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Gordor is the boss of Go-Rock Squad, the criminal team in Fiore. He is also the father of the Go-Rock Quads.


Gordor is an elderly man with gray hair. He is always seen wearing his purple general uniform.


During the mission to escort him out of Lyra Forest, Gordor proves to be a gruff and irritable person, easily set into a furious outrage. He has a habit of using an evil laugh, even during normal conversation. He also has no respect for Pokémon, enslaving them against their will for his own goals, showing extreme hostility when they push his temper, and deeming those who can not serve his needs as worthless. At the end of the game, it is revealed that all of Gordor's actions were motivated by a need to upstage Prof. Hastings. To that end, he created the Go-Rock Squad to destroy all Hastings has ever accomplish. He was even will to unleash the wrath of legendary Pokémon on Fiore just so he could stage the Go-Rock Squad stopping them to become heroes and replace the Pokémon Rangers, uncaring about what destruction would be inflicted on the people, Pokémon, and ecosystem of Fiore. After his grand plans are thwarted by the Pokémon Rangers, Gordor reflects upon his actions and upon realize the nobility of the Player when they saved him from Entei, realizes his pettiness and forgoes the pride that motivated his heinous actions and truly reforms, even stopping one of his old minion from carrying out a scheme.


Gordor attended school with Prof. Hastings and was a close colleague, but his work was always considered one step behind Hastings, eventually falling out with him when he wanted to use the Prof.'s Capture Styler to forcibly control Pokémon against their wills. Determined to prove himself superior, he founded the Go-Rock Squad with the ultimate goal of having them replace the Ranger Union and trouncing Hastings life's work.

He is first met by the Player when he gets lost while searching for a legendary Pokemon in Lyra Forest. During the escort out, he derides the Rangers and furiously yells at a Murkrow he thinks is mocking him. Once he is out of the deeper part of Lyra Forest, he leaves after stating that he supports the Go-Rock squad, seeing them superior to Rangers.

During the crisis at Jungle Relic, Gordor is revealed to be the leader of the Go-Rock Squad and instigated the crisis so he could test his organization's greatest weapon, the Power Styler. The test proves to be a success, with the potential to further enhance his ultimate styler, and Gordor leaves the Player to battle Entei to clean up the mess his organization created.

Gordor is confronted once again at the Fiore Temple, where he reveals he has put the legendary beasts under his control with his perfected Power Styler. He then reveals he will unleash the legendary Pokémon on Fiore to overwhelm the Rangers, then stage the Go-Roc Squad stopping them to make them heroes and replace the Rangers. After Raikou and Suicune are captured by the Player, Gordor prepares to have Entei attack, but the Player's and Solana/Lunick's Plusle and Minun sabotage and destroy the Power Styler. Freed of Gordor's control, Entei turn on him and the Player intervenes to protect Grodor. During the battle with Entei, Gordor escapes, but on his way out of the temple, he runs into Prof. Hastings. The two discuss their history and the Prof. extends an offer to Gordor to abandon his evil ways and use his talents for the good of others, but Gordor refuses and leaves.

During an extra mission, Gordor stops one of his old minions from stealing a Manaphy Egg. He admits he has reflected upon his actions and seeks atonement for what he has done. He credits the Player for causing his change when they saved him from Entei, before leaving.



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Befitting his organization's music theme, Gordor's outfit resembles an orchestra conductor's uniform.

Despite being the father of the Go-Rock Quads, Gordor is never seen interacting with them onscreen.