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This Farfetch'd is a Normal/Flying-type Pokémon owned by Goh.


Farfetch'd has a fervor for battling, always using its leek as its melee weapon during training. It can be quite vigilant towards its surroundings. Although originally reluctant to be captured, it has developed a bond with Goh relatively quickly.

Farfetch'd obviously values its precious leek, such as desisting itself from trying to consume it during the lab's food shortage and becoming horrified when Goh's Spearow and Taillow found its leek enticing as their potential food.

It is normally on friendly terms with its Galarian counterpart, but they will dispute with each other when conflicts arise. For instance, it once nearly fought with Galarian Farfetch'd after mistaking the latter for eating its curry.


When Goh was on a field trip, he saw this Farfetch'd twice and tried to demonstrate to Sōta by tossing a ball twice, only for Farfetch'd to swing the ball with its leek right into his face in both of his attempts. By the end of the day, Goh noticed Farfetch'd after being reminded by Chloe and this time he succeeded after Farfetch'd's leek failed to hit the ball.[1]

During the lab's food shortage, Farfetch'd was tempted to eat its leek, but it desisted itself from doing so. It even became horrified when Spearow and Taillow found its leek enticing for them and quickly flew away. It later helped to seal Golurk's powers and protected the three Cascoon, witnessing them evolving into Dustox.[2]

Goh was playing with Farfetch’d when Professor Cerise surprised him and Ash with tickets to a Pokémon World Championships match in the Galar Region. Since Farfetch’d was with him, Goh decided to take it with him, and had him sit next to him during the match. Goh later sent it out to challenge a Galarian Farfetch'd, but it was quickly knocked out in one hit by Farfetch’d's Night Slash due to a lack of battle experience. It was later healed at a Pokémon Center.[3]

Then next day, Farfetch’d was seen eating breakfast with the group. However, when a wild Sobble was secretly stealing food, Farfetch'd believed that Ash's Farfetch'd stole the food, causing them to prepare for battle. When Sobble revealed itself, it became timid and cried excessively, making both Farfetch'd crying along with everyone else. It went on a search party for the Sobble and found it hiding in the water fountain where Goh unintentionally captured it.[4]

Goh later used Farfetch'd against Ash's Riolu while training, but it was quickly beaten.[5]

Known moves