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This Sobble is a Water-type Pokémon owned by Goh. It would usually stay outside of its Poké Ball instead, unless it's hit with a powerful attack following the urge to cry. Although, this is now rare following the evolution of Goh's Raboot to Cinderace.


Sobble is a timid crybaby that tends to turn itself invisible and use its tears just to avoid interacting with others. However, after witnessing Goh attempting to save it from Team Rocket, Sobble gained the bravery it needed to get out of its imprisonment and fight back. Also, Sobble has taken a liking to Goh and even cried in joy when he praised for its bravery. Through having Goh as its Trainer, Sobble has seemed to calm down a bit, and not crying as much as it used to.

Ever since meeting Jacqueline's Inteleon, Sobble vowed to strengthen its backbone to be as cool and brave as its idol.



Sobble and Goh.

Sobble and Goh's relationship started off slightly rough, due to how sensitive it is, and it he never had a Pokémon that has needed as much gentle care and attention as Sobble.

Sobble, similarly to Goh's other partner, Cinderace, originally lived in a bustling city and had to steal food to survive. When Goh confronted Sobble, he told it that he wasn't angry at it, but praised it for its ability to turn invisible, even saying that if it joined his team then they could eat together every day if it wanted to. Goh ends up catching Sobble by pure luck. When Goh sends out Sobble to fight a wild Silicobra without asking it and end up getting hurt, it begins to cry and runs away, eventually getting captured by Team Rocket.

When Goh puts himself in danger to rescue it, Sobble becomes determined to escape and return to its Trainer. After defeating Team Rocket, Sobble was given an apology from Goh for being inconsiderate of its feelings. Also, Sobble was praised by Goh for his bravery, along with saying that its timidness allows it to better protect its friends, and that makes it strong. Hearing those words, Sobble starts to cry out of joy.

Since its capture, Goh and Sobble have had a mutually happy relationship as it joins its Trainer on his adventures, seeing many times wither walking next to him or sitting on his shoulder. Sobble has a tendency to pop out of invisibility next to Goh, usually scaring him due to the sudden appearance. Also, Sobble doesn't like to be separated from Goh unless its with someone it knows.


Sobble and Cinderace.

Sobble and Cinderace quickly developed a sibling-like bond with each other, due to how much time they spend together as Goh's main partners. Also, Sobble would go to Cinderace for protection and cares deeply for it. When not seen with Goh, Sobble will be near Cinderace, sometimes riding on his shoulder or head.

Sobble and Cinderace make time to be together as they enjoy each other's company. In addition, Sobble would also calmed down by Cinderace.


An invisible Sobble sees Ash and Goh for the first time.

While investigating a Pokémon Center in Wyndon in the Galar region, Sobble witnessed Ash training with his Riolu and Farfetch'd. The loud noises caused Sobble to tear up and become invisibile, leading to them running away.[1]

Sobble with Goh after being caught.

The next day, Sobble attempted to steal all of Ash and Goh's food by using its invisibility to avoid detection. However, after it was caught in the act by Goh, it turned invisible and ran into a corner. When everyone tried to approach Sobble, it began to cry, causing everyone else to cry in response. Sobble used the opportunity to escape, running into a fountain outside of the Pokémon Center. After Goh was told by Nurse Joy that Sobble may be hiding there, Goh introduced himself and complimented Sobble on its invisibility skill, asking Sobble to join his team. When Sobble didn't respond, Goh threw a Poké Ball in frustration, which hit Sobble, capturing it successfully by pure luck. Goh later brought Sobble out to fight against a Silicobra that he wanted to catch. Sobble managed to get some good hits in with Water Gun and Pound, but once it got hit in it, it began to cry and ran away. While Sobble was running away, it was accidentally hit by Jessie of Team Rocket, which knocked it out. While Sobble was knocked out, Team Rocket decided to capture it. When Goh appeared and tried to save it, Sobble was filled with courage and determination, leading to Sobble breaking out of it's cage and running back to it's trainer. Goh apologized to Sobble for making it battle without asking it first, and told it that it's timidness was what makes it strong, which caused Sobble to cry happy tears. Some time after this, Goh brings Sobble back to Cerise Laboratory in the Kanto Region.[2]

At the Cerise Laboratory, Sobble unintentionally made the boys and many of their Pokémon cry. The boys struggled to search for it due to it being invisible, until Goh's Butterfree and Venomoth flushed it out with Stun Spore and Ash's Dragonite gave it a hug, which calmed it down, causing it to fall asleep. Sobble then listened to Professor Cerise as he told everyone why Chloe became so indifferent about Pokémon.[3]

Sobble later watched from the sidelines as Ash obsessively trained with Riolu. After this obsession pushed Pikachu to the brink, causing him to run away, Goh brought Sobble and Raboot to Pallet Town after Ash believed that the only place Pikachu could go was his mom's house.[4]

Goh brought Sobble on a family vacation to Azalea Town in the Johto region. Upon arriving, Sobble followed Goh to Ilex Forest in the hopes of capturing some Johto Pokémon. When Goh is reminded of his troubled past by several Pokémon, Goh explained to Sobble and Raboot of his history with a boy named Horace and that his eventual betrayal is the reason why he finds it so hard to make and keep friends. When Goh learns that Horace was simply sick and didn't abandon him, Sobble is by his side to comfort him. Sobble then meets Horace and his Chikorita before returning home to the Kanto Region.[5]

Around this time, Sobble and Raboot began to form a tight, sibling-like bond with each other due to the fact that they were both Goh's main partners. Goh then took the both of them to a nearby Pokémon Center to participate in a Pokémon Trading event. Sobble soon met an eccentric Bug-type Pokémon collector named Kricketina Kylie, who was looking for a Pinsir to trade for due to the fact that Pinsir are not native to her home region of Sinnoh. When Goh rejects her offer of trading his Pinsir for her Heracross, Sobble joins the rest of the group in helping her search for a wild one to capture herself. Sobble soon finds itself captured by Team Rocket, along with Ash, Pikachu, Raboot, and Koromi. Goh and Heracross manage to send Team Rocket blasting off, saving Sobble and the rest of the group. A wild Pinsir soon appears, but since Koromi is still captured, Goh captures it instead. Seeing how Goh's Pinsir and Koromi's Heracross were in love, Goh decided to trade his new Pinsir for her Heracross. Sobble returned to the Pokémon Center to watch the exchange take place.[6]

Sobble joined Goh and Raboot on a trip to a Dojo at Saffron City in the hopes of obtaining either a Hitmonlee or Hitmonchan. While Sobble was there, Ash decided to have a battle with the Dojo Master, but when he went to challenge him, he had already been defeated by another trainer. The trainer ended up being Bea, the Fighting-type Gym Leader of the Galar region. Her sharp glare immediately made Sobble become nervous and turn invisible. Ash decided to battle her instead, but ended up being utterly defeated, with her beating both his Farfetch'd and Riolu without losing a single Pokémon. Sobble then joined Goh as he battled the Dojo Master to earn the right to pick either Hitmonlee or Hitmonchan. Goh ended up winning and decided to pick Hitmonchan.[7]

When Goh suddenly wanted to capture a Pikachu for himself and learned of a nearby outbreak of them, he took Sobble and Raboot with him. Sobble and the rest soon met a very polite Pikachu, who offered everyone Pecha Berries. After Goh captured her, she lead everyone to a canyon full of Pikachu and Raichu. While Sobble and the rest were watching them, Team Rocket attacked. Raboot attempted to protect Sobble, but Sobble ended up taking a direct hit from one of Team Rocket's Pokémon. Team Rocket captures Ash's Pikachu and escapes. Everyone tracked the villains down and iniated a rematch, in which Sobble put in some work against Team Rocket. When Goh's Pikachu got into trouble, Goh evolved her into a Raichu using a Thunder Stone to turn the tide of the match. Team Rocket is defeated and sent blasting off. Upon returning home, Raichu attempts to overfeed Sobble, causing it to turn invisible and hop onto Goh for protection.[8]

Sobble using Water Gun on Flygon.

When a mysterious sandstorm formed at Mauville City in the Hoenn region, Sobble joined Goh and Raboot to help investigate. Sobble spent most of his time invisible and near Goh out of fear. When they reached the center of the sandstorm, they discovered that a wild Flygon was the one who had caused the sandstorm. Flygon attempted to deter them with Sandstorm, but Goh had Sobble use his Water Gun attack to solidify the sand, nullifying the attack. Sobble landed two direct hits onto Flygon, but was eventually hit by its Dragon Rush, causing it to cry. Goh quickly returned it before its crying could cause problems. [9]

Sobble meeting Ash's Rowlet, Lycanroc, Incineroar, and Melmetal.

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After Goh's Exeggcute evolves into Exeggutor, Ash suggests that they visit the Alola region so they could meet an Alolan Exeggutor. Goh, determined to catch one, agrees, and takes both Sobble and Raboot with him. Upon arrival, Sobble meets Professor Kukui, who quickly overwhelmed the Water Lizard Pokémon into becoming invisible. Professor Kukui took them back to his house, and Sobble soon found himself smothered in affection by Ash's Rowlet, Lycanroc, Incineroar, and Melmetal. Afterwards, Sobble enjoyed one of Alola's many beaches, before running into a Pyumuku, which Goh quickly captured. While chasing after a wild Grubbin, Sobble, along with Raboot and Goh, fall off a cliff, which cause them to land in the ocean. They are quickly fished up by a young girl, who introduces herself as Lana. She would later go on to call Sobble "cute".

When Goh introduces himself, she recognizes him as one of Ash's friends and takes him, Sobble, and Raboot back to the Pokémon School. There, Sobble met Mallow and Sophocles, along with all of their Pokémon. Sobble felt extremely overwhelmed by how outgoing and friendly they were. Sobble then witnessed as Kiawe and Goh had a small stand-off before Ash returned, along with a Rotom Dex. Sobble then joined all of the Pokémon in a party dedicated in their honor. When Kiawe challenges Goh to a battle, Sobble temporarily lets Mallow hold them. When Goh earned Kiawe's respect, they took a trip to Treasure Island, where Goh battled and captured an Alolan Exeggutor. Afterwards, Sobble returned home to Cerise Labs.[10]

Known moves


  • Sobble and Brock's Marshtomp are the only Water-type Starter Pokémon owned by any of Ash's male companions.
  • Since Sobble, Grookey and Scorbunny were all caught by Goh, this marks the first time one of Ash's companions has caught all of the three Starter Pokémon from the newest region, which in this case is Galar.



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