Goldenrod City is a city in the Johto region. It is the largest city in the region and the location of the third gym. It is the fourth biggest city in the Pokémon world, after Unova's Nimbasa City and Castelia City and Kalos' Lumiose City. It is the location of the place where Bill's family lives. Despite its size, it lacks any extraordinary importance other than containing the 3rd Gym Leader Whitney and, in Generation IV, being home to the Global Terminal. Later in the storyline the Radio Tower is taken over by Team Rocket.

It also has a Magnet Train which connects Johto and Kanto, starting in Goldenrod and ending in Saffron City. There is a Bike Shop where the player can get a Bicycle for free. The Goldenrod Department Store is the largest store within Johto. Near the entrance to Route 35, is the Name Rater's house. There are two entrances to the Goldenrod Tunnel here.

Gym Info

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In the anime

Ash and friends meet Whitney in a Goldenrod Opportunity. After he earned the Plain Badge, Ash and friends got to go on a radio show with unlikely assistance from Team Rocket as the villains.


Generation II

Generation IV


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