This Sobble is a Water-type Pokémon owned by Goh.


Sobble is a timid crybaby that tends to turn itself invisible and use its tears to escape just to avoid interacting with others. However, after witnessing Goh attempting to save it from Team Rocket, Sobble gained the bravery it needed to get out of its imprisonment and fight back. Also, Sobble has taken a liking to Goh and even cried in joy when he praised for its bravery.


PJ027 29

Sobble meets Goh for the first time.

Sobble watched a battle between Ash's Riolu and his new Galarian Farfetch'd but got frightened, turned invisible, and ran off.[1]

PJ028 3

Sobble with Goh after being caught.

However, after eating the gang's breakfast, Sobble came out of and started crying, which made everyone in the area cry as well. While in the pond, Sobble became interested in Goh and let itself be caught when he threw a Poké Ball at it while it was invisible. After being caught, Sobble was brought out to battle a Silicobra but got scared and ran away. Goh later found Sobble and attempted to apologize for scaring it, but it ran away again and then got captured by Team Rocket. While captured, Sobble saw that Goh was willing to help it, seeing Goh as the first person to care for it, and gathered up the courage to break out of its cage. After Team Rocket was defeated, Goh apologized to Sobble for trying to make it battle and would remember to ask if it wants to or not first. Goh even told Sobble that its timidness doesn't make it weak but makes it stronger, much to Sobble's happiness.[2]

At the Cerise Laboratory, Sobble unintentionally made the boys and many of their Pokémon cried. The boys struggled to search for it due to it being invisible, until Goh's Butterfree and Venomoth flushed it out with Stun Spore and Ash's Dragonite gave it a hug, which calmed it down and it fell asleep.[3]

Known moves

  • Using Water Gun
  • Using Pound



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