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This Rhyhorn is a Ground/Rock-type Pokémon owned by Serena's mother, Grace.


When Serena was a child, Grace had Serena ride a Rhyhorn. Serena was untrained and too frightened and was launched into the dirt, causing Serena to cry.[2]

Serena tries to ride Rhyhorn.

After Serena got woken up by Fletchling, Rhyhorn was startled, since Serena made a big fuss out of that.[3] Rhyhorn was used for Serena's training. Grace cheered for Serena, wishing her to do her best. Serena, however, had little control over Rhyhorn and was launched out onto the ground. Serena was displeased, even getting hurt a bit.[4] After deciding to go on a journey, Serena left the home and bid farewell to her mother and her Pokémon.[5]

After teaching Ash about Rhyhorn racing, Serena remembered Fletchling and Rhyhorn, feeling that the latter wanted to play with her while she had been riding it.[6]

After Grace visited Serena, Serena remembered practicing Rhyhorn racing, but failed. Serena remembered this event when she fell off Skiddo in a race with her mother, which would decide if Serena would come back home with her mother.[2]

The following day after she lost the Coumarine City's Showcase, Serena remembered the events since the start of the journey, including her mother, Fletchling and Rhyhorn.[7]

Fletchling, Rhyhorn and Grace watched Serena's Performance in Dendemille Town on a laptop.[8] Fletchling and Rhyhorn were watching the Pokémon Showcase Master Class on the same laptop.[9]

Known moves

None of Rhyhorn's moves are known.