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This Scizor is a Bug/Steel-type Pokémon owned by Goh.


As Scyther, he is feisty and competitive, always staying active. It followed Mimey's kung-fu exercises alongside its Trainer, Scorbunny, the Professor, and Chloe, and was later shadow-boxing as an effort to get Goh's attention to bring him to the Battle Frontier Flute Cup, as well as when it rushed to Goh wanting to participate in the training challenge hosted by Wikstrom. He was also quick-tempered as when searching for Cubone's bone, he got furious at a Geodude when it threw a snowball at him and started chasing it. He is likely to be the leader of the park's bug Pokémon which it protects, "Panic In The Park!" shows him shielding the Bug types from Goh's Darmanitan's Overheat and commanding them to attack Darmanitan and co. Deep down, Scyther has a soft spot, such as when he accepted Ash's Dragonite's hug and when it was concerned on how Goh would take his defeat at the Battle Frontier Flute Cup Tournament.



After his capture, Scizor quickly became one of Goh's frequently used Pokémon, next to Cinderace. Although he has his strength and confidence, they initially lacked any form of synchronicity, with Goh's cautious strategy in the first round of the Flute Cup leading to Scyther's quick defeat. He wasn't very upset from the loss, returning from the Pokémon Center for another battle. Like Cinderace, he seemed more concerned with how hard Goh was taking his first defeat. After Goh and Scyther cleared Wikstrom's trials, they are more aligned with each other.


As Scyther

Scyther was encountered at Vermilion Forest. He easily repelled Goh's Poké Ball and sent him and Scorbunny flying. Goh later encountered Scyther again, this time using Scorbunny to battle him first. Together, Goh and Scorbunny weakened Scyther enough for Goh to successfully capture it. Scyther and the rest of the Kanto Bug-type Pokémon Goh caught were brought back to the Cerise Laboratory where Professor Cerise kept them in storage for Goh.[1] Goh chose to use Scyther during the Battle Frontier Flute Cup, but he was quickly defeated by Houji's Mightyena due to Goh's battling inexperience.[2]

Scyther was one of the Pokémon that Goh brought with him to visit his parents. He was then used to search for Goh's Cubone's lost bone.[3] During the food shortage at the lab, Scyther led the other Bug-types to retaliate against Goh's Grimer, Darmanitan, Stantler and Ekans. He later joined the boys and the other Pokémon to protect the evolving Cascoon, and witnessed them evolving.[4] Goh later brought Scyther along to Ilex Forest in the Johto Region with the purpose of cutting down the tall grass that cluttered the forest in search of Wild Pokémon for Goh to capture. Scyther eventually encountered an Ariados that Goh ended up catching. Later, Scyther was by Goh's side when he reunited with Horace.[5]

Scyther volunteered for a training challenge hosted by Kalos Elite Four member Wikstrom at the Hall of Chivalry, alongside Ash and his Farfetch'd. In the first round, the group is stopped by a Probopass,which they eventually defeat.In the second round, Goh and Scyther enter a maze where they were separated from Ash and Farfetch'd. The two had to collaborate while being attacked by Pokémon on the way.

In the final round of the challenge, Scyther briefly battled against Wikstrom's Aegislash, but the group decided to let Ash and Farfetch'd battle it, while Goh and Scyther attempt to catch Wikstrom's Klefki, which was carrying a key required to pass the challenge. They eventually succeeded, earning each of the participating Trainers and Pokémon a medal each. Afterwards, Wikstrom offered to help Goh evolve his Scyther. Goh agreed to this, and Wikstrom gave Scyther a Metal Coat to hold, before it was briefly traded to him and back, causing the Mantis Pokémon to evolve into Scizor.[6]

As Scizor

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Known moves


  • After he evolved into Scizor, Goh now has caught at least one Pokémon of every type.
    • Scizor was also the first Pokémon from one of Ash's friends to be traded with an item.