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This Butterfree is a Bug/Flying-type Pokémon owned by Goh.


Butterfree was encountered at Vermilion Forest. He was found resting on a large tree, which Goh climbed with Ash's help. When Goh accidentally dropped his Poké Ball, Butterfree attempted to flee, but was caught when Scorbunny kicked the Poké Ball at it. Butterfree and the rest of the Kanto Bug-type Pokémon Goh caught were brought back to the Cerise Laboratory where Professor Cerise kept them in storage for Goh.[1]

Goh later used Butterfree to help located a Cubone‘s lost bone, which had been stolen by a group of Mankey. When they located the Mankey, Goh had Butterfree use Stun Spore to make sure they wouldn't flee. Afterwards, Goh introduced Butterfree to his parents as one of his many partners, and Butterfree happily presented themself among Goh's other Pokémon. Butterfree then watched Goh capture the Cubone he helped, as it wanted to join his team.[2]

During the food shortage at Cerise Park, Butterfree was one of the members of the Bug-type group led by Goh's Beedrill, and later led by Goh's Scyther, as they attacked the other Pokémon they believed ate all of the food. After their fighting led to Goh's Golurk going berserk and causing a flood by using Rain Dance, it helped calm Golurk down and then helped defend Goh's Cascoon from the flood as they evolved into Dustox.[3]

Butterfree was later one of the many Pokémon that were caused to cry by Goh's Sobble, a new addition to the family at Cerise Park. Goh had Butterfree use Stun Spore to cause Sobble to appear, and Sobble was eventually calmed down by Ash's Dragonite.[4]

Known moves