This Sandile is a Ground/Dark-type Pokémon owned by Goh.


Sandile was shown to be a lone wolf, shown as it had not joined any of the smaller groups made up of Goh‘s Pokémon that inhabited Cerise Laboratory. After encountering and befriending Misdreavus, it showed that the two made a good pair as they were both mischievous, cunning, and con-artists, as shown as when the two tried to convince a group of Pokémon that it was strong enough to break a large tree without much problem to try and steal food from them. When the two were later confronted by Goh’s bug type Pokémon, Sandile and Misdreavus quickly switched sides, showing how self-serving they are.


Goh first encountered Sandile during his first visit to the Unova Region. Scorbunny accidentally stepped on its tail, which caused it to attack. Pikachu attempted to electrocute it with Thunderbolt in defense, but Ash pointed out that as a Sandile was a ground-type, it was immune to electric attacks. Scorbunny then used a 4-times super-effective Double Kick, which knocked it out instantly. Goh used the opportunity to capture it with a Poké Ball.

Known moves

None of Sandile's moves are shown.

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