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These Floette are four Fairy-type Pokémon owned by Goh.


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As Flabébé

Goh first encountered all five of his Flabébé on his trip to Shalour City during his first visit to the Kalos region. He had hoped to encounter all five color variants.

Goh's blue flower Flabébé was first seen floating on the beach, and Goh chased it onto a grassy field before capturing it in a Poké Ball.

Goh's yellow flower Flabébé was encountered in a forested area, and Goh quickly captured it with a Poké Ball.

Sometime before going to watch Ash compete in a Pokémon World Championship tournament, Goh caught a red flower Flabébé and an orange flower Flabébé, with the latter being an uncommon flower color.

After the tournament was over, Goh encountered and caught the last Flabébé variant, a white flower Flabébé.

As Floette

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Red, Blue, Yellow and Orange Flabébé evolved into Floette at the same time. The White Flower one also eventually evolved, but Goh released it shortly after.

Known moves


  • Flabebé are the third multiples of a species of Pokémon Goh caught.
    • However, unlike his 3 Dustox and 2 Magikarp, they are in different forms.
    • They are also Goh's first Female-only Pokémon.
  • Shortly after evolving, the White Floette is the first Pokémon that Goh has officially released.