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Pastoria Great Marsh.

The Great Marsh is located in Pastoria City in Sinnoh, and has many Pokémon that can not be found anywhere else in Sinnoh. It costs Poké Dollar.png500 to enter, and you will receive 30 Safari Balls to catch Pokémon, but you can only go 500 steps before your time is over, though you can retire anytime. You are also not allowed to save here. The great marsh has 6 different areas in it, and each one of them has certain Pokémon in them, their locations changing every day. You can see random Pokémon and their locations through the binoculars on top of the marsh's entrance building at the cost of Poké Dollar.png100. In Diamond and Pearl, a boy with green hair at the start of the great marsh will give you HM05 Defog, and will give you Shards in Platinum. In Platinum, there is also a girl at the entrance of the building who will give you a challenge to find and catch 5 Pokémon, rewarding you with the Matchup Checker Pokétch App.


Name Sprite Level How
Arbok 024.gif 24-30(D/P) 30(Plt) Grass (After getting the National Dex-FireRed cartridge needed)
Paras 046.gif 20-26 Grass (After getting the National Dex)
Psyduck 054.png 20-40 Grass/Surf (Diamond/Pearl only)
Golduck 055.png 20-26 Grass/Surf (Diamond/Pearl only)
Exeggcute 102.gif 20-26 Grass (After getting the National Dex)
Kangaskhan* 115.gif 20-26 Grass (After getting the National Dex)
Tangela 114.gif 27-31 Grass (Platinum only)
Magikarp 129.png 3-25 Old Rod/Good Rod
Gyarados 130.png 15-55 Good Rod/Super Rod
Marill 183.png 20-30 Grass/Surf (Diamond/Pearl only)
Hoothoot 163.gif 20-24(D/P) 26-27(Plt) Grass (Night)
Noctowl 164.gif 26(D/P) 28-30(Plt) Grass (Night)
Yanma 193.gif 20-26(D/P) 26-31(Plt) Grass (After getting the National Dex-D/P only)
Wooper 194.gif 20-30(D/P) 26-40(Plt) Grass/Surf
Quagsire 195.png 20-40 Grass/Surf
Shroomish 285.gif 20-26 Grass (After getting the National Dex)
Azurill 298.gif 20-24 Grass (Diamond/Pearl only)
Roselia 315.gif 20-26 Grass
Gulpin 316.png 20-26 Grass (After getting the National Dex)
Carvanha 318.png 15-30(D/P) 30-55(Plt) Super Rod (After getting the National Dex)
Barboach 339.png 15-20(D/P) 10-25(Plt) Good Rod
Whiscash 340.png 30-55(D/P) 20-50(Plt) Super Rod
Kecleon 352.png 20-26 Grass (Platinum only) (After getting the National Dex)
Tropius 357.png 28-30 Grass (Platinum only)
Starly 396.gif 22-26 Grass (Diamond/Pearl only) (Day & Morning)
Staravia 397.gif 20-26 Grass
Bidoof 399.gif 22-26 Grass (Diamond/Pearl only)
Bibarel 400.gif 21-25(D/P) 26-28(Plt) Grass
Budew 406.gif 20-26 Grass (Diamond/Pearl only) (Day & Morning)
Skorupi 451.png 20-26 Grass
Drapion 452.png 20-26 Grass (After getting the National Dex)
Croagunk 453.png 20-26 Grass
Toxicroak 454.png 20-26 Grass (After getting the National Dex)
Carnivine 455.gif 20-26 Grass

Note 1:Pokémon whose names are in bold change between themselves daily.

Note 2:Yanma is a daily Pokémon only in Pokémon Diamond and Pearl.

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