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This Alcremie is a Fairy-type Pokémon owned by Goh.


As Milcery

Goh first encountered Milcery at a bakery in Galar as he decided to catch her when she approached him. However, after noticing that she likes the berry on top of his cupcake, Goh puts it on Milcery head then twirls around and she started to glow.

As Alcremie

After evolving into Alcremie, Goh had his newly evolved Pokémon participate in a baking contest that Opal is hosting but didn't win when Grookey kept eating the cream.[1]

Known moves

None of Alcremie's moves are known.


  • Alcremie is the first fully evolved Fairy-type that Goh has owned; as well as the first Pokémon to be recently owned by a main character, who started out as pre-evolved form at a same episode where she evolved to a last stage.