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This Cinderace is a Fire-type First partner Pokémon owned by Goh, who was his first Pokémon. It stayed outside of its Poké Ball as a Scorbunny and Raboot, but occasionally as a Cinderace.


As a Scorbunny, Cinderace was enthusiastic and a showboat, always wanting to be the center of attention. Because of this, it disliked being ignored and would get frustrated when this happened. It was also mischievous as it enjoyed teasing Ash and Goh, yet it was also considerate as it gave food to three hungry Nickit, even going as far as to steal food from people in order to provide for its friends. Despite this, Cinderace cares for its friends very much and would do anything to help them, especially Goh. Sometimes, nonetheless, it didn't like listening to instructions and would sometimes do things out of command.

An agile and swift athlete, Cinderace, while it was Scorbunny, had a habit of kicking pebbles as if they were footballs. It was also quite fond of making fun of Ash, who always ended up having his behind being kicked by it. However, since it has evolved, it has stopped kicking Ash.

After becoming a Raboot, however, it has grown more serious and even started to distance itself from Goh. But deep inside, it still cares for its Trainer. Just like some of Ash's Pokémon, Cinderace is very cool, calm, collected, and can get very serious at times. It also has some interest in Pokémon Battles, as it watched Ash's first battle in the World Coronation Series. It is also smart enough to expose Team Rocket's disguise rather quickly. Its trait of being rebellious, however, has aggravated Goh, as in "A Talent for Imitation", when it attacks before its Trainer instructed it to do so. But eventually, after Goh helped it out during a dance battle, Cinderace finally understood how much Goh cares about it and forgave him for his selfish inconsideration, though it still wouldn't outwardly show its gratitude.

It retains its caring nature for other Pokémon, such as helping Goh look after Sobble.

Cinderace also possesses some dancing skills, demonstrated when it taught some Hoenn Pokémon how to dance while helping them defend their home from a group of Loudred.

After evolving into Cinderace, it is no longer distant from Goh and returns to its old happy-go-lucky personality by doing its signature high-five with its Trainer.


File:Ash Journeys Pokémon and Goh Galar First partner Pokémon.png

Cinderace with its trainer Goh and teammates Drizzile and Grookey, along with Ash and his Journeys Pokémon.


Cinderace and Goh have had a slightly bumpy relationship, as they are both very headstrong and opinionated, even though they care for each other very much. They both share the same opinion on friendship, as their friends are both very important to them and losing them causes a lot of pain.

When Goh and Scorbunny first met, he took responsibility for its actions, presumably the first time a human had tried to defend it. Afterwards, Cinderace was inspired by Goh as he told it how big the world is, and how if you just want it bad enough, you can do anything and go anywhere. After a long trip through the wilds, Cinderace asked Goh to be its Trainer, but he initially rejected it due to his dream of having Mew be his first Pokémon. However, after stopping a Gigantamaxed Snorlax from destroying an oncoming train, Cinderace got its wish as Goh changed his mind and accepted it as his first Pokémon. When Cinderace was a Scorbunny, it and Goh would often high-five each other, except it would use its foot instead of its hand. Goh and Cinderace not only have a close bond, but they're also best friends.

Goh and Cinderace, while it was a Scorbunny, eventually had a big argument over whether or not it could use a Fire-type move. Cinderace didn't like how Goh believed it shouldn't try so hard because its other moves were already good enough and that sometimes there are things that it can't do. Despite this, Cinderace, while it was a Scorbunny, desperately wanted to use a Fire-type move because of its hurt pride as a Fire-type Pokémon. After Goh found a way for it to use a Fire-type move, Cinderace was happy that it used a Fire-type move by channeling its heat through its feet and into a rock, which could be used as a projectile. This caused it to evolve into Raboot, and their relationship changed.

After evolving, Cinderace, as Raboot, began to shut off its emotions from everyone around it, especially Goh. It would lean against walls, pretending not to pay attention to what Goh, Ash and Pikachu were doing despite secretly wanting to be more involved. Cinderace, as Raboot, started to prefer being alone with its thoughts. Cinderace was upset about Goh's inconsideration, but it still loved him deep down. Eventually, Cinderace and Goh reconciled when they came to a mutual understanding of each other, as its Trainer had come to respect its preference of being alone during its time as Raboot.

After evolving, Cinderace is no longer a loner and, for the first time since it was a Scorbunny, does its signature high-five while celebrating with Goh.



Cinderace and Sobble.

Cinderace is highly protective of Sobble, almost taking care of it like an older sibling would to its younger sibling. Also, Cinderace will often be seen walking next to or near Sobble. When Sobble would cry, Cinderace, while it was a Raboot, tried to fight its tears as it would rather hide away its emotion. Cinderace would even try and calm Sobble down when it does cry. Also, Cinderace doesn't mind when Sobble would sit on its shoulder and would sometimes hold it into its arms.

Ash's Pokémon


Cinderace has been close friends with Ash's Pikachu ever since it met him as a Scorbunny. They both had very high energy and liked to run and play together, though Scorbunny's habit of kicking Ash whenever it got upset with him would cause Pikachu to retaliate with Thunderbolt, but in most cases it would dodge it and it would hit Ash instead, causing him even more pain. Upon evolving into Raboot, it doesn't run around and play with Pikachu anymore, but he still deeply cares about him, even if he doesn't show it outright due to him not knowing how to show his true emotions without becoming flustered or embarrassed. Cinderace loves to watch Pikachu battle, and will watch his battles intensely.


Much like their Trainers, both Cinderace and Lucario, as Raboot and Riolu respectively, have shown to be good friends. When they have reunited after evolving, the two shared a fist bump along with Pikachu.


As Scorbunny

Scorbunny meeting its friends, Nickit.

Originally, Scorbunny was a wild Pokémon from the Galar region that lived in Wyndon. It was a clever and sneaky Pokémon, surviving in the world by stealing food from unknowing people. Scorbunny was a lonely Pokémon, but one day it encountered a group of Nickit that weren't good at stealing food. Scorbunny decided to cover itself in dirt to fit in with them, and taught them how to steal food covertly. Scorbunny quickly became the leader of group, and they became notorious in Wyndon for being a group of thieves.[1]

Scorbunny being saved from the scone baker by Goh.

Scorbunny had its first encounter with Ash and Goh when the Nickit stole Ash's bag and brought the bag back to Scorbunny, Ash attempted to take it back, but Scorbunny effortlessly dodged Ash's attempts at grabbing him. Scorbunny had its Nickit teammates flee while it took on Ash's Pikachu. While Scorbunny had the necessary speed to dodge Pikachu's attacks with its Quick Attack, once it was finally hit by one of them, it knocked it out instantly due to its incredibly frail defenses. After the battle, Ash attempted to compliment Scorbunny, but still upset by its loss, it kicked Ash with its feet. However, when Goh complimented him and his kicks, Scorbunny's show-off personality took over and it did a triumphant pose. Scorbunny then heard its Nickit teammates in danger and rushed in to protect them from one of the café owners who had caught them.

Goh then came in and took responsibility for Scorbunny's actions, lying and telling the man that Scorbunny was his Pokémon. The man fed Scorbunny and the Nickit some scones, before asking Goh why he lied. After Goh asked if it was obvious, the man told Ash and Goh about Scorbunny's history. After learning more about Scorbunny, Goh approached it and asked if Scorbunny had given up on being anything more than what he was. Goh told Scorbunny that if it wanted it bad enough, it could do it through its own strength and will. Scorbunny became inspired by Goh's advice, and Scorbunny's Nickit allies could tell. Ash and Goh realized they were going to be late for their train, so Goh said goodbye to Scorbunny and ran off. After they were gone, the Nickit told Scorbunny to go be with Goh, but Scorbunny declined.

However, the Nickit wouldn't take no for an answer, because they knew that it wanted to be wanted to be with Goh. The Nickit picked Scorbunny up and brought it to the train station before throwing Scorbunny onto the train. The Nickit then showed Scorbunny the moves that it had taught them to show Scorbunny that they would be okay on their own. Scorbunny said goodbye to its friends as the train doors closed. Scorbunny, looking forward to its new life, cleaned the dirt from his body and prepared to look for Goh.[1]

Scorbunny becoming Goh's first Pokémon.

While on the train, Scorbunny searched the train rooms for Goh, before finding his bag. Knowing he was out, Scorbunny eventually found him in the dining room. Scorbunny, trying to make a good impression, did many jumps and poses, though Goh ended up seeing none of them. Scorbunny then tried several more strategies, but Goh still didn't notice him. Scorbunny eventually gave up and later tried to leave the train when it stopped, only to see Ash and Goh outside, before the doors closed before he could get out. He tried to get their attention by banging on the glass, but they couldn't hear him and the train started driving away. Eventually, Scorbunny found an open window and jumped out, rolling down and hill and crashing into a rock. Scorbunny composed himself, and started his long quest through the Wild Area to find his dream Trainer. Scorbunny went through a lot trying to find Goh again. It was almost ran over by a train, had to swim through a river despite being Fire type, had to jump a herd of Wooloo without being trampled, and more.

Eventually, Scorbunny finally spotted Goh, who was investigating a Snorlax. Still, Scorbunny had to try a few times before Goh finally spotted him again. When Scorbunny confirmed that he had been following Goh, Ash suggested that Scorbunny wanted to be Goh's partner. Goh told Scorbunny that he was flattered, but that he had already chosen Mew to be his first Pokémon. Scorbunny was sad, but suddenly the Snorlax they had been investigating started to Gigantamax. It eventually grew so big it covered the train tracks. This caused Ash and Goh to panic, as the train would be passing in about five minutes. They came up with the plan to get Snorlax to jump to reach a gigantic berry that was growing in its stomach. Pikachu was able to send the berry rolling down with Iron Tail, but it eventually got stuck. Goh struggled to push it any further down due to its gigantic size, but when Scorbunny tried to do it, Goh had the idea to use Scorbunny's Double Kick attack to send it forward.

The plan ended up working successfully, reverting Snorlax back to its normal size before the train passed. Goh praised Scorbunny, exciting it. It then became sad again due to Goh not accepting its offer and began to walk away. However, Goh stopped it and said that he changed his mind, wanting Scorbunny to be his first Pokémon. Scorbunny became ecstatic as Goh threw a Poké Ball at it. However, Goh ended up throwing it off course, prompting Scorbunny to chase after and kick it in place to let the Poké Ball catch it. Goh was very happy about his first capture and promptly sent Scorbunny back out before it took its spot on Goh's shoulder. Goh then brought Scorbunny back to the Kanto region to live with him at Cerise Laboratory in Vermilion City.[2]

Scorbunny helping Goh find more wild Pokémon.

After Goh discovered the Pokémon Index feature on his Rotom Phone and decided that his new goal would be to complete his Pokédex, Goh took Scorbunny, Ash, and Pikachu to Vermilion Forest to search for wild Pokémon to capture. He immediately attempted to capture a Pidgey that was sitting on a tree branch with a Poké Ball, but it didn't reach far enough and crashed into one of the branches. The Pidgey then retaliated with its Gust attack and sent them all flying. Scorbunny afterwards found a Pidgeotto, which Goh got ready to capture, but Scorbunny ended up scaring it away by being too loud. Scorbunny also accidentally caused Goh to fail at capturing a Diglett and Dugtrio by getting too excited. Goh told Scorbunny that it was going to have to remain calm to not scare the Pokémon away. Goh decided to focus on catching the twelve Kanto bug-types, as they're easier to catch and they can all be encountered there. When they found a wild Caterpie, Scorbunny almost scared it away, but Goh managed to reel Scorbunny in and successfully captured the Caterpie.

Scorbunny then found a Metapod, which Goh also captured. Goh and Scorbunny chased after and captured a Venomoth, before Scorbunny found a Paras and Parasect, which Goh also captured. Right after that, they chased after a Butterfree, which led them into a colorful field. The Butterfree landed in a tree, so Ash helped Goh and Scorbunny up. Ash then went to check out a strange noise he heard. Goh accidentally dropped his Poké Ball, which caused the Butterfree to start flying away, but Scorbunny jumped down and kicked the Poké Ball at Butterfree, capturing it. The noise Ash heard ended up being a Pinsir, which attacked Ash and Pikachu and trapped them with its Rock Tomb. Pinsir went to attack Goh, who started throwing random objects to defend himself, and accidentally threw a Poké Ball at Pinsir, which captured it. Goh and Ash split up after Scorbunny and Pikachu heard different Pokémon, and Goh followed Scorbunny, who cornered a Scyther. However, Scyther easily defeated them and escaped. Goh wasn't too upset and told Scorbunny that they'd capture it next time. Goh then captured a Weedle and a Kakuna, which alerted a group of Beedrill.

Goh rejoined Ash, who had Pikachu use Electroweb to stop the swarm, and Goh caught the one Beedrill that dodged the attack, assuming that it was the strongest. With two Pokémon left, Goh searched for a Venonat, and eventually encountered one. The Venonat broke out of his first Poké Ball, so Ash suggested battling it, but Goh said that his method was faster. However, Scorbunny attacked it anyways, and Goh decided to battle it. Goh managed to capture it, but it ended up poisoning Scorbunny with Poison Powder in the process. Goh took Scorbunny to the Pokémon Center and apologized for making it fight while it was poisoned, and Scorbunny accepted his apology. They returned to the forest to capture Scyther, and they eventually found it. They had a brutal battle, and Scyther put up quite the fight, but Goh and Scorbunny eventually emerged victorious and captured Scyther. Goh and Scorbunny then took their new friends back to Cerise Laboratory, and Professor Cerise introduced them to the Cerise Park, where Goh could keep all of his captured Pokémon.[3]

Later, Scorbunny and Goh were signed up for the Battle Frontier Flute Cup Tournament in the Hoenn Region by Ash without their permission, so they were forced to go to participate in the competition. As the contest had 2v2 battles, Goh brought his Scyther along with him. Before the contest began, Scorbunny watched as Goh captured a Taillow he found in a tree, hoping that it would lead him to its natural prey, Wurmple. Goh intended to catch many of them to maximize his chances of getting both a Silcoon and Cascoon. He and Scorbunny followed the Taillow and eventually encountered a Mightyena, which Scorbunny ended up scaring. Before Goh and Scorbunny could do any more damage, its Trainer, Hodge, claimed it as his. Goh and Hodge quickly developed a poor relationship, as they were both very headstrong.

When the first round of the tournament began, Goh went up against Hodge in a 2v2 Pokémon Battle. Goh brought out Scyther while Hodge brought out Mightyena, with Scorbunny waiting on the sidelines. Goh attempted to raise Scyther's Attack by using Swords Dance, but Hodge took the opportunity to hit Scyther with a Fire Fang, which knocked it out instantly. Goh then sent Scorbunny into battle, but Scorbunny was also easily defeated by Mightyena. After Scorbunny and Scyther were healed at the Pokémon Center, Goh was happy they were okay and apologized for their loss. Goh was very upset by his lack of battle skills and decided that capturing Pokémon was better anyways, and ran away, with Scorbunny and Scyther following him. While Ash was competing, Scorbunny helped Goh catch three Wurmple before they came back to watch Ash compete in the final round. While he watched Ash, Goh was inspired by his battle and ultimately decided that battles weren't so bad after all.[4]

Scorbunny was at one of Vermilion City's many ports with Goh, who was looking to capture a Tentacool after spotting a school of them. He encountered one he wanted to capture, but it swiftly dodged his Poké Ball, causing it to hit another Tentacool that hadn't been paying attention. Goh and Scorbunny took this as a win, anyways, as they caught a Tentacool in the end. However, as they celebrated, something approached the port at high speeds, and after it landed, it turned out to be a starving Piplup. They took Piplup back to the lab and found out it belonged to a Trainer named Lauren, who lived in Snowpoint City in the Sinnoh Region. Deciding they had to return it, Scorbunny joined Ash and Goh as they went to the Sinnoh Region for the first time. Upon arriving, Scorbunny helped Goh capture a Mantyke by getting it to jump out of the water by kicking a rock at it. After meeting up with Lauren, they learned that Piplup had run away because it was jealous of Lauren's Croagunk, who Lauren started splitting her attention with.

After learning that Piplup (who had won last year) and Croagunk would be competing in the Sinnoh Iceberg Drift Race, Ash and Goh decided to sign up as well, with Pikachu and Mantyke specifically. Scorbunny cheered on Mantyke from a nearby boat that spectators could watch from. When the race approached its end, it was attacked by Team Rocket members Jessie, James, Meowth, and Wobbuffet, whom Scorbunny had never met up until this point. Jessie and James summoned the Rocket Prize Master and received a Beartic and Machamp. Pikachu, Scorbunny, and Mantyke went up against Team Rocket in battle, ultimately defeating them and sending them blasting off. However, during the battle, Piplup and Croagunk came together to rescue their Trainer from danger, and overcoming their differences as a result. Afterwards, the competition was cancelled due to Team Rocket's interference, and Ash, Goh, Pikachu, and Scorbunny said goodbye to Lauren and her Pokémon before heading back to Kanto.[5]

After hearing about sightings of the Legendary Pokémon Ho-Oh near Ecruteak City in the Johto Region, Goh brought Scorbunny with him to investigate. After they arrived, Goh quickly captured a Sentret upon seeing it. However, it wasn't long into their search when they found out the sightings were faked by a young boy named Chad, who used his Cyndaquil and Fearow to emulate the Fire- and Flying-type properties of Ho-Oh. Scorbunny learned that Chad had faked the Ho-Oh sightings to make his grandfather, Jaye, believe in Ho-Oh again. Jaye had seen Ho-Oh as a young man and received a Rainbow Wing like all those that have seen Ho-Oh, however, after decades of searching, Jaye had given up on his search and decided that Ho-Oh wasn't real.

Ash and Goh decided that they were going to help make Jaye believe in Ho-Oh again. Jaye was reluctant to join, but went along with it if it meant they would accept that Ho-Oh didn't exist. Ash said that he had seen Ho-Oh before, on the first day of his journey, but Jaye didn't believe him. After deciding they would climb Bell Tower to try and summon Ho-Oh, they started the long hike up. During their climb, they were tricked by several illusions created by a Misdreavus and Stantler, before Goh finally managed to put an end to their mischief by capturing them. Once they reached the top, Scorbunny was sad that they failed to summon the legendary bird, but they ultimately accomplished their goal in getting Jaye to believe in Ho-Oh again, who decided to start searching for it again with Chad's help.[6]

Scorbunny learned of the illusive Dragonite Island, an island said to be home to only Dratini, Dragonair, and Dragonite. After compiling several different accounts of where it could be, Goh managed to locate where it could be. Needing someway to swim to it, Goh headed to one of Vermilion's ports to capture a Dewgong. After he encountered one, it broke out of several of Goh's Poké Balls before it was finally captured. They all hopped on Dewgong's back and started to make their way towards the island. However, Dewgong got distracted by a female Dewgong and started chasing after it, eventually leading them into a storm. They're all almost struck by lighting and are knocked unconscious. When they woke up, they found themselves on the Dragonite Island after being saved by a group of Dragonite. Goh is excited to capture them, but finds out he used all his Poké Balls to capture Dewgong.

While on the island, Ash, Goh, Pikachu, and Scorbunny researched the mysterious creatures that live there. Eventually, they found a Dragonair that can't fly, so Ash decided to help it learn how. After Ash successfully taught it, they followe it out to sea only to find that Team Rocket has captured one of the Dragonite. They summoned the Rocket Prize Master and received a Wailord that only knows Splash, which backfired on Team Rocket due to its massive size. However, it sends Ash flying, and Dragonair evolves into Dragonite to save him. After Team Rocket is defeated, Ash captured Dragonite, seeing as it wanted to go with him. When they return home, they decided to keep Dragonite Island's location a secret.[7]

While hanging out at Cerise Park and watching the rest of Goh's Pokémon, Scorbunny ecstatically watched as Goh's Wurmple evolved after being attacked by Goh's Taillow. All three Wurmple evolved into Cascoon, which saddened Goh, who hoped one would evolve into Silcoon, but he was ultimately happy that they evolved anyways and he loved them they way they are. Later that day, Scorbunny discovered that a wild Gengar has been living inside Cerise Laboratory. With the help of Chloe's Yamper, they're able to locate Gengar throughout the lab, though Gengar is able to avoid their attempts at capturing it. Scorbunny later helps unfreeze Yamper after it was hit by Gengar's Ice Punch. Gengar manages to stop Ash, Goh, Pikachu, and Scorbunny in their tracks with its Psychic attack. At that moment, Chloe comes home from school and manages to defeat Gengar with Yamper's Spark.[8]

One day, Professor Cerise surprises Ash and Goh with tickets to the World Coronation Series finals being held at Wyndon Stadium in the Galar region, where the winner will be crowned as Monarch. Scorbunny was excited to go visit the Galar Region again. While on the plane to Galar, Scorbunny, along with Ash, Goh, and Pikachu, saw a mysterious Pokémon outside of the window, which caused the plane to go dark and Pikachu's electricity to become unstable. After the Pokémon left, everything returned to normal, with all of them excited to learn about more Galar Pokémon. Scorbunny later took their seat and watched the opening ceremonies, and were introduced to the two contestants, Lance of the Kanto Elite Four, and Leon, the Champion of Galar. The battle was decided to be a 1v1, with Lance choosing his shiny Gyarados, and Leon choosing his infamous Charizard. Scorbunny couldn't contain his excitement during the battle, hopping and cheering throughout. The battle reached its climax when Lance Dynamaxed his Gyarados and Leon Gigantamaxed his Charizard. Leon eventually managed to defeat Lance and his Gyarados by using his signature move, G-Max Wildfire. Leon was then declared as the new Monarch. Ash was impressed by Leon's battle skills, strategy, and use of Gigantamax. While still in the stadium, the stadium began to shake as a Gigantamax Drednaw (accidentally Gigantamaxed by Team Rocket) attacked the building, worrying Scorbunny.[9]

Ash, Goh, Pikachu, and Scorbunny rushed outside to confront the gigantic Drednaw, who was causing havoc everywhere it went. Both Pikachu and Scorbunny attempted to attack the beast, but their attacks did no damage due to its massive body size. However, after Drednaw attacked with its big, extendable neck, it caused damage to the ground, which caused Dynamax Energy from Wyndon Stadium to start leaking out. Pikachu absorbed the Dynamax Energy and Gigantamaxed, becoming a massive, slow behemoth, sacrificing speed for raw power. Scorbunny was very confused upon seeing Pikachu's new body. While Ash and Pikachu adapt to Pikachu's new form, Leon was shocked to see that Pikachu had been Gigantamaxed without the use of a Dynamax Band. Leon then had Ash command Pikachu to use G-Max Volt Crash, which successfully beat the Drednaw, and caused it to revert to its normal size. Leon thanked Ash and Goh for saving the stadium. The next day, while they were eating scones at one of Wyndon's many cafes, Goh and Scorbunny encountered a Skwovet and they subsequently captured it. Afterwards, Ash said again that he couldn't stop thinking about Leon's battle and how much he wanted to battle Leon, too. Goh then told Ash that if he really wanted to battle Leon, he would have to climb the ranks in the World Coronation Series, which were split into four classes, Normal Class, Super Class, Ultra Class, and Master Class, based on the Trainer's skill in battle and their win/loss ratio. Leon then suddenly appeared and decided to have a 1v1 match with Ash, as Leon never refuses a battle with any Trainer. Leon then brought them back to Wyndon Stadium, and gave Ash a Dynamax Band is that he could Gigantamax his Pikachu in battle. Leon then sent out his Charizard and the battle begun. Goh and Scorbunny cheered on Ash and Pikachu during the battle, and Pikachu put up a good fight, but when it came time to Gigantamax, its poor control over its new form and slow speeds caused him to ultimately be defeated by Leon's Charizard. Leon told Ash to keep the Dynamax Band and that their next battle would be an official World Coronation Series battle with a full crowd. Ash then decided his goal would be to work his way up the ranks in the World Coronation Series and battle Leon to take his spot as the new Monarch.[10]

Scorbunny was later brought to the Unova region by Ash and Goh, who wanted to investigate the newly discovered Ruins of the Titan. After approaching the desert where the ruins were located, Scorbunny attempted to show that it was strong enough to walk across the incredibly hot sand, only to have its feet get burnt as a result. They then met an explorer named Keira, who explained that they could get across the desert by being pulled by a Pokémon that can fly. Ash brought out his Dragonite, while Goh brought out his Beedrill. The two of them had a race to reach the ruins, with Scorbunny riding with Goh, though Ash ended up winning. While at the entrance of the ruins, Pikachu and Scorbunny accidentally woke up a Darmanitan that was in Zen Mode. Darmanitan prepared to blast them with its Overheat attack, but it was captured by Goh before it could finish charging it. They then met an extravagant man and his Litwick who claimed to be the leader of an excavation group who were trying to figure out they secret of the ruins. When they entered the ruins, Scorbunny ended up stepping on a Sandile tail, aggravating it. It started to attack them, but Scorbunny swiftly defeated it with one Double Kick, and Goh captured it while it was weakened. Getting farther into the cave, they ran into many different traps, with Scorbunny being the one who activated a few of them. They eventually encountered two Cofagrigus, which Goh prepared to capture, but Keira stopped him as she believed that there will people trapped inside due to how low the Cofagrigus were hanging. Scorbunny attempted to attack the Cofagrigus, but ended up phasing through it, confusing the rabbit Pokémon. Keira's suspicions were confirmed after Pikachu electrocuted them, releasing a boy and his shiny Psyduck. He introduced himself as Karabari, and that his dream was to capture every Pokémon in the worlds shiny form. They all reached a large room, and after solving its puzzle, a giant Golurk was released. Realizing that Golurk was the "titan" the ruins were talking about, they decided to have a Raid Battle to defeat it. Scorbunny only knew Normal and Fighting-type moves, so it couldn't do any damage and was defeated in a single hit. After Gohs Beedrill and Ashs Pikachu were defeated, Goh brought out Darmanitan and Ash brought out Dragonite. They managed to defeat Golurk with a combination of Overheat and Hurricane. Goh then successfully captured the Golurk, before returning home to Kanto.[11]

When Goh and Scorbunny were given the day off, Goh decided to introduce Scorbunny to his mom, dad, and grandma. When they got home, Goh's grandma was the only one home. She complimented Scorbunny's ears, causing Scorbunny to blush. Scorbunny then flapped its ears and spun on them as a way to show off. After Goh's grandma left, his parents called to say that they would be running late due to work. While Goh said it didn't bother him, Scorbunny could tell that it was making him sad. Goh and Scorbunny decided to go to his parents instead, but while they were on their way, they witnessed a Cubone being bullied by a group of Mankey. Scorbunny immediately attacked the Mankey without Goh's instructions, but the Mankey managed to get away after stealing Cubone's bone. Goh brought out Scyther, Butterfree, Beedrill, and Taillow to help look for it. After a long search, they managed to locate Cubone's lost bone with the help of the Mankey and Goh's Dewgong. Goh's later introduced all of his Pokémon to his mom and dad, and the wild Cubone introduced himself as Goh's partner. Goh asked if Cubone wanted to be captured, and Cubone said yes, so Scorbunny got a new friend. When they went back to Goh's house, Scorbunny took part in a group karaoke session.[12]

Scorbunny evolving into Raboot.

While Scorbunny was training with Pikachu, Goh's Darmanitan approached Scorbunny and pressured it into attempting to use a Fire-type move. When Scorbunny failed to use it, Darmanitan laughed in its face, leaving Scorbunny upset. After this event, Scorbunny became obsessed with trying to perform a Fire-type move correctly. Ash and Pikachu were determined to help Scorbunny do it, but Goh couldn't tell why Scorbunny was trying so hard, as Scorbunny was already great at Quick Attack and Double Kick. Ash pointed out that Scorbunny disagreed with Goh, but Goh simply said there's some things you just can't do. Afterwards, Scorbunny kept training himself until he could produce a small, concentrated flame from his mouth. Similarly to when Scorbunny was trying to get Goh's attention to capture him, Scorbunny constantly tried to show Goh the progress he had made towards his Fire-type move, but Goh was always distracted by his goal of capturing Pokémon. Eventually, when Scorbunny and Goh encountered Team Rocket, Scorbunny attempted to perform his Fire-type move to prove to Goh that he could use it, which caused him to take a direct hit from Chewtle's Water Gun attack, defeating it instantly. After the battle, Scorbunny and Goh got into a heated argument over Scorbunny's actions, with Goh telling Scorbunny that it's progress just wasn't good enough. This caused Scorbunny to become extremely upset, almost bringing Scorbunny to tears, before he ran away from the group. Ash asked if Goh will go after it, but Goh says that once Scorbunny lets off some steam he'll come running back. Eventually, Ash convinces Goh to search for it after saying that Goh and Scorbunny were never fully in-sync. Scorbunny and Goh end up taking on Team Rocket again, and Goh tells Scorbunny that he knows a way for Scorbunny to use a Fire-type move. Goh ends up having Scorbunny channel his heat through his feet after noticing that Scorbunny's habit of kicking rocks causes them to start burning. This allows Scorbunny to perform Ember correctly, and as Scorbunny and Goh celebrate, Scorbunny evolves into Raboot.[13]

As Raboot

Raboot's aloof personality.

After evolving, Raboot used its newly mastered Ember attack and easily caused a large explosion, which causes Team Rocket to blast off. Goh offers Raboot a high-five like they normally do when they accomplish something, but Raboot simply walked past him without acknowledging him, leaving Goh dumbfounded.[13]

Raboot then accompanied Goh as they went to watch Ash's first World Coronation Series match at the Vermilion City Gym against the temporary Gym Leader, Visquez. On the way there, Goh wanted to catch a Spearow, and Raboot ran ahead to chase after it, leaving Goh to catch up with him. Once they were done capturing the Spearow, they caught up with Ash at the gym right before the match was starting. As the match began, Raboot pretended that it didn't care about the battle, but as it progressed, Raboot let down it's guard and showed that it was very interested in the battle. When Ash won the battle, Raboot was happy, but of course, it didn't show that to anyone. Raboot then went and congratulated Pikachu on its win.[14]

When Team Rocket attempted to steal Pikachu by using a Ditto they had accidentally taken, Ash was able to see through Ditto's transformation, and Raboot easily managed to rescue the real Pikachu while Team Rocket was distracted. When they encountered Team Rocket again, Raboot quickly attacked them with Ember before Goh commanded him to, but Ember was easily deflected by Wobbuffet's Mirror Coat. After Pikachu sent Team Rocket blasting off, Raboot rescued Ditto from the casing they had put it in.[15]

When a Pokémon Orienteering event was held by Professor Cerise, Raboot became the mascot for the Red Team, lead by Goh and Chloe. Despite that, Raboot wasn't interested in any of the Pokémon they encountered along the way, barely paying attention to Goh as he taught the kids they were leading. After the event ended, Raboot was tricked by Team Rocket into believing a Lugia had appeared, and was captured in a cage, along with Pikachu and Yamper. However, it was freed when another Lugia (who was secretly Mew in disguise) destroyed Team Rocket's balloon. Team Rocket summoned them Rocket Prize Master and received a Skarmory and a Crobat. Pikachu and Raboot then used a combination of Iron Tail and Ember to defeat them, sending them blasting off.[16]

Raboot started off the day with its usual amount of exasperation at Goh's antics, such as when he became excited and wanted to find a Pokémon Egg, and when he made a bad joke after catching an Exeggcute. Raboot later witnessed the birth of a Riolu after the latter hatched from its Egg. After Riolu ran away, Raboot joined Goh in searching for it, though Ash and Pikachu managed to find it first. Once Ash brought Riolu back to the Pokémon Center, Raboot watched as Riolu let himself be caught by Ash.[17]

While Raboot was on a four-day trip to Hoenn to investigate and document the Beautifly migration, its disobedience seemed to reach the peak. It ignored Goh when he tried to include him as a judge for their finger-drawn Garchomp pictures, and then again when it walked past a Wurmple Goh wanted to catch. As they started their investigation, Ash and Goh saw an injured Zigzagoon. However, Raboot noticed that it was just a trick to steal from them, and it caught the Zigzagoon that was trying to sneak behind them in the act, causing them both to run off to their leader, Lombre. That night, Raboot snuck out to go teach the Lombre and Zigzagoon how to be better thieves, as they had reminded Raboot of the Nickit that it had taught as a Scorbunny. It also learned that they fight over territory with other Pokémon through dance battles, so it also began to teach them how to dance. When Goh caught it while he sneaking back inside, Raboot simply ignored him and went back to sleep. The next day, Raboot tricked Goh into buying a bag of apples that it could share with its new friends. When Goh tried to take one, Raboot pulled them away, causing Goh to yell at Raboot for its personality after evolving, believing that Raboot hated him. That night, Raboot went out to continue teaching the group of Zigzagoon and Lombre. The next day, Raboot went with Goh to watch as the Silcoon evolved into Beautifly and began their migration. That night, while Raboot was teaching the group, a trio of Loudred came to take their territory away via dance battle. Raboot attempted to defend the group, but due to Loudred's ears that could shoot out sonic waves, it caused Raboot to lose its rhythm. When all hope seemed lost, Goh arrived and supported Raboot, providing a beat for it to focus on, and inspiring it to not give up. This causes Raboot to begin to trust Goh again, forgiving him for his past inconsideration. Raboot ended up bringing the two groups together, and later fell asleep after the dance battle. When Raboot woke up, it saw that Goh had left him behind. Raboot then ran to the train station and managed to get on the train before it left, reuniting with Goh, who had already regretted leaving Raboot behind. Goh then gave Raboot a big hug, causing Raboot to heavily blush.[18]

Raboot had been helping Goh with his daily chores, such as feeding all of his Pokémon, when a food shortage started to occur. Several Pokémon began to start fighting over the lack of food, so Raboot and the rest of the group decided to stay up all night at the park to catch the culprit who had been stealing the food by luring them out with a large pile of food. However, they all ended up falling asleep and the culprit stole of the food they had put out. As the next day approached, the food shortage got worse and large groups of Pokémon began to be at war with each other. When Raboot tried to split the Pokémon up, he was easily repelled. When the fighting resulted in Golurk going berserk, Raboot helped distract the mechanical beast as the rest of the Pokémon fixed it's seal. However, due to Golurk's Rain Dance, a flood had begun, threatening to hurt the Cascoon, who were about to evolve. Raboot, along with all of Goh's Pokémon, protected the Cascoon until they completed their evolution process and evolved into Dustox. Upon evolution, all three of them learned Sunny Day and ended the heavy rain. In the aftermath of the food shortage, Raboot was seen eating with Pikachu and Riolu.[19]

Raboot was later brought to the Resort Area in the Sinnoh Region in search of the mysterious “Lord of the Lake” that was said to reside there. When Goh started to reel in something he believed to be the Lord, Raboot quickly got to Goh's side to help him reel it in. The Lord turned out to be a giant Magikarp with an extremely powerful Splash attack. After Goh caught it, Raboot heard a loud explosion coming from a nearby resort, only to find Team Rocket stealing all of the guests Pokémon. Raboot attempted to battle them, but was easily defeated by Rhyperior's Stone Edge. After Team Rocket escapes, they're able to locate them with the help of a disguised Jessie, James, and Meowth. While attempting to rescue the stolen Pokémon, Raboot is attacked by a Toxicroak, but Raboot easily dodges its attack and hits it with Double Kick. While Team Rocket manages to escape, Raboot is successful in rescuing the Pokémon, before he heads home for Kanto.[20]

Raboot and Goh meeting Gurkinn's Lucario.

Raboot was brought to the Kalos region to watch Ash compete in a World Coronation Series Battle Festival being held in Shalour City. Upon arrival, Raboot immediately left with Goh to capture many Kalos Pokémon. While on their catching spree, they ran into a Lucario and its Trainer, after Raboot had sensed them with his extremely good hearing. He introduced himself as Gurkinn, and complimented Goh and Raboot on their recent captures before telling them that his granddaughter was competing in the competition. Since Ash was also competing, they all decided to head back to competition to support their friends. Upon arrival, they saw that Ash was up against Korrina, Gurkinn's granddaughter and the Gym Leader of Shalour City. During the battle, Raboot witnessed Mega Evolution for the first time. After Ash claimed victory, Raboot helped Goh chased after a rare, white-flower Flabébé.[21]

Raboot later exasperatedly watched as Goh trained his Magikarp to become strong enough to win the Magikarp High Jump Tournament, and that was how he felt throughout the whole competition as well. Soon after, Raboot went to Slowpoke Island, but he became very confused after a Slowking traded its Shellder hat for Ash's cup of noodles, causing him to get possessed. After a few tries, Raboot managed to kick the hat off of Ash, only for it to land on Goh instead. Raboot then also kicked it off of Goh, only for it to also land on Pikachu. Pikachu then sent it flying with Thunderbolt, causing it to land on Raboot, who managed to knock it off himself. This cycle continued until Goh's Magikarp finally landed after previously breaking the atmosphere during the jump contest.[22]

Raboot was brought back to the Galar Region to watch a World Coronation Match that Leon was participating in. After almost being late due to Ash and Goh's antics, Raboot took his seat as they introduced the opponents. Leon's opponent ended up being the Dragon-type Gym Leader of the Galar Region, Raihan. The battle was decided to be a 1v1, and the two Trainers sent out their Pokémon. Raihan used his partner, Duraludon, and Leon used his legendary Charizard. While Leon seemed to be losing in the beginning, Leon regained the advantage after both sides Gigantamaxed their Pokémon, and finished Duraludon off with G-Max Wildfire. As the match ended, Raboot saw Chairman Rose, the man who sponsored Leon, watching from a private room near the top of the stadium. After they returned to the lobby, they saw a strange statue, and met a Pokémon Researcher named Sonia, who explained that the statue depicted a legendary hero who defended the Galar region during the Darkest Day. After she explained the myth, she immediately began to play with Raboot's ears, causing him to become extremely flustered. Later that day, Raboot encountered a wild Farfetch'd, which Goh's Rotom Phone identified as a regional variant exclusive to the Galar Region. Goh attempted to battle it with his own Farfetch'd, but ultimately lost. Ash took over and managed to beat it with his Riolu, and later offered it a place on his team, which Farfetch'd accepted. Raboot sighed as Ash immediately began to train it after capturing it.[23]

The next day, Raboot encountered a wild Sobble alongside its Trainer, Goh. When the Sobble began to cry, it caused Raboot to cry as well, though Raboot tried his best not to show that it was crying. Afterwards, Raboot helped Goh search for it, as he wanted to catch it. Raboot was shocked when Goh captured Sobble while it was invisible by pure luck. After Sobble lost a battle to a wild Silicobra and ran away, Raboot and Goh went searching for it. Raboot ended up having to hide its tears whenever Sobble would cry and run away again. Eventually, Raboot went up against Team Rocket when they discovered that they had captured Sobble. After they defeated the villains, Raboot watched as Goh apologized to Sobble for making it battle without asking it.[24]

Back at Cerise Park, Raboot had to search for Sobble after it went missing again. By now, Raboot had stopped trying to hide its tears as Sobble made everyone cry so often. Eventually, they found Sobble and got it to stop crying. The next day, Raboot met a Pidove that Chloe was taking care of. Raboot then learned that Chloe wasn't always so abrasive towards Pokémon, but that a moment in her past where she was scared by a group of Venonat caused her to become traumatized. Afterwards, Raboot watched as Chloe and Yamper defeated a Fearow that was attacking Pidove.[25] Raboot watched as Ash obsessively trained Riolu until Ash's mom, Delia, made a surprise visit to the institute. Raboot then joined his friends in eating a big bowl of food that Delia had prepared for them. After Ash and Riolu left to train some more, Raboot learned how Ash and Pikachu had met for the first time from Delia, and that Pikachu was feeling jealous of the attention Ash was giving to Riolu, similar to how Yamper felt when Chloe was splitting her attention with Pidove. After Pikachu ran away due to Ash's inconsideration, Raboot went to Pallet Town with Sobble and his Trainer after Ash believed that Pikachu would have gone there. After Ash and Pikachu made up, Raboot enjoyed another meal made by Delia to celebrate.[26]

Raboot joined Ash, Goh, and Chloe to help Jinny prove to her friends that her Feebas, Feebee, was cute. After her friends kept bullying it, Raboot managed to scare them away by glaring at them. Raboot later went to Slateport City in the Hoenn region go watch Jinni and Feebee perform in the Water-type Pokémon Friendship Contest. After the contest was crashed by Team Rocket, Raboot went up against them in battle. Raboot then witnessed as Hi-chan evolved into a Milotic and sent Team Rocket blasting off with Twister.[27] Raboot was taken to Azalea Town in the Johto region by Goh's parents for a family trip, as their last trip had been ruined by rain. After Goh's parents fell asleep, Goh brought Raboot and Sobble to Ilex Forest to search for wild Pokémon. While they were there, Goh told Raboot about his past with Horace. While Raboot was worried about Goh, he told Raboot not to worry. When Goh found out that Tokio hadn't abandoned him, Raboot was by his side to support him, and was also by his side when he reunited with Tokio for the first time in years.[28]

Raboot joined Sobble and Goh at a Pokémon Trade Event being held at Pokémon Center, where they met an eccentric girl named Kricketina Kylie, who collects Bug-type Pokémon. After attempting to trade Goh her Heracross for his Pinsir and getting rejected, Raboot joined the group as they headed out to Vermilion Forest to help Kricketina catch her own Pinsir. During their search, Raboot kept Sobble by his side, protecting him. When their search came up empty, Raboot helped distribute the plates of honey that Kricketina had made to lure out a Pinsir. After Team Rocket attacked, Raboot was captured in a net, along with Ash, Kricketina, Pikachu, and Sobble, leaving him unable to defend himself. Luckily, Goh was able to take control of Kricketina's Heracross and defeated Team Rocket. Afterwards, a wild Pinsir finally appeared, but since Kricketina was captured, Goh caught it instead. Since Kricketina's Heracross had fallen in love with Goh's Pinsir, Goh decided to trade his new Pinsir for Kricketina's Heracross, giving Raboot a new ally.[29]

Raboot accompanied Goh to the Fighting Dojo at Saffron City in hopes of battling the Dojo Master and getting to pick between one of their Hitmonchan and Hitmonlee. While they were there, the Dojo Master was beaten by a Trainer named Bea, who also happened to be a participant in the World Coronation Series. Therefore, Ash and Bea decided to have a battle. The Dojo Master told them she was the Fighting-type Gym Leader of the Galar Region. Raboot watched as the battle began. Ash used his Farfetch'd and Riolu, but they were no match for Bea's Hawlucha and Grapploct, and Ash lost his first World Coronation Series match, causing his rank to go down. After Ash lost, Goh and Raboot went up against the Dojo Master in battle, ultimately winning. When given the option between Hitmonchan and Hitmonlee, they chose Hitmonchan.[30]

When Goh suddenly wanted to catch a Pikachu, Raboot joined him to help search for one. They quickly met a very friendly Pikachu, who gave them all Pecha Berries. While Raboot was eating its berry, Goh took the opportunity to catch it. Afterwards, Goh's Pikachu led them all to a place where many Pikachu were digging to look for Thunder Stones. When Goh's Pikachu tried to give Ash's a Thunder Stone so he could evolve (despite Ash's Pikachu not wanting to evolve), Raboot was not impressed with her antics. Afterwards, Goh's Pikachu gave the Thunder Stone to Goh for safekeeping. Soon after, Team Rocket attacked and captured all of the Pikachu, including Ash's, and escaped, leaving only Goh's Pikachu behind. Raboot pointed out to Goh that she was sad, so Goh promised they would save her friends. Once they tracked down Team Rocket, Raboot helped distract them while Goh's Pikachu tried to save all of the other Pikachu, only to be tickled by Team Rocket's Minccino. This ended up breaking the machine due to her new size and weight. After Team Rocket was defeated, Raboot went back to Sakuragi Park, where Goh's Raichu attempted to feed it more berries, causing it to run away, while she chased after him.[31]

Raboot uses Flygon's Draco Meteor to power up his Ember.

Raboot and Goh joined Ash, Pikachu, and Riolu while they were out jogging, before Ash encountered another World Coronation Series competitor. Raboot watched the battle, but Ash ended up losing. Ash quickly encountered another Trainer, but lost a second time, bringing him back into Normal Class. Afterwards, they went back to Cerise Laboratory and heard of a mysterious Sandstorm that had appeared at Mauville City in the Hoenn region, so they packed their bags at headed straight for Mauville City. Upon arrival, Raboot equipped Go-Goggles so he could enter the sandstorm safely. Raboot eventually encountered a Flygon, which Goh deduced was the cause of the storm. Raboot watched as Sobble and Riolu went up against Flygon, but both were defeated by Flygon's Dragon Rush. Goh then sent Raboot in to battle, and due his heightened hearing, Raboot could accurately tell where Flygon would attack from, allowing him to perfectly dodge his attacks. Flygon then attacked with Draco Meteor, and Goh had Raboot jump from meteor to meteor to get higher up and gain momentum. While Raboot was high up, he kicked one of the meteors, causing it to shatter into hundreds of smaller rocks, which rained down upon Flygon, sending him crashing straight into the ground. Seeing how Flygon had taken a lot of damage, Goh took the opportunity and threw a Poké Ball, which captured it successfully.[32]

While at Cerise Park, Raboot watched as Goh evolved his Exeggcute into a Kantonian Exeggutor, prompting Ash to decide to bring Goh to Alola so that he could see an Alolan Exeggutor. When Raboot arrived in Alola, he met Professor Kukui, Professor Burnet, and their son, Lei. Raboot was then attacked by a Pyukumuku after he stepped on it, before Goh caught it. While chasing after a Grubbin, Raboot and Goh got split up from Ash and Pikachu and fell off a cliff, causing them to land in the ocean. Goh was quickly reeled in by Lana, and Raboot was retrieved by Sandy, Lana's Eevee. Lana then brought Raboot and Goh to the Pokémon School, where they met Sophocles, Mallow, Kiawe, and all of their Pokémon, overwhelming both Raboot and Goh. Ash eventually arrived, along with a Rotom Dex. Raboot then joined Sobble, Ash's current team, Ash's Alola team, and all of the other classmates' Pokémon in a huge party to celebrate their visit to Alola. The party ended when Kiawe challenged Goh to a battle with his Turtonator. While Raboot's speed gave him an advantage, he was ultimately defeated when Kiawe and Turtonator used Inferno Overdrive. Raboot attempted to combat it with Ember, but it was no match for the powerful Z-Move. Raboot then joined Goh on a visit to Treasure Island, where they encountered an Alolan Exeggutor. Raboot weakened it with Ember, and Goh captured it successfully. Afterwards, Raboot returned to Kanto, where they introduced Pyukumuku and Exeggutor to Cerise Park.[33]

Raboot was taken to the Pewter Museum at Pewter City by Goh with the hope of digging up Fossils that could be revived into living, breathing Pokémon. Raboot spent all day helping his Trainer dig up rocks at the excavation site, but it seemed like they weren't having any luck. However, they eventually found an Old Amber, which they handed over to the museum curator to be revived overnight. After a large explosion was heard, Raboot returned to the museum to see a rampaging Aerodactyl. Goh sent Raboot into battle, but he was quickly defeated by Aerodactyl's Rock Slide, leading Goh to return him to his Pokéball.[34] Raboot was taken to Cianwood City in the Johto region to watch Ash have his rematch with Bea, who had previously beaten him. Upon arrival, Raboot met Chuck, the Fighting-type Gym Leader in Johto. Raboot then watched as Pikachu and Riolu went up against Bea's Hitmontop and Grapploct, and the battle ultimately ended in a tie. Afterwards, Raboot joined its friends in a small party held to celebrate Ash and Bea's battle.[35]

Raboot learns how to use Blaze Kick.

When the power at Cerise Labs starts to act up, Goh determines that the Legendary Pokémon Zapdos must be nearby. When their original location turns up empty, Goh decides that Zapdos must be at the Kanto Power Plant, so he takes Raboot and Ash there right away. While searching for Zapdos, Raboot and the group run into Team Rocket, and they form a temporary truce when they encounter Zapdos. Goh sends Raboot into battle, but Zapdos easily dodges his attacks and repels him with Thunderbolt. When Zapdos escapes, Raboot and Goh chase after it while Ash stays behind to fight Team Rocket. Raboot and Goh encounter it again on the roof, and Goh sends out his Flygon to help battle it. Despite being incredibly strong, Flygon still isn't enough to take on Zapdos. Not willing to give up, Goh has Raboot fly on Flygon's back, distracting the Legendary with Draco Meteor. Raboot goes in to attack with Double Kick, which has already failed twice before during their first battle. However, this is a purposeful deception as Raboot's legs become engulfed in flames, causing him to learn Blaze Kick. He lands a direct hit from above, causing Zapdos to fall to the ground. Goh throws a Poké Ball, which sucks in the Legendary. The balls shakes, but suddenly lightning comes crashing down, striking the Poké Ball and shattering it, freeing Zapdos. Zapdos heals Ash's Pikachu and several other Electric-type Pokémon before flying away.[36]

After several days of rainfall, Raboot and Goh were finally able to continue their adventures. While exploring a forest, Raboot encountered a Marshtomp buried in the ground. Raboot and the group tried several different strategies to save it, ranging from capturing it to spraying it with water, but all ended up failing. With time running out, a Ludicolo suddenly appeared, and after pleading to it, it used Rain Dance, which caused the ground to become muddy and let the Marshtomp escape. When Raboot returned the next day, there were several Marshtomp stuck in the ground.[37]

When Pokémon in the Galar region began to Dynamax uncontrollably, Professor Cerise sent the gang to Wedgehurst in order to meet Professor Magnolia and discover the secrets of Dynamax. When the train was forced to stop before they can make it to the town, Raboot and Goh decided to chase after a Bunnelby that had stolen one of their scones. Determined to capture it, they followed it into the Slumbering Weald, a dreary and foggy forest. When they finally caught it, they discovered they had been split up from Ash and Pikachu. In that moment, a mysterious Pokémon appeared. When Raboot used Ember on it, the attack went right through it. The Pokémon then summoned a wave of fog, which knocked both of them out. After waking up, Raboot ran into Sonia, the woman they had met on their last trip to Galar, and decided to help her investigate why Pokémon had started Dynamaxing out of the blue, starting with the mural in Turffield.[38]

After investigating the mural in Turffield, Raboot and Goh were taken to Wedgehurst by Sonia so they could meet with Prof. Magnolia, who she revealed to be her grandmother. When they arrived, a Wishing Star crashed into the ground outside of the lab. The group then went to Stow-on-Side to investigate another mural, but were attacked by one of Oleana's subordinates. When he sent out his Gigantamax Garbodor, Goh responded by Dynamaxing Raboot with his newly made Dynamax Band. Due to it being Raboot's first time Dynamaxing, Raboot found it hard to keep itself balanced and was easily knocked off balance by attacks. Raboot eventually crashed into the mural, revealing a mysterious set of statues that had been hidden behind it.[39] After the discovery of the hidden statues, Raboot resumed his battle with Garbodor, eventually defeating it with Max Flare. Raboot learned of the legendary wolves, Zacian and Zamazenta, and how they helped the two heroes stop the Darkest Day. Once more of Oleana's subordinates showed up as backup, Raboot escaped with Sonia's help, returning to the Slumbering Wield to enlist the help of Zacian and Zamazenta. When the two legendaries showed up, it led them to a shrine, where they discovered the Rusted Sword and Rusted Shield. Afterwards, Raboot joined Goh and Sonia in driving to Hammerlocke in order to help Ash and Leon stop the newly awakened Eternatus. Upon arrival, Goh encountered Oleana, who sent out her Milotic in hopes of stopping Goh's progress. Goh sent out Raboot in response, starting a battle between the two Trainers.[40]

The battle between Raboot and Milotic began, and while the move had a disadvantage, Goh and Raboot continued to use Ember to uphold their philosophy of winning battles with Ember, as it was the move they created together. Despite taking many super-effective Water-type attacks, Raboot continued to fight. After landing several consecutive attacks on Milotic through an impromptu strategy, Raboot began to evolve into Cinderace.[41]

As Cinderace

Raboot evolves into Cinderace.

Upon evolving into Cinderace, it immediately learned Pyro Ball, which it used to defeat Milotic. Afterwards, it celebrated its evolution and victory by hugging Goh, before performing their signature high-five for the first time since Scorbunny evolved into Raboot. Afterwards, Cinderace and Goh made their way up to the top of Hammerlocke Stadium, where they encountered Ash, who revealed that his Riolu had evolved into Lucario. After Leon failed to capture Eternatus, Ash and Goh step up to help him. But when Eternatus reaches its Eternamaxes form, Cinderace, Pikachu, and Lucario are quickly overwhelmed. Using the Rusted Sword and Shield, Ash and Goh summon Zacian and Zamazenta, and they use the items to activate their Crowned Forms. With the help of the Legendary Wolves, they defeat Eternatus, and Goh captures it. Afterwards, they seal Eternatus away so that no one can use it ever again. Finally, they bring the Rusted Sword and Shield back to the Slumbering Wield and leave them at the shrine, before leaving for Kanto.[41]

Cinderace was sent out by Goh to battle the Legendary Pokémon Mewtwo while on Cero Island. He battled alongside Ash's Pikachu, and later Ash's Lucario after Pikachu was defeated. Despite their best efforts, Mewtwo easily overpowered Cinderace, defeating them. Afterwards, Mewtwo transported Cinderace and the rest of the group back to Cerise Labs, where Chloe welcomed them home.[42]

Cinderace was later seen resting alongside Ash's Lucario somewhere in Cerise Park.[43]

As a reward for winning the Pokémon Eating Contest, Goh won a free trip to the Unova Region, and as always, he brought Cinderace along with him. Upon arrival, Goh sent out Cinderace from his Poké Ball. After receiving some ice cream, Cinderace attempted to share it with Ash's Lucario, but accidentally got some of it on his face, resulting in Lucario knocking the ice cream onto the ground. After a brief argument, the two split up. Cinderace later saw Team Rocket escaping with Ash's Pikachu, and began to chase after them, with Lucario soon following close behind. Meowth shot a sticky substance at Cinderace and Lucario, connecting their arms together, making it so they could not split apart. After retrieving Pikachu, Cinderace and Lucario continued to fight each other, as they were not able to get along. After being flung from building to building, they got into a battle with Team Rocket, who called upon the Prize Master, which released a Sawk and Throh. At the beginning, Sawk and Throh were able to take advantage of the fact that Cinderace and Lucario were not in sync, as their attacks would hit both of them. Eventually, Cinderace and Lucario managed to overcome their differences and defeated Team Rocket, sending them blasting off. Afterwards, they realized that the Pikachu Team Rocket had stolen was a fake, and returned to their trainers, who were oblivious to the perils they had been through.[44]

When Goh had to return to school to take a test, Cinderace and Sobble were at the school's playground. When Sobble began crying, Cinderace desperately tried to calm it down. Eventually, Team Rocket appeared and sucked all of the Pokémon into a cage, including both Cinderace and Sobble. When Ash attempted to rescue them, he fell into one of Team Rocket's classic pitfall traps. Soon after, Goh and Chloe appeared, and Chloe sent out Yanper and her recently befriended Eevee to battle them. When Team Rocket called upon the Rocket Prize Master, it failed to dispense a Pokémon, so Pelipper was forced to fight instead. Despite its best efforts, it was quickly defeated by Chloe's Pokémon. Afterwards, Cinderace and Sobble were freed from the trap.[45]

During Ash, Goh, and Chloe's trip to the Galar region about Fossils, Goh sent Cinderace to battle against a wild Boldore who attacked Chloe and her Eevee. It was able to defeat the wild Pokémon so Goh was able to catch it. Later, when a newly resurrectsd Arctozolt froze Cara Liss and Gasattsu, Goh used Cinderace to thaw both researchers out.[46]

After realizing that Sobble had evolved into Drizzile, Cinderace was overjoyed for it, but unintentionally disregarded Drizzile's feelings. Instead, Cinderace was shoved away by Drizzile who was extremely depressed by its new appearance. It later joined Goh, Ash and Chloe to search for Drizzile who ran off from the laboratory. It appeared that Cinderace learned to respect Drizzile who later returned to the laboratory the following day.[47]

Cinderace was sent out to battle Alternative World Team Rocket alongside Ash's Pikachu, but before the Striker Pokémon could do anything, it devolved back into Raboot while Pikachu devolved back into Pichu and was forced to be recalled back to its Poké Ball while Ash put Pichu into one of the pockets of the vest. Cinderace, as a Raboot, was then sent out alongside its Alternative World counterpart's Cinderace, but it instantly devolved into Scorbunny, despite slowing it down with Double Kick in trying to stop Toxicroak's Sludge Bomb. It was later turned into an egg due to Dialga and Palkia's fighting, and every other Pokémon turned into eggs as well while the Trainers deaged into little kids. Moments after the Alternate World Team Rocket was defeated and Ash and his friends prayed for Dialga and Palkia to stop fighting, a silhouette of Arceus appeared, calmed the temporal and spacial Pokémon down and destroyed the Red Chain. Dialga and Palkia fixed the damage their fighting caused and returned everyone back to their respective dimensions, while also granting their wish to reverse the devolution effects on all of their Pokémon, returning Scorbunny all the way back to Cinderace.[48]

Cinderace was later seen battling Team Rocket alongside Ash's Lucario to save Pikachu and give back the stolen Poke Balls. They both defeated them once again and sent them blasting off once more.[49]

Cnderace was later used as Goh's second Pokémon in a Raid Battle against the Legendary Pokémon, Articuno. Although it managed to land some strong hits on it, Articuno ultimately defeated Lucario with a powerful Blizzard attack.[50]

Known moves

Move notes

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  • In its debut, different than the trailer before the Generation VIII's series started, Scorbunny's initial color palette is different, where it started out covered with dirt prior to cleaning itself into its proper palette in the last scenes of its debut episode.
  • Cinderace is the first Fire-type First partner Pokémon who is owned by a main male character besides Ash.
  • Cinderace, as Scorbunny, is similar to Ash's Litten, who is the Fire-type starter's predecessor, in terms of their backgrounds as poor, yet noble-hearted thieves before meeting their respective Trainers, alongside being associated with sport-based motifs on their evolution lines respectively, albeit different personalities and traits between them.
    • After evolving into Raboot, Cinderace ends up sharing Litten's emo traits, yet having hidden kindness.
  • Upon its evolution to Raboot, it shares similarities with Ash's Charizard as a Charmeleon: Both were the first Fire-type Pokémon of their respective Trainers, and both end up becoming rebellious right after evolving to their mid-stage evolved forms.
    • However, unlike Charmeleon, where it was disobedient to Ash and continue this phase during its mid-stage evolution and through most of its time in its final evolution into Charizard until finally becoming obedient to Ash again, Raboot still remained loyal to Goh at his side during its time in its mid-stage evolved form.
    • Another difference is the reason why both of them were distant. Charizard was rebellious as it believed Ash was too weak to be its Trainer, whereas Raboot was because it felt Goh did not care for it, similar to how Iris' Excadrill was disobedient after it lost to Drayden's Haxorus.
  • It took 13 episodes for Scorbunny to evolve into Raboot, the shortest amount of time for any starter Pokémon to evolve into its second stage to date, beating Ash's Charmeleon's record of taking 32 episodes to evolve from Charmander.
  • Cinderace, as Raboot becoming more serious and aloof after evolving is very much like Ash's Sceptile and Snivy, these three of which had the cool, calm and collected behavior, but were ultimately very caring towards their Trainers and other Pokémon.
  • Goh's Cinderace, as a Scorbunny, shares a trait with Ash's Oshawott, as both hate being ignored and they both like being the center of attention.
  • Both of Cinderace's evolutions happened during a battle against a Water-type Pokémon.
  • Cinderace's evolution from Scorbunny into Raboot was foreshadowed by its new Ember attack.
  • Cinderace, as Raboot, is Goh's first Pokémon to defeat a Legendary Pokémon.
  • Cinderace is the first Pokémon of Goh's team to fully evolve, aside from his 3 Dustox.
  • Raboot's evolution to Cinderace was teased in the 2nd variant of One, Two, Three and a new poster promoting the new timeslot.
  • Since Cinderace (as a Scorbunny), Sobble and Grookey were all caught by Goh, this marks the first time one of Ash's companions has caught all of the three First partner Pokémon from the newest region, which in this case is Galar.



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