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Granite Cave (いしのどうくつ, Stone Cave) is right outside Dewford Town. The player is advised to use HM05 (Flash), however it is possible to reach the end without it. Granite Cave is in Ruby, Sapphire, and Emerald, as well as their remakes.

The player needs to deliver the Letter to Steven Stone in the deepest level of the caveRSE/the first level of the caveORAS. The Hiker next to the inside exit gives the player HM05 (Flash). Mach Bike is needed to navigate the whole cave.


Normal HM Sprite.png Escape Rope Sprite.png Poké Ball Sprite.png Steel TM Sprite.png Rare Candy Sprite.png Repel Sprite.png Everstone.png
HM05 (Flash) Escape Rope Poké Ball TM47 (Steel Wing) Rare Candy Repel Everstone