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This Heracross is a Bug/Fighting-type Pokémon that was previously owned by Kricketina Kylie. After seeing how her Heracross and Goh's Pinsir were in love, she traded it to Goh in exchange for his second Pinsir.


Heracross is a strong Pokémon that takes pride in his strength. He was shown to enjoy showing off for a crowd of trainers when sent out from his Poké Ball. He is also shown to be romantic, as he has fallen in love with Goh's Pinsir.


Under the ownership of Kricketina Kylie, Heracross was brought out to face Ash Ketchum and his Pikachu in a Pokémon World Championships match. In the end, Heracross was defeated and his trainer's rank went down. Afterwords, Kylie attempted to convince Goh to trade his Pinsir to her for one of her Pokémon, but he declined. However, he told her that he would instead help her find her own Pinsir. During this time, Goh's Pinsir started to become interested in Heracross after seeing how strong it was. After searching without much luck, Kylie and Heracross created a special honey that would attract wild Pokémon.

When Team Rocket members Jessie and James appeared, they captured Ash, Kylie, Raboot, and Sobble in a net, leaving Goh, Pinsir, and Heracross to fight them off. Pinsir ended up becoming too scared and hid behind a tree, so Goh took control of Heracross and battled them. When they attempted to reach Pinsir, Heracross protected them and Pinsir's interest in Heracross became a full-blown crush. After Goh and Heracross sent Team Rocket blasting off, a wild Pinsir finally showed up, but since Kylie was captured, she couldn't capture it, so Goh caught it before it could get away. Kylie told him that he should trade it for her Heracross, because he and Pinsir were in love. They went back to the Pokémon Center and used a Trade Machine to make the exchange official, and Heracross officially became one of Goh's Pokémon.

Known moves


  • Heracross is the first and currently only Pokémon owned by Goh that he has received through a trade.


  1. ^ PJ033: Trade, Borrow, and Steal!, Heracross has a cross at the end of its horn