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Gorigan is one of the five Cipher Admins of the game Pokémon XD: Gale of Darkness. He is one of the more important members as he was the one that ran the Shadow Pokémon production lab at Cipher Key Lair.


Gorigan is a muscular man that wears glasses. He is known for having an ape-like stance and is always seen carrying a large wrench.


Gorigan is first seen on the S.S. Libra where he and a couple of Cipher Peons were sent on a recovery mission. However, he was angry at Michael's presence knowning that Snattle was defeated and orders Cipher Peon Snidle to battle Michael. Gorigan then leaves hoping Michael is dealt with.

Gorigan was the one in charge of the Cipher Key Lair. At some point, Gorigan was forced to improve the security after someone stole a Shadow Pokémon from the lab. Eventually, Gorigan was confront by Michael and was not pleased at the young boy's intrusion. Gorigan then challenged Michael to a battle that he will soon lose. However, even though he has lost, Gorigan says that his boss has already enough Shadow Pokémon and doesn't need the Key Lair anymore and leaves. Gorigan is later seen at Citadark Isle where he attempts to defeat Michael once and for all. However, Gorigan is defeated again and is forced to leave from Cipher due to his failure.

After Greevil is defeated, Gorigan can be battled at the Orre Colosseum where he has a team of even stronger Pokémon. He is fought at the end of round seven.


Cipher Key Lair

Citadark Isle

Orre Colosseum


Gorigan is very similar to Dakim from Pokémon Colosseum as their main style of battle is using the Earthquake/Protect combo.