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This Pinsir is a Bug-type Pokémon owned by Goh.


Pinsir, unlike most members of her species, is an extremely shy and gentle Pokémon, often seen interacting with Goh's smaller Bug types like Caterpie and Weedle despite being much bigger than them. She is also shown to be romantic, as she fell in love with Kricketina Kylie's Heracross. Goh also describes her as bashful. Pinsir prefers not to battle, as she always chooses not to whenever Goh asks her to. However, she has been shown to be aggressive in the past. When Ash and Goh presumably entered on her territory, she attacked them with Rock Tomb.


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Pinsir was encountered at Vermilion Forest. She attacked Ash and Pikachu, trapping them in a ring of large stones. She then went after Goh, who threw random objects in an attempt to defend himself, eventually accidentally throwing a Poké Ball and catching it. Pinsir and the rest of the Kanto Bug-type Pokémon Goh caught were brought back to the Cerise Laboratory where Professor Cerise kept them in storage for Goh.[1]

Goh was originally planning to use Pinsir to battle at the Battle Frontier Flute Cup, but she refused, leading Goh to pick Scyther.[2]

Goh later brought out Pinsir to help Kricketina Kylie and her Heracross look for a Pinsir to capture since Goh decided he didn't want to trade his own. Pinsir was originally uninterested in Kylie and her Heracross, however, she slowly became interested in Heracross after seeing Heracross' strength. When Team Rocket members Jessie and James attacked, they captured Ash, Kylie, Pikachu, Raboot, and Sobble, leaving just Pinsir, Goh, and Heracross. When Goh tried to get Pinsir to battle, she decided to hide behind a tree instead, so Goh teamed up with Heracross to battle them. When Jessie tried to steal Pinsir, Heracross protected her, and Pinsir's interest in Heracross became a full-blown crush. After Team Rocket was defeated, a wild Pinsir finally appeared, and since Kylie was tied up and couldn't capture it, so Goh caught it before it could get away. Afterwards, Kylie asked Goh to trade his second Pinsir for her Heracross so that Heracross and Pinsir could be together. They went to the Pokémon Center and used a Trade Machine to make the trade official, and Heracross officially became one of Goh's Pokémon, which Pinsir was very excited about.[3]

Known moves

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