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This Suicune is a Water-type Legendary Pokémon owned by Goh.


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Suicune first appeared in Johto where Ash and Goh came and discovered it while it was being hunted by some Pokémon Hunters who lure Suicune and try to capture it. The hunters have their Pokémon bombard Suicune with Sludge Bombs, with one of them keeping Ash and Goh from approaching as Suicune is tied down with ropes and nets. Desperate to come up with a way to save Suicune, Goh pulls out a Poké Ball and tosses it at the Legendary Pokémon, thus successful catching, much to everyone else's astonishment. The hunters, displeased of having their hard-worked catch being taken away from them, intend to take it back by force. Ash use his Pikachu and Lucario to hold them while he tell Goh to go and help Suicune, which he agrees. As Goh rushes to the Pokémon Center to heal up Suicune, he ends up tripping and dropping Suicune's Poké Ball. Suicune then emerges from its Poké Ball and glares at Goh, displaying a very clear distrust towards him. Goh tries to convince it to come to a Pokémon Center with him and attempt to recall it, but it simply freezes its Poké Ball with Ice Beam and climbs up to a nearby tree to rest.

Goh climbs up after it and finds several forest Pokémon standing before Suicune in an attempt to protect it, as it had cleaned the lake up for them. Goh tells them he's not one of the hunters and want help to Suicune. Goh helped it recover with Berries and a Potion thanks with Pokémon and nursed it back to strength. However, when the Pokémon Hunters return to capture Suicune, Goh tries to defend it with his own Pokémon and caught a Drowzee in order to fight the hunters' Poison Pokémon more effectively. Although Goh manages to hold his own for a while, the hunter boss then sends out his Houndoom, which easily defeats Drowzee with a single Crunch. The hunters seize Suicune in a net and pull it down from the tree, beating it up as Goh begs for them to stop. Just then, Ash and his Pokémon returns to help, and the two engage the hunters together. Although Cinderace ends up getting poisoned as well, Goh refuses to give up.

Just as the boss tries to finish Goh and Cinderace off with Houndoom, Suicune, having seen Goh's determination and sincerity, decides to assist him in battle. Using its own attacks, it easily overwhelmed the hunters' Pokémon, freezing the boss' Houndoom with Ice Beam. The hunters then decided to surrender, with Suicine angrily glaring at them. Goh had it use Ice Beam on the hunters to ensure they wouldn't escape before contacting Officer Jenny, who took the hunters into custody. After the situation was resolved, Goh decided to release Suicine, but much to his surprise, Suicine decided to stay with him, seeing how he cared for it when it was injured. However, when they returned to Cerise Laboratory, Suicine decided to continue roaming around the world, although it would remain at the Park in spirit.[1]

Known moves


  • Unlike Eternatus, Suicune is the first of Goh's Legendary Pokémon that stays under his ownership, despite not being directly close to him like most of his Pokémon at the Cerise Laboratory.