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This Absol is a Dark-type Pokémon owned by Goh.


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While climbing Mt. Chimney Ash and Goh were suddenly confronted by the Absol. As Goh's Grookey stared off with the Absol, it suddenly used Razor Wind and sent Grookey tumbling back to Goh. Absol continued to use Razor Wind, causing the boys and their Pokémon to be scattered to the trees. The Razor Wind attack simply cuts through the trees, causing them to fall down and Grookey to faint, prompting Goh to recall it.

When Goh decided that he wanted to catch one of the Glalie before Absol shows up again, the Distaster Pokémon reappeared and attacked the boys with Slash, though they are able to move out of the way of the attack in time. The boys and Absol stared off before Absol scurried off with Goh. It was later revealed that Absol was actually attempting to help the townspeople- a tablet they found earlier depicted Absol causing a volcano to erupt so that rocks would stop clogging the volcano and the hot temperatures would melt the ice that froze the hot spring pipes over 300 years ago, causing hot water to flow through the pipes. After Cinderace and Pikachu fail to break a boulder to stop Mt. Chimney from erupting, Absol quickly showed up and used Razor Wind to help the Pokémon. The three Pokémon continued attacking the rocks until Absol lunged forward to headbutt the rock, shattering the stone into pieces as steam erupts from the mountain. Goh threw a Poké Ball quickly in-order to save Absol and at the same time successfully catching Absol. Cinderace kicked the Poké Ball to Goh before he sends out Absol, thanking it and allowing it to run free. However, Absol decided to stay with Goh, nudging the Poké Ball out of his hand and returning itself to the Poké Ball.[1]

Known moves