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This Grookey is a Grass-type Starter Pokémon owned by Goh. It originally was a Pokémon that came from Team Rocket's Secret Rocket Prize Master. It usually travels outside of its Poké Ball.


Grookey is playful, extremely hyperactive and likes riding on other Pokémon's backs. Although it was one of Team Rocket's Pokémon from their Prize Master, Grookey would rather do its own thing and didn't like them at all. After meeting Goh, Grookey was shown some of the things that Team Rocket lacked, as he showed it kindness and compassion. Despite its playful nature, Grookey isn't afraid to do what's right for Goh and its friends.


Grookey with its trainer Goh and teammates Cinderace and Inteleon, along with Ash and his Journeys Pokémon.


Despite originally being a Pokémon belonging to Team Rocket, Grookey quickly found itself wanting to be with Goh after he returned Grookey's stick to it. After its capture, Grookey has shown to be a friendly Pokémon towards Goh, though it is also known to be quite mischievous, occasionally climbing onto other's heads, particularly Goh's, and beating them with its stick. However, it is shown to have done this less later in the series. Grookey often prefers to ride on Goh's shoulder during their adventures, staying out of its Poké Ball in a similar manner to Ash's Pikachu.

Chloe's Eevee

When Grookey and Eevee had originally met, Eevee was alarmed at Grookey's mischievous behavior of beating others with its stick. However, Grookey was later seen apologizing to Eevee for its actions after being caught by Goh. The two have become close friends and are also prone to causing trouble while Goh and Chloe travel with Ash.[1][2]


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Grookey being discovered by Goh for the first time.

Grookey was one of the Pokémon that Team Rocket could pick from their Rocket Prize Master until it got out of the machine one night. After escaping, Grookey came across the Cerise Laboratory. There, it slept with Goh until he noticed it sleeping with him in the morning. Grookey's playful nature caused some problems for Goh and his friends, but they offered to help find its owner. However, when Team Rocket arrived to take back Grookey, it was returned to their ball and was brought back out at their base. Grookey discovered that it didn't have its branch with it and left that night to look for it and escape Team Rocket. Grookey was found by Goh as he gave it its branch back, helping it realize that it could be friends with Goh.

Grookey joining Goh's team.

When Team Rocket returned to take back Grookey, Grookey broke their Poké Ball and jumped into one of Goh's instead as it decided to be with him. After Pikachu sent Team Rocket blasting off, Grookey was introduced to some of its new friends, then jumped onto Eevee's back, which alarmed her.[3]

Grookey then accompanied Goh and Ash to the Pokémon Center to heal Ash's Farfetch'd and Goh's Scizor. On their way, they encountered a Bellsprout who was feeling dehydrated. Grookey was able to replenished Bellsprout thanks to its restorative powers. Grookey then befriended the Bellsprout and asked Goh to catch it, which Goh agreed, helping Goh catch another Pokémon. Grookey was later seen watching Ash battle Rinto in a World Coronation Series match. Ash won thanks to his Galarian Farfetch'd evolving into Sirfetch'd during the battle, defeating Rinto's Gallade.[4]

Grookey was later seen helping out with the "Plusle and Minun Handymen" after Mulpi accidently injured Divi. Grookey helped out with many tasks, with most of them including Tauros. It even helped stop Team Rocket from causing trouble and stealing the Tauros.[5] Grookey then accompanied Goh and Ash in a Pokémon interview as they discussed the jobs at Cerise Laboratory and talked about their goals as Trainers. After the interview, Grookey then joined the others on finding Goh's Drizzile after it evolved from Sobble. During the search, Grookey, Goh and Cinderace finally found Drizzile, who was feeling upset about its new appearance due to wanting to evolve into an Inteleon. When Drizzile was forced out of the cave it was hiding in by Cinderace and the others, it ran off, as it wanted to be alone. Grookey and the others later found Drizzile and watched as Goh apologized for forcing it out of its comfort zone and brought it back to the Laboratory, where they allowed it to stay in its den.[6] Grookey then joined Goh and the others on their way to the Hoenn region, where it was later seen practicing for the Marine Pokémon Obstacle Course along with Ash, Goh, Chloe, and their Pokémon.[7]

Grookey and the others made another trip to the Hoenn region after receiving a research request from Hodge when he needed their help. It turned out that the hot spring that Hodge's grandfather ran wasn't getting water anymore. The villagers believed that the Disaster Pokémon, Absol was behind it, but Ash and Goh thought that the occurrence wasn't really Absol's doing, so they pinned down the actual cause. During their investigation, they were attacked by the Absol who attempted to stop their search. Grookey ended up being knocked out during the vicious attack, causing Goh to call Grookey back to its Poké Ball. Grookey was then seen at the Hot Spring after Ash and Goh brought the water back with the help of Absol.[8]

Grookey later accompanied Goh and Ash to the Unova region, when Iris invited Ash to a World Coronation Series match at Opelucid City Gym. Upon arriving, Grookey joined its Trainer Goh in catching some Unova Pokémon first, where Goh was able to catch a Pansear and Panpour. They also encountered Iris when Goh mistook her for a Pokémon and realized Iris overslept. They later arrived at her Gym to watch the battle with Ash. Grookey and Goh then met up with Ash at the Opelucid City Gym, where they met Drayden and Iris while Goh apologized for their interaction from earlier. Grookey then watched Ash and Iris' World Coronation Series match in a two-on-two battle using their Dragon-type Pokémon, with Ash using his Dragonite and Dracovish and Iris using her Dragonite and Haxorus. After a hard battle, Ash was able to defeat Iris and advance in the Ultra Class in the World Coronation Series.[9]

Grookey was also seen assisting Goh in finding a new flower for his White Flower Flabébé. It quickly learned that Flabébé hung onto Goh's hair while it didn't have its flower, so Grookey used this to its advantage in order to move Goh, seemingly controlling him by tugging on his hair. Grookey was also capable of cheering up Flabébé when it refused to eat by spilling Honey onto Goh's hair and morphing it into different shapes, making Flabébé laugh.[10]

Grookey later helped in trying to foil Alternate World Team Rocket's plans in using Dialga and Palkia's powers to devolve Pokémon and recreate them as a powerful army to take over worlds. But not long after, Dialga's temporal powers spread rapidly all over the place, turning it into an egg along with everyone else's Pokémon. Moments after the villainous team was defeated, Ash, his friends, and their Alternate World counterparts, along with some help from Cynthia, Alternate World Professor Rowan, Jessie, James, and Alternate World Nurse Joy, prayed for Dialga and Palkia to stop fighting and pleaded them to turn their Pokémon back to their normal forms. Just then, a bright golden silhouette of Arceus appeared, calmed the temporal and spacial Pokémon down and destroyed the Red Chain that the Alternate World Team Rocket had them binded by. Dialga and Palkia then fixed the damage their fighting caused and returned everyone back to their respective dimensions, while also granting their wish to reverse the devolution effects on all of their Pokémon, returning Grookey back to normal.[11]

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