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The Golden Pinap Berry is a Berry introduced in Generation VII. It is more effective than a Silver Pinap Berry


In-Battle EffectPE

After feeding it to the wild Pokémon, it increase the chance of item drops such as Berries And Candies. if it is caught afterwards. This effect wears off if the Pokémon breaks free from the Poké Ball.

Berry Information


|- | style="background:#FFFFFF; color:#000000" | PE | style="background:#FFFFFF; color:#000000" | A Berry that makes you drastically more likely to get an item when given to Pokémon you're trying to catch. |-


|- | style="background:#FFFFFF; color:#000000" | PE | style="background:#FFFFFF; color:#000000" | Catching reward, Chance it will appear daily as a hidden item on Route 13, appears often as a hidden item in Cerulean Cave, and may be found daily by the player's walking Pokémon on Routes 8, 15 and 17 |-

|- |}


Pokémon GO


Artwork in Pokémon GO.

The Golden Pinap Berry appears in Pokémon GO as one of the few Berries in the game. In this game, the Golden Pinap Berry quadruples the amount of Candies dropped by a wild Pokémon after capture.