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This Greedent is a normal-type Pokémon owned by Goh.


Greedent is extremely gluttonous, always craving for foodstuffs to stuff itself. It has a habit of collecting stashes in its hideout, though this can sometimes get its fellow Pokémon comrades and its Trainer into trouble. Its gluttonous nature is equal to that of James' Morpeko in their Hangry Mode, with Greedent even shown fighting against Morpeko over even small amounts of food.[1]


As Skwovet

Skwovet was drawn by Ash's scones when Ash and Goh were visiting Wyndon, and Goh seized his chance and caught it.[2]

Skwovet later asked Golurk along with Cubone to stop the quarrel between the Pokémon in Cerise Park. It later turns out that the shortage of food was due to Skwovet storing it all in a section of a cliff, so the boys believed that they might have to start leaving extra food for it. It later accidentally loosened Goh's Golurk's seal and made Golurk go on a rampage.[3]

Goh enrolled Skwovet into an Eating Contest so that he could win a prize. During the Contest, Skwovet kept wolfing down plates of food, even though it got fatter and fatter with each plate it ate. Although its belly grew large, Skwovet refused to give up, and soon ended up evolving.[4]

As Greedent

After it evolved, it managed to win the Contest for Goh.[4]

Greedent competed with a wild Morpeko who arrived at the laboratory and their fight escalated until Goh's Raichu pacified them by giving them Berries.[1]

Known moves