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This Misdreavus is a Ghost-type Pokémon owned by Goh.


Misdreavus is a trickster who knows how to hatch a plan to easily fool its targets in order to seize what it wants. When things do not follow its plan, it will immediately switch sides.


Goh first encountered Misdreavus along with its partner Stantler while attempting to climb Bell Tower in search of the Legendary Pokémon Ho-Oh during his first visit to the Johto Region. Upon seeing Goh and the rest of the group trying to climb the tower, it used its horns to trick them with various illusions. Goh managed to put an end to Misdreavus and Stantler's tricks by capturing them in Poké Balls.[1]

When a food shortage hit Sakuragi Park, Misdreavus would go around the park scaring Goh's other Pokémon, as Misdreavus could feed off their energy. When she attempted to scare Goh's Parasect, it attacked her and sent her flying. When she landed, she met up with the Goh's Sandile and witnessed Goh's Scyther lash out in anger over its hunger, which caused a tree to become weakened. Misdreavus and Sandile created a plan to trick the other Pokémon into giving them their food by making Sandile look stronger than he was. During this time, the group led by Goh's Darmanitan were approached by Misdreavus and Sandile, who performed their trick. However, Darmanitan's group didn't give up any of their food. When Scyther and its group of Bug types came, Darmanitan's group pushed Misdreavus and Sandile to fight since they believed they were stronger than they actually were. Seeing how disadvantaged they were, Misdreavus and Sandile quickly switched sides and joined Scyther's team. When Goh's Golurk went berserk and caused a flood with its Rain Dance, Misdreavus joined Goh's other Pokémon in protecting Goh's Cascoon as they evolved into Dustox.[2]

Known moves