This Raboot is a Fire-type Pokémon owned by Goh. It was his first Pokémon.


As a Scorbunny, Raboot was enthusiastic and a showboat, always wanting to be the center of attention. Because of this, it disliked being ignored and would get frustrated when this happened. It was also mischievous as it enjoyed teasing Ash and Goh, yet it was also considerate as it gave food to three hungry Nickit, even going as far as to steal food from people in order to provide for its friends. Despite this, Scorbunny cared for its friends very much and would do anything to help them, especially Goh. Sometimes, nonetheless, it didn't like listening to instructions and would sometimes do things out of command.

An agile and swift athlete, Scorbunny had a habit of kicking pebbles as if they were footballs. It was also quite fond of making fun of Ash, who always ended up having his behind being kicked by it.

After becoming a Raboot, however, it has grown more serious and even started to distance itself from Goh. But deep inside, it still cares for its trainer. Just like some of Ash's Pokémon, Raboot is very cool, calm, collected, and can get very serious at times. It also has some interest in Pokémon Battles, as it watched Ash's first battle in the World Coronation Series. It is also smart enough to expose Team Rocket's disguise rather quickly. Its trait of being rebellious, however, has aggravated Goh, as in PJ019 when it attacks before Goh instructed it to do so. But eventually, after Goh helped it out during a dance battle, Raboot finally understood how much Goh cares about it and forgave him for his selfish inconsideration, though still not outwardly showing its gratitude.

Raboot also possesses some dancing skills, demonstrated when it taught some Hoenn Pokémon how to dance while helping them defend their home from a group of Loudred.



Raboot and Goh

Raboot and Goh.

Although it stole food from him and his friends when they first meet, Raboot (as a Scorbunny) saw something in Goh when he defended it from an owner of a bakery. Through its friend's encouragement and taking it to where he was, Scorbunny decided to follow Goh in hopes of becoming partners. After catching up with him, Scorbunny was shocked when Goh told it that it wanted Mew to be his first Pokémon. After helping save an upcoming train from getting hit from a Gigantamax Snorlax, Scorbunny was getting ready to leave to honor Goh's wish to get Mew but he stopped it as he changed his mind about the Mythical Pokémon and decided to make it his first Pokémon instead.

Scorbunny became excited that its wish to be partners with Goh came true, and ended up finding a best friend in him as well. They both don't like losing their other friends, especially each other. Also, Scorbunny would high five or fist bump Goh, whenever something good happens, or as a sign of their unbreakable bond for one another. Scorbunny enjoys sitting on Goh's shoulders and it easily became loyal to him. Despite their relationship, Scorbuuny and Goh do sometimes butt heads but they don't stay that way for very long.

Upon evolution, however, Raboot was no longer enthusiastic to bond with Goh and walked past its trainer after defeating Team Rocket, and developed a rebellious streak, namely attacking opponents without Goh's instructions, until Goh shows that he does care about it. However, deep down inside, Raboot still cares for Goh as it remains loyal at his side whenever they continue their quest on catching more Pokémon and still sees him as its best friend.


Goh Raboot and Ash Pikachu

Raboot and Ash's Pikachu.

Raboot is friends with Ash's Pikachu ever since it was a Scorbunny, but can be quite envious of how Pikachu interacts with others during his time as Scorbuunny, such as with Chloe's Yamper. It tends to avoid Pikachu's Thunderbolt after pranking Pikachu's trainer Ash quite often though. Unlike its relationship with Goh, Raboot still maintains its friendship with Pikachu although it is too cool to show its care.


As Scorbunny

PJ004 25

Scorbunny meeting its friends, Nickit.

Originally, Scorbunny was from the Galar region, where it was covered in dirt and met a group of Nickit and joined them as a common thief who stole people's food to feed its fellow thieves.[1]

PJ004 19

Scorbunny and its friends stole Ash's treats

PJ004 24

Scorbunny being saved from the scone baker by Goh.

When Ash and Goh arrive in the Galar region, Scorbunny and his friends stole Ash's backpack and ran off. Once they got it, he fed its friends some of the scones Ash bought. When Ash and Goh found them, Scorbunny told its friends to run while it battled against Ash's Pikachu, which it lost against. Scorbunny then found his friends, the Nickit, caught by the scone baker, so it stepped in to protect them, but they were eventually saved by Goh and Ash. Scorbunny then took a liking in Goh which its Nickit friends realize. When it was time for Ash and Goh to leave, Scorbunny's friends took it to the train station, where Scorbunny bid its friends farewell. On the train, Scorbunny rubbed the dirt off its fur and prepared to follow Goh and Ash.[1]

PJ005 26

Scorbunny becoming Goh's first Pokémon.

While following Goh and Ash, Scorbunny went through a series of obstacles to reach Goh and tried to get his attention but with no luck. After finally reaching the boys, Scorbunny wants Goh to let it be its partner but became shocked and depressed after realizing he wanted Mew to be his Pokémon. However, after helping him and his friends with the Gigantamax Snorlax, Scorbunny was about to leave but Goh, who changed his mind, told it that it decided to make it his partner, much to its happiness. Goh missed the shot, but luckily Scorbunny was able to redirect the ball with a kick and be caught properly. After being caught, Scorbunny was happy that it got to join Goh on his journey as his partner and best friend but was more excited that it was going to his Pokémon as well.[2]

PJ006 9

Scorbunny helping its trainer on catching more Pokémon.

Scorbunny helped his trainer begin his goal of catching all Pokémon to fill in his index on his phone. Scorbunny and its friends helped Goh search and catch a bunch of Bug-type Pokémon in the Kanto region. Despite Scorbunny having gotten in the way of some of his trainer's catches, it still was able to help Goh on successfully catching all of them.[3] Scorbunny and Goh traveled to Hoenn with Ash to participate in the Battle Frontier flute cup tournament and became rivals with Houji. He sent out his Scorbunny against Houji's Mightyena, only to be defeated in spite of Scorbunny's type advantage. It later watched Ash winning the tournament.[4]

Goh brought Scorbunny to visit his parents and grandmother. They later encountered a Cubone whose bone had been stolen by a group of Mankey. Furious, Scorbunny chased the three Mankey off. After getting the bone back, Scorbunny soon befriended Cubone and was delighted to have it becoming its teammate.[5]

PJ017 25

Scorbunny evolving into Raboot.

Scorbunny had a training session with Goh's Darmanitan, and was frustrated after Darmanitan mocked it for not being able to use Ember. It later had a disagreement with Goh and stormed off due to the latter disapproving of learning a new move. When confronting Chewtle, Scorbunny made up with Goh, and abruptly evolved into Raboot.[6]

As Raboot

After evolving, Raboot used its newly mastered Ember to defeat Team Rocket. But unlike usual, it rejected Goh's hand and walked off on its own.[6]

Goh Raboot Interests in Pokémon Battles

Raboot watching Ash's first battle in the World Coronation Series.

Raboot went with Goh to watch Ash's first match in the World Coronation Series. During the battle, Raboot was very interested in Ash's battle and was happy that Ash and Pikachu won their first match.[7]

Raboot went to Hoenn with Goh to watch the Beautifly migration, but throughout the first day of the trip, it remained disobedient, which greatly upsets Goh. That night, Raboot went to find the Zigzagoon and Lombre it encountered earlier to dance with them. The following night, the boys and Pikachu spotted Raboot dancing with the Zigzagoon and Lombre but got into a disadvantage against some Loudred, so Goh assisted it. Goh then believed that it would be better to release Raboot so he left it behind the next morning. However, just as Goh came to regret his decision to release Raboot, it turned out that Raboot managed to get on the train and it handed Goh an apple. In the end, Goh and Raboot reconciled even though Raboot was too shy to admit that it cares for Goh. [8]

PJ025 19

Raboot and Goh meeting Gurkinn's Lucario

Raboot and Goh were catching some Pokémon in the Kalos region while Ash was partaking a battle tournament. While catching Pokémon, Raboot and Goh met Gurkinn and they watched the finals between Ash and Korrina. Raboot was pleased to see Ash win before they all headed back to Kanto.[9]

Known moves

  • Using Ember
  • Using Double Kick

  • Using Quick Attack
  • Using Double Kick
  • Using Ember

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  • Trailer version
  • Episode version
  • In its debut, different than the trailer before the Generation VIII's series started, Scorbunny's initial color palette is different, where it started out covered with dirt prior to cleaning itself into its proper palette in the last scenes of its debut episode.
  • Raboot is the first Fire Starter Pokémon who is owned by a main male character besides Ash.
  • Raboot, as Scorbunny, is similar to Ash's Litten, he's the Fire type starter's predecessor, in terms of their backgrounds as poor, yet noble-hearted thieves before meeting their respective trainers, alongside being associated with sport-based motifs on their evolution lines respectively, albeit different personalities and traits between them.
    • After evolving, Raboot ends up sharing Litten’s emo traits, yet having hidden kindness.
  • Upon its evolution to Raboot, it shares similarities with Ash's Charizard as a Charmeleon; Both were the first Fire-type Pokémon of their respective trainers, and both end up becoming rebellious right after evolving to their mid-stage evolved forms.
    • However, unlike Charmeleon, where it was disobedient to Ash and continue this phase during its mid-stage evolution and through most of its time in its final evolution into Charizard until finally becoming obedient to Ash again, Raboot still remained loyal to Goh at his side during its time in its mid-stage evolved form.
    • Another difference is the reason why both of them were distant. Charizard was rebellious as it believed Ash was too weak to be its trainer, whereas Raboot was because it felt Goh did not care for it, similar to how Iris' Excadrill was disobedient after it lost to Drayden's Haxorus.
  • It took 13 episodes for Scorbunny to evolve into Raboot, the shortest amount of time for any starter Pokémon to evolve into its second stage to date, beating Ash's Charmeleon's record of taking 32 episodes to evolve from Charmander.
  • Raboot becoming more serious and aloof after evolving is very much like Ash's Sceptile and his Snivy, these three of which had the cool, calm and collected behavior, but were ultimately very caring towards their trainers and other Pokémon.
  • Raboot’s evolution from Scorbunny was foreshadowed by its new Ember attack, which is similar to how Raboot train their Pyro Ball before evolving into Cinderace.
    • In spite of this, it is unknown if Raboot will evolve into Cinderace for now.



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