This Skwovet is a normal-type Pokémon owned by Goh.


This Skwovet was drawn by Ash's scones when Ash and Goh were visiting Wyndon, and Goh seized his chance and caught it.

Skwovet later asked Golurk along with Cubone to stop the quarrel between the Pokémon in Cerise Park. It later turns out that the shortage of food was due to Skwovet storing it all in a section of a cliff, so the boys believed that they might have to start leaving extra food for it. It later accidentally loosened Goh's Golurk's seal and made Golurk go on a rampage.

Known moves

None of Skwovet's moves are known.


  • This is Goh's second known owned Galar Pokémon, the first being Scorbunny.


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