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This Dewgong is a water/ice-type Pokémon owned by Goh.


Dewgong is flirtatious and easily love-struck, therefore he has a tendency to get distracted. He once fell in love with another Dewgong which resulted in Goh and Ash getting lost. He is also shown to be quite jealous on occasions as he attacked a wild Huntail on one occasion after he spotted it swimming with a Gorebyss he was attracted to, eventually causing chaos during the events of the Marine Pokémon Obstacle Course competition.


Dewgong first appeared at a harbor. Goh spotted him and instantly started to toss Poké Balls at him so that he could ride him and Ash to Dragonite Island, but he didn't get captured until Goh almost wasted his entire box of balls. It later got briefly infatuated by another Dewgong and got distracted, causing Ash and Goh to get lost. He didn't return to the boys until He failed to find the Dewgong he got smitten with.[1]

Dewgong was ordered by Goh to dive into the water to retrieve Cubone's bone, which he successfully did.[2]

Later on their adventures, Dewgong was sent out by Goh to advert him, Ash and Pikachu going down a waterfall on Cero Island. Unfortunately, due to the strong current, they went over the edge of it.[3]

Dewgong was chosen by Goh to participate in the Kids Marine Athletics Race. However, during the race Dewgong was distracted by a school of Gorebyss which he quickly got smitten to. He ended up fighting with a Huntail, which resulted in him being trapped in a cave with Chloe Cerise and her Eevee by the Huntail. They were eventually rescued by Ash and Goh with the help of Ash's Dracovish, and he reconciled with the Huntail who was defeated by Eevee and Kiley's Vaporeon. He then spotted another Gorebyss and wishfully thought that Gorebyss was in love with him, until he saw that Gorebyss had chosen the Huntail over him, causing him to be heartbroken. Goh proceeded to comfort him afterwards.[4]

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Known moves


  1. ^ PJ010: A Test in Paradise!, Dewgong became infatuated with a female Dewgong.