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Goldenrod City (コガネシティ, Kogane City) is a city in the Johto region. It is the largest city in the Johto region and the location of the third Gym. It is the fifth largest city in the Pokémon world, after Unova's Nimbasa City and Castelia City, Kalos' Lumiose City and Galar's Wyndon. It is the location where Bill's family lives. Despite its size, it lacks any extraordinary importance other than containing the third Gym Leader Whitney and, in Generation IV, being home to the Global Terminal. Later in the storyline, the city's Radio Tower is taken over by Team Rocket.

It is a major metropolitan city in western johto. It has National park and Pokéathlon Dome in the north while the Pokémon Day care is located in the south of it.

Goldenrod City also hosts a Bike Shop where the player can get a free Bicycle, the Goldenrod Department Store (which is the largest store within Johto), the Name Rater's house, and the Magnet Train, which connects Johto and Kanto, starting in Goldenrod and ending in Saffron City.


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In the episode "A Goldenrod Opportunity," Ash and friends meet Whitney. He defeats her and earns the Plain Badge in the episode "A Dairy Tale Ending." In the next episode, "Air Time!," Ash and his friends are able to be on a radio show with unlikely assistance from Team Rocket.


In other languages

Language Name
English Goldenrod City
Spanish Ciudad Trigal
Italian Fiordoropoli
French Doublonville
German Dukatia City
Japanese コガネシティ
Korean 금빛시티
Hindi गोल्डनराॅड शहर
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