using Double Team to hit directly with both Water Shuriken and Water Pulse only to be dodged. Ash's Pikachu assists them to use Electro Ball only to be slashed by Barbaracle's Razor Shell. When Team Rocket intervenes due to their bent of capturing Pikachu, Saizo destroys the net with his kodachi along with Barbaracle's Razor Shell and becomes angered for their interference, he let Barbaracle knocks both Meowth and Wobbuffet down allowing both Ash's Froakie and Sanpei's Greninja with both Water Pulse and Water Shuriken combination to blasts them off. Their fight is finally resumed and his Barbaracle use Poison Jab on Greninja who dodges the attack. Froakie assists Greninja using Double Team while using Cut and being aided by Pikachu who uses Iron Tail. They are soon hit by Barbaracle's Mud Shot causing both Pokémon to get blind while Froakie was knocked on the wall. As Barbaracle deals the final blow to both Pikachu and Greninja, Froakie witnesses the ordeal and desperate to save them both and he yells while the rocks that knocked him off was exploded as he attacks Barbaracle with a Headbutt while evolving into a Frogadier to knock it down much to Ash's excitement while looking at his Pokédex.

As Frogadier

Frogadier makes an equal fight against Barbaracle using its Cut while the latter does the same using its Razor Shell. Frogadier overpowers Barbaracle using his newly learned Aerial Ace multiple times making Saizo and his Pokémon retreated using his Leaf Shroud and tells them to meet at the manor.

Arriving at the manor, they are reunite with Serena, Bonnie and Clemont as Saizo reappears to both Ash and Sanpei. Saizo reveals himself by removing the mask much to Sanpei's surprise and the secret scroll he gave him has no written on it. Saizo tells him that he did that to testing him for his ninja capabilities and battles during his journey. As the group surprises Frogadier, Clemont recognizes Ash's Froakie had finally evolved and Bonnie wants him to be Froakie again to find out how he evolved much to Frogadier's disappointment. Frogadier is last seen fighting with Sanpei's Greninja due to Ash challenges Sanpei in a battle.[14]

Frogadier was later released by Ash after its Poké Ball had dropped on its pocket due to them being bound by Team Rocket who manage to capture his Pikachu and a wild Goomy. Ash tells him to use Cut to cut the bound which Frogadier successfully do him allowing Ash to release his Fletchinder to find Team Rocket's whereabouts.[15]

Frogadier along with Ash and the group's Pokémon are having a short break until he was disrupted by Team Rocket. The lake that Frogadier and the others swim turns out to be a home of the wild Lotad and Lombre who are attacking with their attacks to get the heroes separated. Ash and Clemont are lucky that their Pokémon are safe and sound making the two recalled their Pokémon back to find Serena, Bonnie, Dedenne and Goomy.[16]

Frogadier was later used by Ash along with Pikachu, Serena's Fennekin and Clemont's Luxio against a robot manned by Team Rocket using Vanillite and its friends who are Vanillite's evolutionary stage, Vanillish and Vanilluxe are forced to use their ice abilities. After Ramos disperses the blizzard from the robot machine by using his Gogoat's Grass Knot and Leech Seed combination. Frogadier slices the air vent with Cut allowing the trio to use their Ice Beam to freeze the robot down and Pikachu releases the trio with Iron Tail while letting the trio freeze them on frozen solid using its Blizzard. As the robot is still in a frozen state much of the Team Rocket trio's horror, they were blasted off by Ash's Pikachu's Thunderbolt, Frogadier's Water Pulse, Clemont's Luxio's Swift and Serena's Fennekin's Flamethrower.[17]

Frogadier was later used in Ash's gym battle against Ramos and his Weepinbell while in a ninjutsu stance. Although Weepinbell managed to defeat both Fletchinder and Hawlucha, Frogadier does its best to deal of Weepinbell's abilities but it found him when unleashing its Double Team. Frogadier also uses its frubbles to cover its mouth similar to a health mask to avoid getting poisoned from its Poison Powder and unleashes its Double Team to confuse Weepinbell long enough. Frogadier defeated the Flycatcher Pokémon with a single hit from Aerial Ace after he cuts Weepinbell's Grass Knot when it attempted to trip him through the ground during his Double Team ability. He later fought against Ramos' Gogoat. During the battle, he was weakened by Gogoat's strong Grass-type moves. But, after recalling the lesson Ramos taught Ash before the battle, Ash and Frogadier managed to come up with a strategy by deflecting most of its Razor Leaf with Aerial Ace and dealing enough damage to Gogoat with the same attack. Frogadier uses Double Team to make Gogoat use its Vine Whip to destroy its illusion state and Frogadier defeats it with a blast of Water Pulse making Ash the winner. Frogadier happily hugs Ash for his victory and he was seen with Pikachu and Hawlucha when Ash earns his Plant Badge from Ramos.[18]

Frogadier was released along with Goomy, Fletchinder and Hawlucha to go with Clemont and Serena's Pokémon to stay with Clemont and Bonnie to the Pokémon Center to wait for Ash and Serena to buy presents because of the traditional festival held in the city which Ramos informs them. Inside the Pokémon Center, Frogadier watches with other Pokémon when Bonnie did her best to take care of them even the argument between both Clemont's Chespin and Serena's Pancham when the latter accidentally bumped into him. He also volunteers with the others about Bonnie to drew them using crayons. During the festival, Frogadier senses someone vacuums all of the gifts which he uses Water Pulse to hit on the bush which reveals to be Team Rocket who is responsible for stealing all of the gifts in the festival using their vacuum machine. Frogadier fights equally with Jessie's Pumpkaboo by deflecting its Shadow Ball using Water Pulse before they were blasted off by Serena's Fennekin's Flamethrower, Ash's Pikachu's Thunderbolt, and Clemont's Chespin's Pin Missile. During the festival, Frogadier is among with the other Pokémon are inpressed on Bonnie's drawing about them and was happy with Hawlucha, Fletchinder and Pikachu when Ash gave them a bunch of berries as a gift for them and letting have with other Pokémon to have a picnic. Frogadier also watches with the other Pokémon some fireworks display after Ash gives a gift to Serena.[19]

Frogadier was released by Ash while they are being held captive by Team Rocket and a rogue Grumpig where both Dedenne and Goomy fought. He let Frogadier to use its Water Pulse to soften the rock several times to make Ash tackles the bar to save Goomy who kept using Bide to attack Grumpig. After Team Rocket is blasted off by Ash's Pikachu's Thunderbolt due to a distraction made by Goomy who is now evolved into Sliggoo by using its Dragon Breath to deflect their Pokémon's attack, Frogadier became impressed to see Sliggoo fight while he watched all of the wild Spoink getting angry towards the rogue Grumpig who finally apologizes for his horrible actions after being betrayed and used by the Team Rocket trio and one of the Spoink who gave it an apple to accept for his apologies much to Grumpig's happiness.[20]

Frogadier is later used by sticking the ventilators with its Frubbles from the air vent making Ash and the group to break inside the Kalos Power Plant to save Pikachu, Dedenne and Luxio while being controlled by Team Rocket who manages to take over the power plant.[21]

Frogadier teams up with Ash's Fletchinder against Florges and her Bug-type Pokémon army when they manage to captured Pikachu, Dedenne and Goodra's long time friend, Wooper due to Team Rocket's trick and manipulation. But both were quickly defeated.[22]

Froagadier is seen with Ash, Clemont, Serena and Bonnie and their Pokémon are drinking with refreshments until they are spotted by Team Rocket. After the three Pangoro attacked with their abilities to make them separated, Frogadier is with Serena and Clemont's Chespin who serves as a brief bodyguard. Frogadier also manage to blind one of the three Pangoro using its frubbles to make himself, Serena and Chespin to run away until they are found by Ash's Fletchinder finally regroup with Ash, Pancham, Hawlucha and Clemont's Luxray. Frogadier finally recalled back when the group finally reunite with Pikachu, Serena's Braixen, Clemont and his Bunnelby.[23] Frogadier was released by Ash to use its frubbles to make him open the rusted door to reunite with Clemont.[24]

Frogadier was used in a double battle against Ash's second new rival, Sawyer. He teamed up with Hawlucha during the battle between Sawyer's Treecko and his Bagon, despite having a type-disadvantage. Frogadier also deflects Bagon's attack with Water Pulse to make Hawlucha not to get hit. Frogadier highly jumps so high to dodge Treecko's Bullet Seed on the ground and also deflecting most of its Bullet Seed using Cut in mid-air and quickly slashed Treecko with another Cut in explosion, defeating it. But just as Frogadier and Hawlucha were about to finish the battle, he was called-off due to a fashion show being held in Laverre City, which is hosted by the gym leader, Valerie. Frogadier was seen with Pikachu, Fletchinder and Hawlucha are eating their Pokémon food. But once Ash is pumped up for their special training due to Valerie's unofficial battle against Sawyer, all four of them are excited to be trained as they quickly finishes their food.[25]

Frogadier clashing with Sawyer's Grovyle.

Frogadier was used in a three on three battle against Sawyer. He battled with Sawyer's Treecko once again. Frogadier manages to take down Treecko with a punch and a kick using its Aerial Ace but Treecko counters him with Bullet Seed making Frogadier blocks it with both hands despite the damage was super effective as he keeps dodging its Bullet Seed with its unique athleticism causing Treecko to chase him quickly using Agility. But Frogadier hits it directly with Water Pulse in mid-air making Treecko became furious and it angrily roars to evolve into Grovyle. Sawyer was amazed by this after Ash told him about the reason of Treecko's evolution to Grovyle because of his passion of battling. With that, Grovyle tries to warm up for the battle while unleashing its newly learned Leaf Blade. Despite having a disadvantage against Grass-types, Frogadier uses Double Team to make Grovyle slashes its multiple illusions with Leaf Blade but the real Frogadier outsmarts it by hitting from behind using Aerial Ace. Frogadier dodges most of Grovyle's moves even fighting each other using both Cut and Leaf Blade to resemble a sword fight. Frogadier manages to deflect Grovyle's Bullet Seed with Water Pulse to make an explosion but Grovyle manages to strike him down with Leaf Blade in mid-air. When the smoke from the explosion comes out, it was revealed that Frogadier dodges the move by jumping so high and hitting Grovyle from behind with Water Pulse in mid-air, defeating it. Ash manages to won the triple battle with Sawyer, but his Grovyle gains a friendly rivalry in the process after being defeated by Frogadier for the second time and both Frogadier and Grovyle are seriously staring each other knowing of their rivalry.[26]

Frogadier was seen having a break with all of Ash and the group's Pokémon until Ash recalls him back before Hawlucha found a Pokémon egg which it later hatched into a baby Noibat due to Ash and the others are making the egg warm and Fletchinder's ability Flame Body. Frogadier was later released by Ash to fight Team Rocket's Pokémon, James' Inkay and Jessie's Pumpkaboo and defeats them easily with both Water Pulse and Aerial Ace allowing Pikachu to blasts Team Rocket off with its Thunderbolt.[27]

Frogadier teams up with Ash's Hawlucha to help Ash fixing the roof during heavy rains. Frogadier uses its Frubbles to make Ash cross the roof without slipping while Hawlucha helps Ash when he fixes the roof to stop the leak that causes a short circuit. Ash tells Frogadier to check the other roof if they have holes on them which he agreed.[28]

Frogadier was released to help Fletchinder and Trevor's Charmeleon to battle a rampaging Moltres due to Moltres thinking that Ash and the others were enemies when Frogadier fire a Water Pulse it evaporated. When Fletchinder was badly hurt from Moltres' Flamethrower attack he show concern for his friend then stop Ash from leaving to go help it along with Pikachu and Trevor. Moltres turns to them due to Ash telling Fletchinder to wait for him lucky for them they were saved when Fletchinder desperately tries to protect them by shielding itself from Moltres' Flamethrower in a direct hit while it evolves into Talonflame. Frogadier saved Ash and Talonflame from being incinerated into the volcano by using his frubbles to make a rope at the last minute as he and Ash's friends tried to pull them up. After they leave the mountain, Frogadier, Pikachu and Ash comment to Talonflame that they have a lot of work to do and they are seen having a high five when Trevor takes a photo of them.[29]

Frogadier was released along with all of Ash's Pokémon to have a tea and lunch break as well as playing with Hawlucha in the small river as he blows his face with its water. Frogadier was seen teaming up with Hawlucha to find a wild Eevee by water but failed. After Serena catches Eevee due to its liking to her, Frogadier was released again with all of Ash's Pokémon to meet it which Eevee appears a little shy towards others while trying to run off. He also watch Chespin and Dedenne chasing Eevee in circles to make Bunnelby dizzy as well as showing its fondness to Serena when it hugged her.[30]

Frogadier was along with Pikachu, Dedenne and Chespin as Eevee was trained in how to get along with other Pokémon as she uses her tail to look back as a greeting for them except Chespin who scares her from his actions. Later, Frogadier watches a tag battle between Ash's Pikachu and Tierno's Blastoise against Serena's Eevee and Shauna's Ivysaur and tries to cheer Eevee in the battle until Serena calls off the battle when she watches Eevee keeps it up her dance moves with Tierno's Blastoise hip hop dance moves.[31]

Frogadier team up with Pikachu against Carrie's Sableye and her Sigilyph after the latter destroys all of Professor Sycamore's gadgets for their research about Mega Evolution. Frogadier deflects Sigilyph's attack using Water Pulse but was hit from Sableye's Shadow Claw. Altogether, Pikachu defeats Sigilyph with Thunderbolt while Frogadier dodges Sableye's Power Gem and defeats it with Aerial Ace in a single heel drop on its head. Carrie angrily continues to battle Ash only to be stopped by Olympia using both of her Meowstic with Psychic to stop the match by holding Carrie's right hand off while handling her Poké Ball as Charlene apologizes Ash, Professor Sycamore and his crew for Carrie's rash behavior and she, Olympia and her fellow trainers admonishes Carrie for her rudeness and her bad habits to think about what Olympia said earlier from her vision during their practice of making a premonition. When Ash and Frogadier met Olympia, she read his memories and along with seeing a vision of it gaining a new power, she revealed that at the Froakie breeding facility, as a Froakie, he preferred being alone to train instead of socializing with the others. When he was asked to join, he politely refused, which was then met with him getting attacked by rest of the Froakie. This made him distant towards others despite doing good, and it wasn't until Ash showed him love that made him finally connect to a trainer that understood him. Frogadier later fights Team Rocket who are attempting to steal the sundial in Anistar City and hits the Meowth Balloon with Water Pulse before both of Olympia's Meowtic Future Sight becomes activated to blasts Team Rocket in a devastated move after it reaches the time limit to zero.[32]

Frogadier battling against Olympia with Talonflame.

Frogadier was used to battle along aside Talonflame in a Gym Battle against Olympia and her male and female Meowstic who manage to activate both of their moves, Helping Hand and Future Sight. Both Frogadier and Talonflame are keeping their pace due to both of the Meowstic's speed and agility and their telepathic abilities. Both attempt to hit with a combination of Flame Charge and Water Pulse but was deflected by both of Olympia's Meowstic using Lightscreen and the female Meowtic hits Talonflame with Dark Pulse making Frogadier catches him on time. However, both dodges their Psy Shock attack but they are still hit to knock them down. To Frogadier's surprise, Talonflame was hit from their Future Sight when it reaches zero. With Pikachu's assistance, Frogadier uses Double Team to distract the male Meowstic allowing Talonflame to hit the female Meowstic with Brave Bird. Frogadier also risks his life to defend Talonflame from the female Meowstic's attack to make him paralyzed. Despite its paralysis state, Frogadier disperse the Psy Shock move using Water Pulse to make Talonflame's Steel Wing keeping up to hit the male Meowstic in one hit. However, when he attempts to use Aerial Ace, it was disrupted due his paralysis state making the male Meowstic hit it with Dark Pulse. Despite Talonflame carries Frogadier in air, both are hit from its Future Sight. Knowing of Olympia's strategy, Frogadier mounts on Talonflame to be chase on Meowtic's attack to damage them with their own moves and both carries them to take their hit from their own move Future Sight. Talonflame eventually defeats the female Meowstic with Flame Charge after deflecting both of their moves and saving Frogadier from getting hit while Frogadier attempts to defeat the male Meowstic with Water Pulse but it was disrupted again due to paralysis. Both clash using the male Meowstic's Dark Pulse against Frogadier's Water Pulse. Because of Ash's cheer to keep it up and his paralysis state, Frogadier manages to disperse the Dark Pulse with a full powered Water Pulse, defeating it and allows Ash to win the Gym battle. Ash was amazed to see both him and Talonflame battling as Frogadier calmly agrees despite his paralysis state. Olympia also gives Ash and Frogadier some advice about their bond and she gives him the Psychic Badge as proof of his victory. Frogadier was seen with Pikachu and Talonflame when Ash obtained the Psychic Badge.[33]

Frogadier was released with all of the group's Pokémon to meet Squishy during their Poké Puff break. Later teaming with Pikachu, Serena's Braixen, Clemont's Luxray and his rival Sawyer's Grovyle against Team Flare grunts led by Celosia. Frogadier, Braixen, Luxray, Grovyle and Pikachu unleash their powerful abilities to disperse Team Flare grunts' Pokémon's Dark Pulse. However, as both Ash and Sawyer hold them off, they disappear due to pursuing Squishy as the pursuit was led by Bryony.[34]

Frogadier was released by Ash to rescue a wild Litleo from falling into a cliff while hanging on a rock using its frubbles and later fighting against Team Rocket's machine by trying to extinguish the flames from a wild Pyroar's Overheat using Water Pulse, but was evaporated. After Litleo convinces Pyroar to stop its rage, Frogadier rescues them by cutting the wire using Cut to break them free allowing Pikachu along with Pyroar and Litleo to blasts them off with Thunderbolt and Flamethrower combination.[35]

Frogadier was seen with Ash and the group and their Pokémon at their camp watching shooting stars before they slept in their sleeping bags. When Squishy was missing, they tried to search for it. Their search stops when Clemont's alarm was exploded before looking at Darkrai at the top of the tree.[36]

Frogadier was seen training himself by target practice using its Frubbles to hit directly to the target and was found by Ash and Pikachu who tells him to have a lunch break. During their lunch, Frogadier senses someone's presence as he hits them with frubbles but someone retaliated using its Water Shuriken as it reveals to be Sanpei and his Greninja who finally reunited with Ash and the others and compliments Frogadier's improving ninja skills. Sanpei tells them about the ninja village where he and Greninja are about to get home and it also has a village festival. As they go to the ninja village, they enter a cave with a secret door in a password as it opens itself when Sanpei knocks it and it reveals to be two ninjas. Upon getting out of the cave, it reveals their ninja village and Sanpei reunite with his brothers Ippei and Nihei to introduce Ash and the group until the arrival of Hanzo the elderly ninja chieftain and his elderly turned youthful assistant, Shinobu. They also watch the battle between Sanpei and Nihei with both Greninja and Venusaur in battle. Unfortunately, Nihei quickly defeats Sanpei when his Venusaur uses its Petal Blizzard as it reveals that it uses its vines to block Greninja's Night Slash to make it jump from behind and hits his Greninja with both Razor Leaf and Solar Beam combination which proves to be super effective. Frogadier tries to wake Greninja up which he gets up after getting a hit in a heavy damage from Venusaur's attacks and Hanzo was impressed how Sanpei had grown in a battle and being complimented by Ippei. They are explored all of their homes are in the caves and they stayed at Sanpei's home. Frogadier also sees a picture between Sanpei, Ippei and Nihei and their Pokémon and his Greninja was still a Froakie. When Dedenne and Squishy fell into the trap door they follow suit as they reunited again with Ippei and Nihei in the legendary hero monument which happens to be a Greninja (later revealed as Greninja's mega evolved form via Bond Phenomenon). As several Skarmory attacks the village, Ippei let Sanpei, Ash and the others to go with Hanzo which they agreed. But Hanzo was taken away by the ninjas led by Kagetomo as both Ash, Pikachu, Frogadier, Sanpei and Greninja pursue them despite the danger ahead of them. However, they are confronted by Heidayu and his Bisharp to face them in a battle.[37]

Both Frogadier, Pikachu and Sanpei's Greninja team up against Heidayu's Bisharp when it manages to hit its arm with its Frubbles when it attempted to use Shadow Claw. However, it manages to break its bond using its X-Scissor to deflect Greninja's Night Slash to knock it down. When they are about to be attacked by Bisharp's Snarl, they are saved by Saizo's Barbaracle to take the hit as Saizo arrives to confront him and his Pokémon. But Heidayu escapes after he recalls Bisharp back. Saizo informs everyone about Kagetomo and his ambitions to become a ninja chieftain which it was relinquish by Hanzo himself because of his cruel acts.

Frogadier evolves into Greninja.

During a rescue mission, they are confronted by Heidayu and his henchmen. Frogadier teams up with Pikachu, Sanpei's Greninja to fight Heidayu's Bisharp while Serena's Braixen, Clemont's Luxray, Shinobu's Liepard and Nihei's Venusaur to fight all of the ninjas' Pokémon. Therefore, Bisharp appears stronger when he takes down the three with a single Fury Cutter as Frogadier knocks Pikachu down after getting hit. As the trio continues to charge, they are still hit from its Snarl. Just like from the beginning, Frogadier protects Pikachu from Bisharp's Shadow Claw with both of his hands while he evolves into a Greninja, surprising everyone from the field. During his evolution to Greninja, he manages to knock Bisharp down as he finally assumes in his Ninjutsu Hand Stance after evolving.[38]

As Greninja

XY and XYZ series

When Pikachu unleashes his Electro Ball, Bisharp deflects it with X-Scissor but was hit directly by Greninja's newly learned Water Shuriken, As Bisharp was about to charge with its X-Scissor, Greninja finally unleashed his special form when he and Ash are in fully sync to defeat Bisharp with a single Cut to knock Heidayu down to the ground before reverting to normal much to Ash's surprise and shock. Greninja was seen with the others watching the battle between Kagetomo's Weavile and Ippei's Greninja and Ippei defeats Kagetomo with his Greninja beat his Weavile with a Water Shuriken.

After the incident and festival begins in the ninja village, Ippei was impressed to see Ash's Frogadier had evolved and Sanpei was excited that they already have three Greninjas in their side and Ash decides to make them stronger even further as Greninja also agreed to his terms. Ippei tells him that they were looking forward to their progress. After the festival, they finally leave the ninja village. Since their departure, Sanpei, Hanzo, Saizo, Shinobu, Ippei and Nihei are last seen in the hero's monument when Nihei informs Hanzo about Ash's Greninja was able to change form momentarily as Ippei knew it was the same Greninja who saved their village a long time ago and Hanzo also agreed to his word as they looked on the Greninja's portrait which was the same form as Ash's Greninja currently undertakes his special form known as Ash-Greninja form.[38]

Greninja was released by Ash where he leaps and dash to rescue Squishy from Team Rocket's grasp after the former was attacked by Team Flare's weapons. Greninja dodges most of the Pokémon's attack with Pikachu, Serena's Braixen and Clemont's Luxray help. After giving Squishy to Bonnie, Greninja joins Noibat, Pikachu, Serena's Braixen and Clemont's Luxray in defending Squishy from Team Flare led by Celosia and Bryony. Greninja was one of witnesses when Squishy glows in a bright green light while absorbing most of the cells and transforming into Zygarde in its 10% form to defeat most of Team Flare and their Pokémon with its exponential power using Land's Wrath. When Celosia and Bryony send both her Liepard and Manectric to pursue Squishy, Greninja and Pikachu chased both of them as they cornered them. Greninja fought Liepard equally with both Cut and Shadow Claw but was hit from Manectric's Thunderbolt in a super effective damage. Everyone defends Greninja towards both Celosia and Bryony until Greninja unleashes his special form, Ash-Greninja in a water tornado fashion as his eyes glows red. He manages to hit Manectric with Water Shuriken but was repelled by its Discharge and was damaged by Liepard's Shadow Claw. But the damage also hurts Ash when they are in sync. Greninja also manages to defeat Liepard with a dual Cut causing Bryony to let her Manectric to use Flash to retreat. After reverting, he and Ash were exhausted due to its usage which Clemont notices it was the same power as in the ninja village which Ash notices Greninja's power on him but he was unaware because of the special ability, Bond Phenomenon. Afterwards, Greninja is with his friends to cheer Bonnie up as they continue to find Squishy as the former continues to hide while taking its invisible form.[39]

Greninja later teams up with Serena's Braixen when Pikachu was captured by Team Rocket. They destroy the Meowth Balloon using their Water Shuriken and Flamethrower combination forcing James and Jessie to release both Inkay and Gourgeist to fight in a 2 on 3 handicap. Greninja and Braixen follows Pikachu when they dodge their attacks and knocks them both to their Trainers with a combination of Aerial Ace, Scratch and Iron Tail and eventually blasts them off with a combination of Water Shuriken, Fire Blast and Thunderbolt in explosion.[40]

Greninja was released along with the other Pokémon to have fun in the flower fields as Ash and the group are having a tea break. Greninja was seen doing exercise with his best friend, Hawlucha and playing with Braixen and the others. When they heard Noibat's scream due to being attacked and poisoned by the wild Breloom's Poison Powder, Greninja and the others are recalled back by Ash and the group except Hawlucha who eventually flies to find Noibat.[41]

Greninja clashing with Sawyer's Sceptile.

Greninja was released by Ash to battle against Sawyer and his rival Grovyle, who is now evolved into Sceptile, and both appear as their third and final evolution. Greninja faces his rival while having his arms crossed. Both Pokémon were equally matched, when Sceptile and Greninja use Bullet Seed and Water Shuriken simultaneously, as Greninja finally gives the upper hand by using Cut after coming out from the smoke, as Sceptile dodges the move until both clash with both of their abilities, Leaf Blade and Aerial Ace in explosion. Greninja tried to dodge fast with Sceptile's Dragon Pulse but was still hit until it unleashes its Leaf Storm to make a further super effective damage. Due to Ash's words not to give up the fight, Greninja transforms into his Ash-Greninja form in a water tornado fashion and heavily knocks Sceptile into the wall using Aerial Ace in a drop kick, knocking it out. Ash wins the battle but became exhausted after Greninja finally reverted to his normal form. When Sawyer wants to know about Greninja's other form, Ash was still unaware of its power and form due to the special ability, Bond Phenomenon as Ash tried to explain how it happened.

Little did Greninja, Ash and the others know, a trainer named Alain was watching the battle and witnessed him changing his special form. After Team Rocket was blasted off by Ash's Pikachu while being rescued by Alain's Charizard from falling into the edge, Alain wants to challenge Ash's Greninja for his Charizard and he also tells him that he watched his yesterday's battle with Sawyer and wants to know about Greninja's other form which Ash accepts the challenge.

Ash finally releases Greninja to face off against Alain and his Charizard as he tries to attack it with Water Shuriken but it was cut off by Charizard's Dragon Claw. Greninja tries to attack Charizard with Cut but it dodges move from move as it quickly damaged him with its Flamethrower. Alain's reason for challenging Ash is to test Greninja's powerful abilities and his transformation to his special form. He finally activates his Key Stone to mega evolved his Charizard into Mega Charizard X much to everyone's surprise. Greninja and Mega Charizard X finally clashed with both of their abilities as he uses Double Team but Mega Charizard X destroys it with Flamethrower. As the smoke clears, Greninja tried to hit with Aerial Ace only to be knocked down heavily from Mega Charizard X's Thunder Punch in a massive damage. Despite his efforts to use Water Shuriken, he was uppercut from Mega Charizard X's Thunder Punch taking more super effective damage. Seeing not to give up the fight, Greninja transformed into his Ash-Greninja form in a similar fashion as before. But even though Greninja had a huge advantage over Charizard, Greninja wasn't able to keep up with Mega Charizard X's Thunder Punch while colliding each other using dual Cut and was easily defeated by blasting him through the ground in explosion from Mega Charizard X's Blast Burn. As Greninja fainted in battle, Ash finally sat on the ground in exhaustion due to its effects of its special ability. Greninja is later encouraged by Ash to make them stronger after being defeated by Alain's Charizard which he agrees.[42]

Greninja was released along with Serena's Braixen and Sylveon to team up with Ash's Pikachu, Clemont's Chespin, Bunnelby and Luxray and Chapman's Chesnaught to attack a large boulder with their powerful abilities but was ineffective. However, they teamed up along with Ash and the group using a rope to pull the large boulder only to be interrupted by Team Rocket who binds everyone up just to capture both Pikachu and Chesnaught.

When Robon sacrificed to save Chesnaught and being damaged by Team Rocket's Pokémon, Chesnaught was visibly angry for what they have done as he broke free from its bind and angrily hits them with Pin Missile to make Meowth dropped the remote to release them from being bound. Greninja along with Pikachu, Braixen, Sylveon, Chespin, Luxray and Chesnaught use their powerful abilities to blasts Team Rocket off for damaging Robon until Clemont repairs it in time.[43]

Greninja was briefly seen along with other Pokémon are eating Clemont's special Pokémon food after he throws a feast for Serena and her Pokémon for winning the third and final Princess Key.[44]

Greninja was released by Ash to put out the fire using Water Shuriken as well as Ash's friends and Righty who uses Water Gun. As the fire continues to burn as Locke was stuck inside, Greninja was exhausted until the arrival of the fire truck as the firemen tried to stop the fire. Greninja also watched the firemen to put out the fire and Ed tries to unlock alongside Locke using a lockpick with both of their Pokémon as both succeeds on unlocking while rescuing all of the Poké Balls at the Pokémon Center.[45]

Greninja was seen with Pikachu being trained by Ash in the river during the night. It uses Water Shuriken as Pikachu dodges to hit it with Electro Ball but Greninja slashes the ball in half using Cut. As half of Pikachu's Electro Ball also manage to wash Ash who orders it to use Double Team. Unfortunately, Ash sneezes when Serena gave him the towel after he got wet during his heavy training leading him to get a flu. As Ash's recovers from his flu thanks to the medicine bought by Clemont, he releases Greninja to use Water Shuriken to stop Team Rocket from their tracks after they caught both his Pikachu and Jimmy's Pikachu. Greninja, along with Serena's Pokémon, manage to deflect James' Inkay's Psybeam and Jessie's Gourgeist's Shadow Ball using Water Shuriken, Flamethrower, Dark Pulse and Swift. After the collision of the attacks, Greninja releases both Pikachu from their captivity using Cut allowing them both to blasts Team Rocket off with their Thunderbolt. Greninja was seen having its arms crossed and became impressed to see Ash's recovery until he started to get hungry.[46]

Ash-Greninja collides with Mega Charizard.

Ash and his friends were trying to figure out the special form Greninja used to transform since it evolved. Clemont also noticed Greninja's appearance to resemble Ash while in that form knowing of their bond between Ash and his Greninja in both mentally and psychologically due to Bond Phenomenon and everyone also remembers Olympia's prediction towards both Ash and his Frogadier who is now evolved into Greninja about their close bond.

In order to get it to appear, Clemont strapped the Battle Pulse Meter bracelets on Greninja and Ash so he could analyze each other's pulses. Clemont decided to use his Luxray to battle Greninja who had his arm crossed as Luxray unleashes its Electric Terrain to make an electricity on the field. Both Pokémon clashed with both Thunder Fang and Cut but Luxray gives him the upper hand. Despite using Double Team to avoid getting hit, Greninja was still hit from Luxray's Wild Charge until he knocks it with Aerial Ace in a flying kick. Serena was surprised to see both him and Ash are in sync as the record meter shows it. Clemont also makes a time out after both of their Pokémon clashed equally realizing it was not working.

However, the battle was interrupted when Alain showed up and was impressed to see them battling. Ash finally had an idea in how to release Greninja's special form is to asked Alain for a Pokémon battle, which he eagerly agreed. With that, Ash recalled his Greninja to fully heal at the Pokémon Center so that he can fight Alain using Noivern against his Metang. After Noivern was defeated by his Metang due to its high endurance, Greninja was fully recovered as Ash put The Battle Meter bracelet back on its wrist, ready to battle Alain once more.

Greninja was taking for a warm up, ready to battle Alain as he releases his Charizard to battle him. Greninja tried to hit it with Water Shuriken as Charizard quickly dodges the move and uppercuts it with its Dragon Claw. Greninja finally uses Double Team to make Charizard disperses all of its illusions with its Flamethrower as he manages to hit him from behind using Cut almost knocking it down. Charizard angrily tells Alain to make itself mega evolved which he did as he mega evolves his Charizard using his Key Stone into Mega Charizard X. Both Greninja and Mega Charizard X clashed both of their Thunder Punch and Aerial Ace as Greninja gives it an upper hand by hitting it with Aerial Ace almost knocking Mega Charizard X in mid-air. Greninja tries to attack it with Cut but was blocked by both of Mega Charizard X's hands who finally hit him by a powerful Flamethrower almost knocking him down. When Mega Charizard X tried to hit him with Thunder Punch, Greninja uses Water Shuriken to retaliate but was dodged and was hit into the groin from its Thunder Punch knocking him down in a massive super effective damage. Despite the damage, Greninja does not give up the fight and he forcibly transforms into his Ash-Greninja form. Clemont also discovers the overlap between both Ash and his Greninja who finally synchronized its transformation. Ash-Greninja and Mega Charizard X finally clashed equally and this is what Alain was looking for. Both of them eventually collided with both Dragon Claw and Cut and Ash-Greninja manage to knock Mega Charizard X to the ground, dealing serious damage with Cut. However, after he forcibly transforms into this form, Ash became immobilized as his legs are starting to numb as Clemont stated that his battle pulses with his Greninja are starting to separate causing Ash to faintly collapsed into the ground making his Greninja reverted to normal in exhaustion. When Ash regained consciousness, Greninja was with him while he was unconscious. Ash finally realized that he and Greninja would have to be more careful when they synchronized its Ash-Greninja form. After parted ways with Alain, Ash decided to become a Greninja as he releases Noivern, Hawlucha and Talonflame as he and Greninja sprint faster while he was followed by Serena, Bonnie and Clemont.[47]

Mega Gardevoir vs. Ash-Greninja.

Ash and Greninja were having a warm-up and went through some serious training by sprinting while racing each other in the forest. Unfortunately for Ash when he tries to jump faster into the tree, he got slipped into the trunk of the tree and fell into the ground. Greninja helps him to stand up as they continue sprinting. As they made it to return with Serena, Bonnie and Clemont, Greninja manage to get first than Ash who became tired and collapses from sprinting knowing that his Greninja is faster than him. They soon met up with the Kalos League champion, Diantha, who told them about Olympia's prediction about the upcoming disaster that was being caused by Team Flare and their goal of using the Legendary Pokémon, Zygarde to accomplish their evil plans. She also shows the island where it was covered by the evil roots after Team Flare using a powerful weapon to cause mayhem on the island as well as Zygarde in its 50% form to Ash and the group.

When Bonnie tells Diantha about the bond between Ash and his Greninja when it was transformed, she decided to released her Gardevoir to battle Ash and his Greninja to find out how it transformed into its special form which Ash confidently agrees. Greninja tries to attack Gardevoir move from move as she manages to dodge all of its moves making it exhausted. Despite its efforts to use Double Team, Gardevoir was too strong for him by dispersing all of its illusions including the real Greninja with Shadow Ball almost knocking it down. Greninja uses Water Shuriken on Gardevoir as it quickly dodges and attacks it with Moonblast. Greninja tried to dodge the move using a reverse backflip but was knocked off into the tree knowing the attack was too strong for him to dodge. Greninja manage to hit Gardevoir from behind using Cut after using Water Shuriken to make the latter dodges the move to make a smoke. Everyone became surprised to see Greninja transformed into its Ash-Greninja form by synchronization with its bond with Ash and it appears in a water tornado fashion while having its arm crossed. Diantha was impressed to see Greninja had changed form and after she was wrong about facing a formidable Greninja. Both Gardevoir and Ash-Greninja collided in explosion with both of their abilities and it manage to knock Gardevoir with Cut after dodging its powerful move. When Ash-Greninja finally deal a final blow using Aerial Ace, Diantha immediately mega evolved her Gardevoir into Mega Gardevoir and blocks its attack. The battle becomes a serious bout and Ash states that he was just getting started. All of Ash-Greninja's moves are dodged by Mega Gardevoir even protecting itself from Ash-Greninja's Aerial Ace using Protect to knock it back. Despite its efforts to attack Mega Gardevoir from Double Team and Cut it was blocked by its Protect to knock it back making Ash-Greninja to hit it with a full powered Aerial Ace but it forms a large Water Shuriken on its back after deflecting its Shadow Ball and jumps higher.

Greninja eventually knocks Mega Gardevoir by a full powered Water Shuriken which it was formed on its back even destroying its Shadow Ball to take a powerful hit. Ash pushed himself too hard because of his synchronization with Greninja in its special form causing him and his Greninja to passed out leaving Diantha and her Mega Gardevoir to fend off Team Rocket themselves when they are attempting to capture it as Diantha let Mega Gardevoir to broke free from its bind and blasts them off with a single Shadow Ball.

When Ash and Greninja regained consciousness, they both vowed to fully master the Ash-Greninja form and being adviced by Diantha about Greninja's power and transformation before she parted ways with them in her helicopter.[48]

Greninja was seen battling against a Trainer's Scizor who uses Double Team to confuse it. It manages to knock Scizor down with heel dropped Aerial Ace, defeating it and it was usually seen having its arm crossed after the battle when the Trainer was impressed on its strength and abilities until Ash and the group reunite with Sawyer. Before the battle, Greninja was put the Battle Meter bracelet along with Ash's to record their synchronization on Greninja's special form as Clemont explains to Sawyer about his invention much to his excitement. Greninja eventually watched Noivern's first battle against Sawyer's Doublade who eventually defeats it with both his newly learned Dragon Claw and Acrobatics combination. But Noivern was easily defeated by Sawyer's Clawitzer with a single Dragon Pulse during the second battle. Therefore, his best friend, Hawlucha was the second Pokémon to be released by Ash but was also defeated by Clawitzer after it hits it with Ice Beam at the perfect time in mid-air while attempting to use its Flying Press. Greninja served as Ash's third and final Pokémon and easily defeats Clawitzer with a single Cut after deflected its Ice Beam by blocking and immediately disperses it. Clemont also noticed both of their battle pulses were remained separated not like in their confrontation with Diantha. Greninja now faces his rival, Sawyer's Sceptile as Sawyer's third and final Pokémon. Both Pokémon clashed with both Leaf Blade and Aerial Ace even colliding each other equally with both Bullet Seed and Water Shuriken especially dodging its Leaf Blade after it noticed its real appearance during the use of Double Team. Greninja was soon knocked down on the ground from Sceptile's Leaf Storm. Greninja tries to make a quick Aerial Ace but Sceptile dodges as it knocks it from its tail Slam. However, when Ash decided to synchronize each other with Greninja from its special form, it went failed as Greninja tries to make a quick dash towards Sceptile much to his horrible shock knowing that he and Greninja were not in complete sync and Greninja was immediately defeated by Sceptile from being hit in mid-air using Leaf Storm and a single slash from its Leaf Blade in explosion. After the battle, Ash thanked Greninja and recalled him back to his Poké Ball. Despite this, Greninja, who doesn't realized that he was letting his insincerities towards his trainer get to him, and Ash were starting to feel doubtful in their ability in mastering the Ash-Greninja form.[49]

Ash's Greninja VS Wulfric's Avalugg.

Greninja was used in the Gym Battle against Wulfric and his Avalugg after both Hawlucha and Talonflame are quickly defeated and as Ash's third and final Pokémon and it was seen having its arm crossed after being released. Greninja makes a damage to Avalugg with Cut when he dodges its Stone-Edge. Both Pokémon clashed with Gyro Ball and Aerial Ace only to be knocked away and tries to disperse the ability with Water Shuriken multiple times to make Avalugg froze both of its feet much to Wulfric's surprise allowing Greninja to damage Avalugg with Cut. Greninja eventually transforms into its Ash-Greninja form and damaging Avalugg multiple times with Aerial Ace. Wulfric took advantage of Greninja's speed and newfound power, he commands Avalugg use Avalanche on Ash-Greninja, which causes Ash to suffer intense pain as he clutches his left arm due to thr damage it take. Greninja tries to disperse Avalugg's Stone-Edge using dual Cut and kept on attacking Avalugg with Aerial Ace despite Ash hurting his left arm. But was knocked off from its Avalanche. Greninja wasn't able to keep up with Avalugg during the collision between his dual Cut and Avalugg's Ice Fang, Avalugg eventually knocks Greninja into the wall with a powerful Gyro Ball causing Ash to suffer more pain in his body due to Greninja's damage as he walked back in panic while being sat on the ground and Greninja was defeated by Avalugg knowing of his loss. After the battle, Wulfric explained to Ash that even though he trained Greninja very well, he doesn't have enough trust in their bond. While Greninja was recovering from the battle, Ash went to see him and apologizes for what happened in their battle. Ash, upon realizing how badly hurt he was from the battle, decides to leave Greninja and their friends at the Pokémon Center as he wanted to be alone for a while then goes into the Winding Woods, feeling guilty and depressed. But little did Ash know, Greninja was awake at the time when he was talking to him and heard everything he said before he left.[50]

Rejoycing with Ash after mastering its Forme.

The following morning, after making a full recovery, Greninja left on his own with Bonnie, Clemont and Pikachu worrying for him but Serena, who was also worry about him, believes that he went after Ash. However, Greninja in reality was up on a tree in the woods somewhere alone and upset. Greninja sat on the tree looking towards his hand as a fist while remembering both of his loss to his rival Sceptile and Wulfric's Avalugg then turns away from it, due to feeling guilty for the loses. When snow was starting to fall, Greninja remembered about what Ash said during his recovery, which helped him realize that he was felling the same thing but felt more guilty about him getting hurt and for not being strong enough to bring out his true power. Realizing why Ash left by himself and seeing that he let his insincerities towards him get the better of him, Greninja punches the tree out of frustration for not noticing and doing something about the situation sooner. With no hesitation and just before the blizzard started, Greninja decided to go look for Ash and make things right with him. Greninja met up with Squishy in its 10% form in a blizzard and it manages to find Ash's location as he gives it his thanks for its help.

When Ash falls into the ravine after he saves one of the six Spewpa on the top of the tree, Greninja manages to save him using its tongue scarf at the last minute until it was blown by a strong blizzard causing Ash to drop Spewpa. Greninja finally transforms into its Ash-Greninja form in a water tornado fashion to rescue Spewpa from falling as the water tornado formed itself into a large Water Shuriken. Greninja saves Spewpa as he grabbed it as Ash commands it to dodge more obstacles while descending and landed into the safe ground by hanging with its tongue scarf on the trees. Ash and Greninja were very excited to see them both mastering the Ash-Greninja form. After saving one of the six Spewpa, Ash-Greninja finally reverts to normal as Ash thanked him for saving it and he also apologizes for worrying him as he and Greninja take a high five, showing he's just happy Ash is alright. Soon, they spent a night in the cave where they took care of some of the lost Pokémon they found. Ash and Greninja both made amends for their past mistakes. Ash tells Greninja that after being alone, the promise he made with Sawyer, how he wanted to get eight badges faster, and how he wanted to beat Wulfric so badly, he realized that he got very impatient and completely forgotten how important being a trainer really is. Ash and Greninja agreed to start things over from zero again. As the blizzard died down, Ash and Greninja also watch all six of the Spewpa evolved into Vivilion as they flew into the sky in front of the moon. Therefore, they were reunited with the others and they apologize for making them worried while they formally bowed. However, Greninja manages to repel Jessie's Gourgeist's Seed Bomb using its dual Cut knowing of Team Rocket's ambush. He also allows Pikachu to blasts Team Rocket off with a powerful Thunderbolt after dispersing of their Pokémon's attacks. Greninja and Ash soon learned that the Kalos League will be held in Lumiose City, which reminded them of the time they first met before their journey. Greninja tells Ash to recalled him back into its Poke Ball reminding him as how he accepts Ash back when he was a Froakie. Ash finally remembers what he did previously and he tells him that they are still team and they decided to defeat Wulfric as both are seen doing a friendly fist bump as Ash and the group along with his Greninja leave to Snowbelle Gym for a Gym rematch against Wulfric to earn Ash's eighth and final badge.[51]

Ash's Greninja vs. Wulfric's Abomasnow in the final stage of their Snowbelle Gym Battle Rematch.

The next day, Greninja was used as Ash's third and last Pokémon in the rematch against Wulfric. This time, he battled against his Abomasnow. Greninja manage to take Abomasnow down with Aerial Ace and knocks it to the ground with Water Shuriken but he was damaged due to its special ability Snow Warning. When Abomasnow attempts to use Wood Hammer, Greninja blocks it but being covered in ice. Greninja manages to shatter all the ice using Cut, surprising Wulfric knowing it was unscratched. Greninja now transforms with his newly mastered Ash-Greninja form, Greninja was able to gain the upper hand to damage Abomasnow with Aerial Ace and beats it down using dual Cut after dispersing its Wood Hammer with the same move and knocking it in mid-air with a powerful Water Shuriken. However, the tables were soon turned when Wulfric mega evolved his Abomasnow into Mega Abomasnow, which took Ash, Greninja and everyone else by surprise. But despite Abomasnow increasing its power, Greninja was able to pull through with its speed and Ash's creative tactics by using the frozen Cut into ice skates after it froze both of its arms with Ice Punch which he could skate faster to dodge its Wood Hammer and its Ice Shard and colliding both Water Shuriken and Ice Punch to make a distraction allowing Greninja to take Mega Abomasnow down with Aerial Ace in a powerful assault and the final blow knocks it through the icicle shard in mid-air and was finally defeated on the ground. Greninja finally reverts to normal and he gives Ash a high five after the win. Greninja was with Noivern, Talonflame, Pikachu and his best friend Hawlucha are seen when Ash earns the Iceberg Badge from Wulfric and qualifying him to enter the Kalos League. Back outside the Pokémon Center, Ash informs Greninja, Talonflame, Hawlucha, Noivern and Pikachu about the Kalos league where they could fight strong Trainers and Ash wants to win the Kalos as they made their battle cry together.[52]

Greninja was sent out with the others to see his friend Goodra, who was surprise to see that it evolved, then he was seen hanging with some Quagsires and a Lotad with Noivern before hearing another Lotad show up to tell Goodra something, which both him and Noviern heard before everyone else did. Later, Greninja was seen having fun in the pond inside Goodra's home and he and the rest of Ash's Pokémon are excited to battle at the Kalos League.[53]

Later on, Ash entered the Lumiose Conference and used Greninja against Titus and his Altaria. During the battle, Greninja used his Ash-Greninja form and quickly defeated Altaria with a single Water Shuriken, surprising everyone in the stadium.[54]

Greninja along with Talonflame, Noivern and Hawlucha were released by Ash to meet Pikachu and Goodra and Ash tells them to get ready for the semi-finals in a six on six battle against Sawyer which everyone agreed.[55] This also happens before the start of the match, as Ash tells them that they are a team and everyone are ready to battle.[56]

Greninja battling Sawyer in the Lumiose Conference.

Greninja was used as Ash's last Pokémon during his six-on-six full battle against Sawyer in the Lumiose Conference. Once again, he went up against his long-standing rival, Sawyer's Sceptile who is also Sawyer's last Pokémon. The two of them battled evenly with their powerful abilities; Sceptile negated Greninja's Water Shuriken before exposing his Double Team with Frenzy Plant, before the two collided evenly with both Cut and Leaf Blade. Greninja then transforms into its Ash-Greninja form due to its complete trust towards Ash while Sceptile mega-evolved into Mega Sceptile. Ash-Greninja dodges most of its Frenzy Plant and destroys it with a powerful Cut before launching Water Shuriken which is again countered by Dragon Claw. Greninja swiftly attacks it with a powerful Aerial Ace in three hits but it gets minor damage from its Leaf Storm. Both Pokémon continued to clash equally from both Cut and Leaf Blade as Sceptile hits it directly with Leaf Storm but also hurts Ash due to intense pain he feels for his Pokémon. Thanks to his strong bond and shared senses with Ash, Greninja is able to dodge every single Frenzy Plant and slice it to bits with Cut. Greninja uses Double Team and absorbs the clones, causing its Water Shuriken to triple in size and increase significantly in power. Mega Sceptile launched Leaf Storm, but Ash-Greninja's Giant Water Shuriken overcame it and scored a direct hit, causing a large explosion and knocking Sceptile out, thus giving Ash the victory and qualifying Ash to advance to the final round of the Kalos League. Greninja was later exhausted along with Ash after a long heated battle.[57]

Greninja and everyone enjoying desert as part of the celebration for making it to the finals in the Kalos League.

Greninja was released along with Ash, Serena and Clemont's Pokémon and his rival, Sawyer's Sceptile during Meyer's special dessert feast and he also cheers Ash and his Pokémon to win the Kalos League as he and Sceptile's rivalry was finally ended after Ash had defeated Sawyer in the semi-finals. Later on, Ash tells Greninja and the others about getting ready for the finals against Alain and was met by Lysandre who wants to know about his bond with his Greninja and Ash tells him about the Bond Phenomenon as mentioned by Professor Sycamore. Greninja and the others were also watching Lysandre leave the scene as this makes Ash confused. Little did they know, Greninja and his friends were unaware of the danger their all gonna be in.[58]

Ash-Greninja and Mega Charizard X battle in the finals.

Greninja was used as Ash's last Pokémon during his six-on-six full battle against Alain in the finals of the Lumiose Conference. Goodra's Rain Dance helped give Greninja the advantage and the latter defeated Alain's Bisharp with a single Water Shuriken in explosion. Therefore, he faces off against Alain's Charizard which is Alain's last and final Pokémon. Greninja manages to dodge Charizard's Flamethrower and hits it with a single Cut to the groin almost knocking it out. However, during the battle, the rainclouds disappeared and Greninja activated its Ash-Greninja form via Bond Phenomenon while Charizard mega evolved into Mega Charizard X. The battle becomes fierce when Ash-Greninja uses Double Team to distract Mega Charizard X and hits it with Water Shuriken but Mega Charizard X ultimately disperses the shuriken with Dragon Claw. Both Pokémon clashed using Dragon Claw and Aerial Ace as Mega Charizard X finally gives an upper hand to knock Ash-Greninja with the same attack. Greninja defends itself using dual Cut to avoid getting hit from its Flamethrower and dispersing its Blast Burn using Water Shuriken into the ground and knocking Charizard down with Aerial Ace in two hits. Ash-Greninja defends itself from Mega Charizard X's Dragon Claw as the damage also hurts Ash due to feeling of its intense pain. Both Pokémon continues to clash both Dragon Claw and Cut followed by both of their Thunder Punch and Water Shuriken. With that, Mega Charizard X unleashes its Blast Burn while Ash-Greninja also unleashes a super powerful Water Shuriken as both of their attacks are finally collided in explosion. Mega Charizard X was still standing in its weaken state as Ash-Greninja finally fainted in battle as it reverts to its normal state, thus leaving Ash as the Runner-up in the conference. Greninja was later helped by Ash on its feet and became disappointed because of their loss but he encourages it.[59]

Greninja and his friends, Trainer and teammates, captured by Team Flare.

Shortly after Team Flare and Lysandre began their assault on the city, Greninja was captured then put in restraints while floating in midair, unconscious, with Ash and the rest of his Pokémon. Greninja and Ash were intended to use by Lysandre for his plans while their friends, Ash's other Pokémon, were used as hostages for both of them at the top of Prism Tower.[60] After regaining consciousness, Greninja was looking at the horror and destruction of Lysandre's plans.

Greninja and Ash were attempted to be controlled by Lysandre.

When Lysandre sent up two mini devices up to them, Greninja and Ash got hit as he was trying to take control of them for their Bond Phenomenon. However, Greninja and Ash defied Lysandre's evil plans then used Bond Phenomenon to break free from their restraints. After breaking free, Greninja and Ash were happy when Alain, who turned against his former boss after learning about his treachery, freed their friends, Ash's other Pokémon, by using his Charizard. Greninja then fought against Lysandre's Pyroar and Shiny Mega Gyarados.[61]

After most of Ash's team were wiped out by Lysandre's Mega Gyarados, Greninja, Charizard, and Pikachu were the only Pokémon left to fight. However, Malva and her Mega Houndoom unexpectedly showed up and assisted everyone in battling the villainous Lysandre. When Malva opposed Lysandre's plans, Lysandre tried to kill her with his Mega Gyarados's Incinerate attack. But Greninja blocked the attack with Water Shuriken to protect her. After a hard battle, Greninja, Charizard, and Pikachu managed to successfully defeat Mega Gyarados. However, Lysandre refused to surrender and literally jumped off the Prism Tower. Greninja tried to prevent him from falling, but failed to reach him with his tongue.[62]

Greninja was later sent out to help Serena's Braixen, Professor Sycamore's Mega Garchomp, and Steven's Shiny Mega Metagross fight against the Giant Rock, which was heading to Anistar City's sundial so it will fuse together and create an explosion that will wipe off every living being on the planet. In the process, Greninja managed to track Chespie's location with the artificial creature and used Water Shuriken to show where it is. When Greninja, Braixen, Mega Garchomp, and Mega Metagross were about to face their doom, the Kalos Gym Leaders and Diantha showed up with their Pokémon and ready to take their last and final defense.[63]

After strategizing their plan of saving Chespie, everyone combined their powers to fight off the Giant Rock, which allowed Ash and Alain to reach into the core and rescue Chespie. Ash-Greninja along with Pikachu and Alain's Charizard as Mega Charizard X team up to break the moving crystals from its core so that Alain could rescue Chespie on time which he succeeded, thus bringing the Megalith to a halt. However, when everyone tried to destroy the Giant Rock, Lysandre surprisingly showed up and resurrected the creature with his remote control. But Ash-Greninja, Pikachu, and Mega Charizard X managed to destroy Lysandre's remote using their powerful abilities, which allowed Squishy and Z-2 to transform both into Zygarde in its complete form destroy the Giant Rock including Lysandre with Core Enforcer, killing him in the process.[64]

After Team Flare's evil ambitions were finally put to an end, Greninja was sent to save Pikachu from Team Rocket. He used Water Shuriken to block Inkay's Psybeam and Gourgeist's Dark Pulse. Finally, Greninja used Cut to free Pikachu. Later on in the episode, Greninja and the rest of Ash's Pokémon received Honor of Kalos medals for their heroic efforts against Team Flare and Greninja and the others including Alain, Serena, Clemont's Pokémon in the picture wearing the Honor of Kalos medals.[65]

Greninja was seen with Ash's Pokémon are dancing along with the crowd during Serena, Shauna and Jessilie's Pokémon Showcase performances at Lumiose City.[66]

Destroying an evil root.

After saying goodbye to Goodra in the marshlands, Ash and friends were heading back to Lumiose City. But on they're way back, Greninja popped out of his Poké Ball sensing something and a strange plant erupts from the ground almost attacking the group and Ash recognizes those vines belong to Team Flare knowing that they were behind it. Ash and Greninja activated the Ash-Greninja form with Bond Phenomenon. Ash and Greninja see that there's red energy in the plant and Greninja destroyed the plant with Water Shuriken. Suddenly, Xerosic, the head scientist of Team Flare arrived and almost rammed them with his truck and began stealing Zygarde Cells with his Malamar. Clemont also recognizes Xerosic after he defeated him during the Team Flare crisis and he later reveals of his survival after falling into the trap door made by them. When he explained his plan of creating Team Neo-Flare, he manages to abducted Clemont using his Malamar's Psychic after dispersing Greninja's Water Shuriken with Signal Beam and drove away, believing he could use his intelligence as part of his plan.

Greninja managed to track down Xerosic's vehicle and attempts to sneak in it to retrieve Clemont. However, he ends up getting caught when he accidentally steps on a twig. Xerosic attempts to attack Greninja with his Malamar using its Signal Beam as he dodges and he manages to knock Malamar with Water Shuriken causing Xerosic to use Malamar with its Psycho Cut to retreat, but Greninja went under his vehicle thinking he was quickly rammed by the vehicle. As Xerosic starts to fly away in his invisible jet, Greninja held on the wing. Ash, Serena and Bonnie attempted to jump on the jet, but ended up falling off course. However, Greninja managed to save them with his tongue scarf. When they made it inside, they managed to find Clemont. Greninja became horrified when it seemed that Clemont was being controlled by Xerosic's Mega Evolution energy ray. However, it was revealed that Clemont placed a microchip on his head to prevent himself from being controlled. Greninja then battled alongside Chespin against both Xerosic's Crobat and his Malamar and Greninja manages to defeat Crobat with single Water Shuriken causing Xerosic to retreat and recalled his Malamar to jump into the edge. However, he was soon caught by Clemont using his Aipom Arm.

After Xerosic was defeated and arrested by Officer Jenny, another plant sprouted from the ground and attacked the group again. Luckily, they were saved at the last minute by Squishy as Zygarde in its 10% form until it was reverted to normal. Squishy then took Greninja and the others to meet up with Z-2 as Zygarde in its 50% form. The two Legendary Pokémon told Greninja that the plants that attacked them was negative energy that was left behind from the Team Flare crisis. They knew that Greninja was gifted with the ability to see anything inside living things and asked him if he can lend them his strength to guide them during their mission. After a brief conversation with Ash and recalling the times they've had together in their journey, Ash and Greninja gave one final handshake and hugged each other, knowing that even when they are apart, they will always be connected. Greninja accepted Squishy and Z-2's request and the three Pokémon waved goodbye to Ash and his friends as they walked away into the forest together.[67]

After destroying one of the roots that possessed the negative energy, Greninja looked in the sky and smiled as he sensed Ash's departure from Kalos.[68]

Journeys series

Greninja helps Lucario strengthen its Aura abilities.

Soon after a long absence, Greninja is seen leaping through the trees, continuing his mission in locating the negative energy of the Giant Rock's roots and protecting Kalos. Ash, Goh, Pikachu, Grookey, and Lucario travel to Kalos to go seek out Greninja and ask for help in their training for Ash's upcoming battle against Raihan. But during the night while camping, the group were attacked by the Giant Rock's roots until they were quickly saved by the sudden arrival of Greninja. After reuniting with Ash and Pikachu, Greninja accepted his former Trainer's request in training for their upcoming battle. During the reunion, Lucario learned about the resonance that Ash and the Ninja Pokémon has and got furious. Greninja was immediately challenged by Lucario to a sparring match to see how strong he is. However, despite having a type-disadvantage, Greninja defeated Lucario with his speed and power and witnessed the humiliated Aura Pokémon run off in shame. Greninja stopped Ash from going after Lucario and decides to speak with it alone. Once he found Lucario near the waterfall, Greninja, having dealt with a very similar issue before, offered some advices in strengthening its Aura abilities. He tells the Aura Pokémon that the bond between trainer and Pokémon needs to be in perfect balance and gives a demonstration when he used the ripples in the water. However, upon sensing another giant root that was about to attack Ash and Goh, Lucario and Greninja rushed back to save the boys. Greninja and Lucario then teamed up together to destroy the roots with the combination of Water Shuriken and Aura Sphere. Greninja then the group farewell and leaps off to continue his ongoing mission.[69]

During Ash and Lucario's battle against Raihan's Duraludon in the World Coronation Series in the Galar region, Greninja sensed Lucario's Aura while resting in the trees and smiled proudly.[70]

Known moves

Move notes

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Improvised moves


Greninja and Ash performing Bond Phenomenon.

Shortly after evolving into Greninja, through his strong bond with Ash, he can call upon a unique type of Evolution similar to that of Mega Evolution later called "Bond Phenomenon" as coined by Professor Sycamore where it takes on an appearance resembling its trainer while being covered in a water torrent veil. Its full capabilities and attributes were initially unknown, but it does give a significant boost in speed and power. They also share each other's point of view. However, little did Ash and his friends know, Greninja's new form comes with a side-effect. If Greninja gets attacked and takes damage while in this form, Ash will feel its pain. Later, discovered by one of Clemont's devices, it is revealed that Ash and Greninja share exactly the same heartbeat when Greninja is in this form, so if it is pushed too hard, Ash may collapse from exhaustion.

Ash-Greninja Battle Bond activated.

In its second form, it has a full form that surpasses even the strongest Mega Evolved Pokémon, even if it is a Pokémon that he has type disadvantage, with the Water Fuma Shuriken on its back which can deal massive damage to defeat stronger opponents with just one hit, Greninja was able to defeat Mega Sceptile with just one hit from Water Fuma Shuriken; despite the fact that Water type moves have little effect against Grass type Pokémon. It also turn its Cut attacks into blue kunai blades. It's soon revealed that the reason why Ash and Greninja were having issues in mastering the Ash-Greninja form was because neither of them had complete faith and trust in each other. Also, Ash was also letting his longtime fear of losing his Pokémon family get the best of him and Greninja felt insecure of their bond. While in the Winding Woods, Ash and Greninja realize their actions as they put them aside which help them activate the Ash-Greninja form at will. After perfecting the form, Ash and Greninja made amends for their actions. During the rematch against Wulfric, Ash and Greninja were able to use it without passing out, but even though they still share each other's pain, it seemed more manageable for Ash to control.

Voice actors


  • Greninja's capture marks the first time since catching Heracross that Ash's first capture in a region has not been of the Flying-type.
    • Also, eventually as a Greninja, they're both dual-type Pokémon.
  • Much like in Hoenn, where Ash caught Treecko, Greninja is the only Starter Pokémon he caught in Kalos. In this case, Chespin and Fennekin were caught by Clemont and Serena respectively.
  • Besides Pikachu and Oshawott, Greninja is the only other starter Ash got from a professor.
    • Ironically, Oshawott and Froakie are the Water starters of their regions, which is what Ash wanted to start his journey with when he planned to pick Squirtle as his starter.
  • Greninja is Ash's first Water-type Starter Pokémon to evolve. He is also the first fully evolved Water-type Starter Pokémon that is owned by a main character.
    • Coincidentally, both of Greninja's evolutions took place in an episode that Sanpei appeared in.
    • Also, like Brock's Marshtomp, Greninja is a Water-type Starter Pokémon that evolved.
  • He is the second of Ash's Water-type Pokémon to evolve out of all of them, the first being Kingler.
  • Like Dawn's Quilava, Greninja is the second starter Pokémon to hatch from an egg belonging to a main character.
  • Greninja shares similarities Ash's other male starter Pokémon, Sceptile.
    • They had a bit of a rivalry with other Pokémon, even in their own parties.
    • They're always eager to face strong opponents.
  • Greninja could be considered a contrast to Charmander, who as opposed to having a trainer who left him behind to fend for himself, Greninja had a habit of leaving its trainers as a Froakie due to the fact that he wasn't impressed with them. This attitude is similar to Snivy.
  • When Greninja transforms into Ash-Greninja, he gains the same sort of power that matches the power of Mega Evolution.
  • Ash's Greninja has been the first and only Pokémon of Ash's that battled a Champion's ace Pokémon, held him own, even overpowering it and nearly winning.
  • Much like Pikachu with Team Magma for having absorbed the Blue Orb, Greninja was used for a scheme by the villainous organization, Team Flare, due to harnessing its Battle Bond ability.
  • Greninja is Ash's first regional starter Pokémon to be released.
  • Greninja's fighting style in its evolutionary stage and its athleticism is based on Ninjutsu and the way of using Aerial Ace that utilizes both punches and kicks are based on Taijutsu. Its way of using Cut resembles a ninja sword and dual kunais and both his Water Pulse and Water Shuriken resembles both of Naruto's signature moves, Rasengan and Wind Release: Rasenshuriken from the manga and anime series, Naruto and Shippuden.
  • Greninja's Ash-Greninja form marks the first time that Ash has a unique version of a Pokémon that hasn't appeared in the games until a later game.
  • Greninja marks Ash's first released Pokémon since his Seaking in Johto, almost 16 years since his last release.
    • It is also his first released Pokémon since his Lapras that has any known moves or is used in battle, almost 17 years since Lapras's release.



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