It's my reality, my future, and I can hold that future in the palm of my hand!

–Goh at the end of the first episode of Pokémon Journeys: The Series

Goh is one of the main protagonists along with Ash that debuted in Pokémon Journeys: The Series. He is a 10-year-old rookie Pokémon Trainer and a research fellow at the Cerise Laboratory, working along with Ash. Goh's goal is to catch Mew, while his dream is to catch every Pokémon in every region.


Goh is a skinny young boy that has a slightly androgynous appearance. He has messy black hair with two red highlights, brown skin, and blue eyes. His outfit consists of a red and gray short-sleeved top with a Poké Ball design, black tracksuit pants, red socks, and a pair of gray and black shoes.


Goh's personality contrasts much with Ash's, starting with their objectives: while Ash loves battles and seeks to be a Pokemon Master, Goh loves to capture new Pokémon and, apparently, seeks to complete the Pokédex.

Goh is a stylish, cool-headed boy with a confident demeanor and a hot competitive streak. Compared with Ash, who is a reckless, headstrong boy from a backwater town, Goh is an intelligent city boy and regularly makes use of technology. Goh is also highly knowledgeable about Pokémon especially as a child, being fairly adept at information-gathering and analyzing, both of which were useful in gathering clues. However, this also made him have somewhat of an ego, and at times act like a know-it-all, which, according to Chloe, causes him to have difficulty making friends. This trait appears when he becomes upset that his argument with Ash almost ruined their friendship.

While Goh clearly loves Pokémon and gets excited about meeting them (much like Ash does), he seems uninterested in actually forming emotional bonds with the Pokémon he catches, unlike Ash. Additionally, despite Goh's confident demeanor, he is apparently very easy to fluster and embarrass, as he blushes often. Despite his deep knowledge of Pokémon, Goh is still new and inexperienced when it comes to being a Trainer. Unlike most Trainers who capture new Pokémon via weakening them through battle, Goh instead simply tosses Poké Balls at every Pokémon he encounters without battling them at all. One time, he wanted to catch a member of the Dratini evolutionary line but was unable to do so since he had earlier wasted all of his Poké Balls trying to catch a Dewgong. Because of his desire to catch every single Pokémon there is, he'll sometimes become discouraged either whenever someone catches a Pokemon that he wanted to catch or if the Pokémon turns out to already belong to someone else. For example, he tried to capture a Mightyena without realizing that it was Hodge's, and had hoped to catch the Gengar that had been haunting the Cerise Laboratory, despite the fact that it had already formed a bond with Ash and had decided it wanted to be his Pokémon instead,

His battling style also showcases his inexperience during his participation in the Battle Frontier Flute Cup tournament, where his by-the-book approach of relying solely on type advantages and raising attack power leaves him defenseless against more experienced Trainers. This is another trait that sets him apart from Ash, who often uses unorthodox methods and his gut instincts to win battles.

Goh also appears to be against the idea of actually training his Pokémon in order to improve their abilities, as shown when his Raboot, as Scorbunny wanted to learn Ember, but Goh believed that its moveset of Quick Attack and Double Kick were already enough and that it didn't need to learn other moves, though this was mostly out of concern for it pushing itself too hard. This caused him and Scorbunny to get into a disagreement and putting a bit of a strain on their friendship.

Due to the fact that he spent most of his childhood focusing only on researching and capturing Mew and not wanting any other friends besides Chloe, Goh seems to have a lack of social skills, leading to him not understanding the feelings of other people and Pokémon. He mistakes some playful banter from Hodge for insults, believed that his friendship with Ash was over after a brief argument between them, and his concern over Raboot as a Scorbunny hurting itself while trying to learn a new move caused the Rabbit Pokémon to become upset with him and believe that he didn't want it to become stronger. Even though he means well, he is ignorant of how his words may affect others (such as his Raboot) and the underlying problems that may perpetuate the strain in his friendship with Raboot. However, he gradually learns to socialize and understand other's feelings better as time goes on.


Goh is very intelligent, though he often skips school and doesn't like doing his homework. He is a skilled researcher and uses his Rotom Phone to help him gain new information. Much like Brock, Tracey Sketchit, Max, Cilan, and Clemont before him, Goh has great knowledge about Pokémon. He can also run reasonably well, though he struggles with climbing and other athletic skills.




Goh and Chloe

Goh and Chloe.

Goh and Chloe have been friends since they were little. The pair even attended Professor Oak's Pokémon summer camp together during their childhood.

In the present day, Goh usually hangs out with Chloe and her dad, Professor Cerise. Though their friendship has only deepened as time went on, they still butt heads from time to time, as Goh often exasperates or annoys Chloe with his antics. Likewise, Goh gets annoyed when Chloe shows her concern for him, but he understands that she is just looking out for him.

Professor Cerise

PJ002 28

Goh and Professor Cerise.

Through his friendship with Chloe, Goh has known Professor Cerise since his childhood. He enjoys spending time at his lab. After helping him with his research, Goh accepted Professor Cerise's offer to be his assistant along with Ash.


Goh and Ash

Goh and Ash.

Goh first met Ash when they jumped on Lugia at the same time. During their adventure with the Legendary Pokémon, the two boys found out that they had a lot in common. As a result, Goh instantly accepted Ash as his friend. Their friendship grew even stronger when the two boys began to travel together as assistants for Professor Cerise's research institute. Even though Goh does sometimes get annoyed with Ash's habits and can be very competitive with him, he has some strong admiration for him. Like May, Dawn, Serena, and Lillie, Goh considers Ash to be a role model of his. He admires how much he cares for Pokémon, his determined attitude, and his strong bond with his Pikachu. Whenever either of the boys was feeling down, the other would always support them such as when Goh helped remind Ash of his old self when they were battling against Flygon.



Goh and Raboot

Goh and Raboot

Goh first met Raboot, as a Scorbunny, when he and Ash went to the Galar region. It and its Nickit friends stole their food, prompting them to give chase. However, after a little while, Goh bonded with it, even choosing to lie to the store owner the Nickit stole from by saying that the wild Rabbit Pokémon belonged to him. Raboot then decided to tail the two boys in the hopes of joining them, as it had taken a liking to Goh.

When Raboot finally met up with him, Goh was surprised but realized that it wanted to be his partner. At first, Goh originally wanted to get Mew as his first Pokémon, even refusing the choice of a Kanto Starter when he had the opportunity at Professor Cerise's lab. However, Goh changed his mind after seeing Raboot helping him and his friend with a Gigantamax Snorlax. He decided to make the Rabbit Pokémon his first Pokémon and partner, to which it willingly obliged. After that, Goh and Raboot not only became true partners but also best friends. Goh and Raboot would high five or fist bump each other whenever something good happens or as a sign of their friendship for each other. They both share personality traits, including the trait of not wishing to lose everyone around them. Although Goh and Raboot sometimes butt heads, they don't stay mad at each other for long. After it evolved in its mid-stage, Goh became surprised at Raboot's new cold demeanor, after it didn't fist bump him like they usually do when they were victorious against Team Rocket. This may due to him being unable to fully understand Raboot's character. However, Goh still cares for Raboot as he sees it still remained loyal to him whenever they continue their quest on catching more Pokémon and still sees it as his best friend, although he doesn't seem to pick up the cues of how Raboot is beginning to disobey him by attacking without listening to his commands and still unintentionally neglects Raboot's fervent desire on becoming a stronger battler.

When Raboot became more and more rebellious, Goh thought his friendship with it was going to be over. After watching Raboot enjoying dancing with some wild Pokémon in Hoenn, he repaired his friendship with Raboot whom he helped out with, but initially decided to leave Raboot behind. When Ash asked whether he had consent with Raboot or not, he realized his mistake and was guilty by his rash decision, until Raboot was shown to have managed to board the train and gave him an apple, much to his joy upon realizing how much Raboot cares for him. Since then, Goh and Raboot have their friendship improved.


Goh was born in a rich family. Both of his parents had worked as programmers in the company Gogo Systems. During his childhood, he had little to no friends except Chloe, so he had difficulties understanding others, let alone making new friends. In a flashback, Goh did attempt to step out and made friends with someone, only to be harshly rejected.[1]

PJ001 13

Goh and Chloe searching for the Mythical Pokémon, Mew.

When Goh was six years old, he and Chloe encountered the Mythical Pokémon Mew during a field trip. At the time, they were separated from Professor Oak's group. While at a hilly riverside, they witnessed how a sudden psychic force saved a young Kangaskhan from almost falling to its doom. Since then, Goh made it his goal to capture the mysterious Mew.[2]

Sometime after Goh had his fateful encounter with Mew, his parents took him on a family trip to Azalea Town in the nearby Johto region. Goh went into the woods after his parents fell asleep, upset that they had brought him to the middle of nowhere with nothing to do. However, he was soon captivated by the Pokémon that resided there, and became excited at the prospect that Mew could be hiding among them. He eventually saw a flying Pokémon, and believing it was Mew, began to chase after it. Once he got close enough, he attempted to leap at it, only to crash into another kid who was also chasing after it. They playfully teased each other that they were looking for Mythical Pokémon, with Tokio looking for Celebi, saying that they would never find their respective dreams, but they laughed it off because that's how other people normally react to their goals. The kid introduces himself as Tokio, and while Goh hesitates to accept him as his friend, he ultimately decides to let himself be friends with Tokio. Goh immediately attempts to impress Tokio with his vast knowledge on Pokémon, but is unable to name anything about Celebi. When Tokio says that he had never seen Celebi, Goh decided to help him search for it. The two spend the whole day looking for a shrine, where Celebi was said to be seen, until night comes. They then lay under the stars, talking about how vast the universe really is. The two of them promise to meet each other the next day. Goh wakes up and rushes to the meeting spot, but Tokio never shows up. Feeling bitter and betrayed, Goh decides that he truly doesn't need any friends. [3]


PJ002 10

Goh meeting Ash for the first time.

At Vermilion City, Goh encountered the Legendary Pokémon Lugia and attempted to follow it. During the chase, Goh managed to climb onto Lugia's body, where he met Ash. The two boys were able to become friends after getting to know each other during their ride. After returning to the Cerise Laboratory that evening, Goh and Ash briefly met up with Chloe. Ash and Goh then showed Professor Cerise the information on Lugia that they collected and became his assistants.[4]

PJ003 26

Goh begins to admire Ash for his determination, passion and compassion for Pokémon, even the bond he shares with Pikachu.

Goh and Ash's first assessment was to investigate the disruptive outbreak of Ivysaur all over Vermilion City. Before investigating, the two boys each received a special smartphone and had two Rotom placed in them. However, during the investigation, Goh and Ash had a fallout when the latter saw an Ivysaur in trouble. Arriving at a Gym under construction, Goh and Ash followed the Ivysaur, along with their pre-evolved form Bulbasaur. Trying to follow the Seed Pokémon, Goh wasn't able to climb well enough to get to his destination effectively. However, Ash gave him his hand, and thanks to his help, the two boys got on top of the building. Once on top, they discovered that the Ivysaur had gone there to bask in the sun and evolve. However, when Team Rocket showed up to steal them, Goh and Ash became shocked. Upon seeing Ash and Pikachu's determination (along with the Ivysaur helping them out), Goh became very impressed. After Team Rocket was sent blasting off, Goh and Ash witnessed the evolution event, becoming amazed by it. After that, Goh and Ash bring their findings to Professor Cerise and make up for their argument from before.[1]

PJ004 24

Goh meeting Scorbunny and helping it in the Galar region.

Goh and Ash's next assessment was to travel to the Galar region to research the Dynamax phenomenon. While they waited for the train to the Wild Area to arrive, Goh and Ash decided to eat scones at a store in Wyndon, only to have their food stolen by a wild Scorbunny and its Nickit friends. After Ash battled and defeated Scorbunny, Goh bonded with it, even choosing to lie to the store owner by saying the Scorbunny belonged to him when the Nickit stole more of his food. After hearing Scorbunny's backstory from the store owner, Goh gave it words of encouragement before he and Ash left. Goh and Ash eventually made it to their train, completely unaware that the Scorbunny had taken a liking to Goh and had started to follow him.[5]

PJ005 27

Goh getting his first Pokémon in Scorbunny as his partner and best friend.

When Goh and Ash arrived at the Wild Area, they encountered a sleeping Snorlax and met up with Scorbunny again. Goh was surprised but realized that Scorbunny wanted to be his partner, so he sadly told it that he was planning to get Mew as his first Pokémon instead. When the Snorlax underwent Gigantamax, however, Goh, Scorbunny, Ash, and Pikachu tried to move it aside, as it was blocking the railroad for an oncoming train. During the mission, Goh saw Scorbunny's determination to help him and Ash. After successfully dealing with Snorlax, Goh stopped Scorbunny when it turned to leave, as he had changed his mind and wanted it to be his partner. Goh then threw a Poké Ball, missing at first, but Scorbunny was able to redirect the ball with a kick, effectively catching itself. Goh and Scorbunny were happy to have each other as partners and best friends.[6]


Goh starting his goal of catching every Pokémon.

Goh eventually began his goal to capture every single Pokémon, hoping to fill his Pokédex. He started catching a bunch of Bug-type Pokémon in the Kanto region, where he got help from Scorbunny, Ash, and Pikachu on successfully catching them. Goh then took his Pokémon to the Cerise Laboratory, where Professor Cerise kept them in storage for him.[7] Sometime after, Goh came with Ash to the Hoenn Battle Frontier, where he had them entered in the Battle Frontier Flute Cup tournament. Despite having a type advantage, Goh was defeated in the first battle by Hodge without managing to land a single hit on his opponent. Frustrated by his loss, Goh decided that catching Pokémon was better than battling and ran off to continue filling up his Pokédex. However, Goh returned in time to watch the final match between Ash and Houji. Goh was pleased that the battle ended in Ash's victory. As they returned home, Goh apologized to Ash for his earlier outburst. He came to see battling in a new light from watching the final match and hoped to give it another try.[8]

PJ008 11

Goh after catching his first Pokémon from Sinnoh.

Goh and Ash were at the Vermilion's port. Although Goh had trouble at first, he eventually caught a Tentacool. Afterward, the boys met a disheartened and worn-out Piplup. The Piplup was apparently from the Sinnoh region and had gotten lost. Since its Trainer was probably looking for it, the boys decided to take it back home. When they arrived in Sinnoh, they met Lauren, the Piplup's Trainer, who was happy to be reunited with her Pokémon. However, the boys realized that Piplup left Misaki voluntarily because she had another Pokémon, a Croagunk, which had a rivalry with it. Goh then entered in the Drift Ice Race with his newly caught Mantyke. However, Ash and Goh became shocked when Team Rocket showed up, putting Misaki in grave danger. Ash and Goh then battled Team Rocket, being able to send them blasting off, and watched as Misaki was rescued by her Pokémon. The two boys then watched as Misaki and her Pokémon finally made amends before they returned home.[9]

PJ009 15

Goh and Ash learning about the legend of Ho-Oh.

Later, Goh and Ash read some news about the Legendary Pokémon Ho-Oh making an appearance in Johto, so they traveled to the region in the hopes that they could meet it. However, when they arrived, they realized that the sightings of Ho-Oh had turned out to be fake. A kid named Chad had made up the sightings, hoping to help his grandfather look for Ho-Oh again after he had previously quit searching for it. The boys then helped Chad and his grandfather look for Ho-Oh in the Bell Tower, but they had trouble with a Misdreavus and a Stantler. However, Goh stopped them from causing trouble by catching both of them. When the boys arrived at the Bell Tower, they tried to look for Ho-Oh, unsuccessfully calling it. Despite failing their mission to search for Ho-Oh, they helped Kurio's grandfather, Jaye, get his motivation back, as he decided to continue looking for Ho-Oh himself again. After their mission, Goh and Ash left the Johto region.[10]

PJ010 12

Goh and Ash on Dragonite Island.

After hearing some rumors from Professor Cerise, Goh and Ash decided to head to an island full of Dragonite, hoping they could investigate the Pokémon that lived there. During the investigation, Goh and Ash discovered how the Dragonite spent their days, doing things such as sleeping, eating, and living together along with their pre-evolved forms Dratini and Dragonair. While they undertook their research, Goh sees that Ash had befriended a Dragonair that had trouble flying and learning to master the move Dragon Dance. Goh watched Ash as he helped the Dragonair master Dragon Dance and grow its wings. While the boys were there, Goh and Ash had to stop Team Rocket attempted to steal the rare Pokémon, but they were defeated and sent blasting off when the Dragonair evolved into a Dragonite. After Team Rocket was dealt with, Goh witnessed Ash catching the newly-evolved Dragonite, thus making it a member of his team. The boys then left the island and returned home to the Kanto region.[11]

PJ011 4

Goh and Ash checking on their Pokémon at Cerise Park.

After returning home, Goh and Ash greeted their Pokémon at Cerise Park, where they saw Ash's Dragonite approaching Goh's Scyther and Stantler. While Goh was afraid that the Pokémon would hurt each other at first, his fears were quickly put at ease when Dragonite decided to hug Goh's Scyther and Stantler instead. Goh then excitedly watched his Wurmple evolving, becoming disappointed when all three evolved into Cascoon. After being cheered up by his Cascoon, Goh later encountered a troublemaking Gengar at the Cerise Laboratory. Goh and Ash attempted to battle and catch the Pokémon during their pursuit, but they failed to do so. As the Gengar continued its mayhem, Chloe returned home from school, where her father told her to use her family's Yamper to fight the evil Pokémon and send it packing. After a long internal debate, Chloe commanded her Yamper to use Spark, blasting the Pokémon out of the building. At night, the boys became determined to battle Gengar the next time it showed up, not knowing that the Pokémon was actually on top of the Cerise Laboratory at that very moment.[12]

PJ012 3

Goh and Ash head back to the Galar region to watch the World Coronation Series.

Goh and Ash headed back to the Galar region to watch the finals of the World Coronation Series tournament. After they arrived at the tournament, they witnessed the battle between the Kanto Elite Four Lance and the Pokémon Champion of Galar Leon. During the battle, Leon defeated Lance and then became the "Monarch". When the match ended, the Wyndon Stadium was attacked by a wild Drednaw, after Team Rocket accidentally provoked it and caused it to change into its Gigantamax form.[13]

PJ013 10

Goh and Ash officially meet Leon for the first time.

Goh and Ash head out of the stadium to deal with the Gigantamax Drednaw. However, during their battle, something unexpected happened when the Dynamax energy from underground engulfed Ash's Pikachu and caused him to transform into his Gigantamax form. After Pikachu was able to defeat Drednaw, through the advice from Leon, when he used a powerful G-Max move, G-Max Volt Crash, Goh and Ash witness Pikachu reverted back to its normal size. Goh and Ash thanks Leon for his help as Leon thanks them for their heroic efforts as well. That next day, Goh and Ash were eating some scones until he spotted a Skwovet, where he took the chance of catching it. Goh notices Ash was a bit off as the latter told him he was thinking about yesterday's battle and wants to battle Leon. Hearing his interest in battling the "Monarch", Goh explains to Ash that he can by entering the World Coronation Series himself. Also, Goh tells Ash the rules and ranking system were to climb through the ranks in order to battle Leon. However, the boys were shocked to see Leon as he accepts Ash offer to battle him, much to Goh disbelieve. At Wyndon, Goh watches Ash battle where he helps him explains how Dynamax works about their Max Moves. However, after watching the battle, Goh was bummed that Ash lost but knows his friend gave his all. Before leaving Galar, Goh was happy and supported Ash's decision to enter the World Coronation Series himself in order to have another battle with Leon.[14]

PJ014 1

Goh in Unova for the first time with Ash.

Goh and Ash traveled to the Unova as they were investigating the "Ruins of the Giants" that were discovered at a Resort Desert. During their mission, Goh and Ash stumbles on some traps, Pokémon and other obstacles in their way. Goh was able to catch some Unova Pokémon along the way. After entering the main part of the ruins, Goh and Ash participated in a raid battle against a giant Golurk, which he was able to catch it after weaken through their battle. Goh and Ash returns to Cerise institute where they check on his Unova Pokémon sleeping peacefully.[15]

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Goh comforting a wild Cubone, after it lost its bone.

One day at the Cerise Laboratory, Goh and Ash decided to return to their homes, after the Institute was having a problem with the maintenance system and was shut down for a few days. After arriving home, Goh reunited with his grandmother and went to his room. Wanting to bring something for his parents, Goh decided to head over to see them. However, Goh sees a wild Cubone getting picked on by three Mankey that stole its bone. Seeing this, Goh decided to help Cubone get its bone back. During the search, Goh got a call from Ash, who was bringing something he left back to him, and meets up with him then explained the situation. After finding and defeating the Mankey, they realize they lost Cubone's bone. However, Goh and Ash were able to retrieve Cubone's Bone then his parents arrived as he introduced his friends to them. Although, Goh became surprised that Cubone wants to go with him but accepts its request and caught it. Also, Goh and his family invited Ash over to their place for a nice dinner.[16]

PJ016 2

Goh concern for Ash, after they encounter Gengar again.

Goh and Ash encountered the Gengar they met before. Seeing the Shadow Pokémon again, Goh and Ash blaze with enthusiasm as they declare that they will definitely catch it this time. However, Goh failed to see that Gengar quickly hid away in Ash's shadow, where he put Ash under a curse. Goh witnessed  that Ash started to have a lot of bad luck, such as falling down the stairs, having his food ruined, and getting crushed by their Pokémon. After Ash and Pikachu left for a run, Goh worried about his friend's hard time and decided to check up on him. However, after encountering Gengar's former trainer and hearing what he did to it a couple of years ago, Goh and Ash realized that the Trainer actually abandoned the Shadow Pokémon at Cerise Laboratory and had no intentions of coming back for it. Goh and Ash were surprised that Gengar, who heard the whole conversation, came out of hiding to exact revenge on its former trainer for his selfish actions. After both the trainer and Gengar ran away, Goh became surprised that Ash wanted to go look for the Shadow Pokémon as he didn't want to leave it in the state it was in but he wants to try to find it himself so he can catch it. Goh was able to find Gengar where Ash saves it from being captured by Team Rocket and watched him team up with it. After dealing with Team Rocket, Goh was happy about his friend and Gengar's triumph but saw Ash collapsed, due to a fever he unknowingly caught, and was concern about his ill friend. After Ash woke up from his fever, Goh was happy that his friend was alright and witnessed him capture Gengar.[17]

PJ017 26

Goh witness his best friend Scorbunny evolving into Rabbot.

Ash and Goh were training at the Cerise Laboratory with their Pokémon partners until his Goh's Darmanitan came and mocked Scorbunny for not knowing any Fire-Type move and even more when it failed to use the most basic move of its own type, Ember. During their quest to find more Pokémon, they encountered Team Rocket and had a battle with them. However, Goh and Scorbunny were quickly defeated because Scorbunny disobeyed his order of dodging and then using Double Kick, instead of trying to use Ember, failing and being defeated by a powerful Water Gun from Jessie's Chewtle, but luckily, their friends were able to send Team Rocket flying off again after Pikachu defeated James's Poliwrath. After dealing with Team Rocket, Goh and Scorbunny had an argument when he disapproved of his partner learning a new move. Through Ash's help and advice about being one with Pokémon in battle, Goh realizes that he should respect his partner's wishes and went looking for Scorbunny. Goh did find Scorbunny then tried to explain that he understands his wishes but it was too upset with him to hear him out, but the Rabbit Pokémon fled and accidentally ran into Team Rocket again. During their second with Team Rocket, Goh and Scorbunny made up then showed his partner how it can used Ember with a pebble, which he succeeded. However, Goh witnesses Scorbunny evolve into Raboot. After Team Rocket has been defeated for the second time, Goh was happy that Scorbunny evolved and learned a new move. However, Goh became surprised when Raboot walked away while ignoring the special fist bump that they would usually do.[18]

PJ018 5

Goh accompanying Ash to his first World Coronation Series match.

Goh watches Ash's first battle in the World Coronation Series where he was happy that he wins his first match.[19] After capturing a Rattata Goh and Ash went to see a movie being created. While there, they encounter a Ditto, who had fallen into a slump when it angered a director as it couldn't transform very well. After the Ditto ran away from the studio, Goh and Ash decided to go searching for the missing Transform Pokémon. Luckily, they find the Ditto as it was with Team Rocket, who were helping train the Transform Pokémon to be a better actor. They rescue it from Team Rocket, who fake their defeat to bring back Ditto, and brought it back to the Theater.[20]

PJ020 3

Goh and Ash leading kids in the Pokémon Orienteering event at the Cerise Laboratory.

Goh and Ash were chosen to lead a Pokémon Orienteering event at the Cerise Laboratory. During the event, Goh leads a group of kids while he shows them how he catches Pokémon. Also, Goh was able to experience just how fun it was to battle and catch Pokémon alongside the children participating in the event. In addition, Goh reaffirm his unfulfilled "dream" about catching every Pokémon in every region, including Mew. When Lugia appeared, Goh and Ash were preparing to battle it but it turns out to be a trick by Team Rocket, which they use a decoy Lugia. However, they were surprised when the real Lugia appears and rescue the kidnapped Pokémon then it helped the boys defeat Team Rocket. After the event, The boys were happy that they give the kids a fun experience and inspire them to be trainers like them someday, which they look forward to seeing.[21]

PJ021 5

Goh and Ash go looking for a Pokémon egg.

Goh and Ash were researching Pokémon Eggs as they were theorizing many things about them. However, after hearing Ash had seen Pokémon eggs before and raised a couple himself, Goh was inspired to go look for one as he really wanted to see one himself. While searching for a Pokémon egg, Goh catches an Exeggcute then witness Ash battle a Trainer named Hashiba for his third World Coronation Series match. After the battle with Ash being the winner of the match in the World Coronation Series, Goh goes to congratulate his friend but sees that he was in the zone on something as he asked if something was wrong but he told that he thought he heard something. While walking to the Pokémon Center as Pikachu needed to get treated for an injury he got during the battle, Goh tells Ash that he's full of mysteries, which he claims that he doesn't hold that many. While at the Pokémon Center, Goh, Raboot, and Ash were watching Pikachu getting his wound healed. However, seeing Ash leaving for some strange reason, Goh follows him as he sees a Pokémon egg, which Nurse joy explains that the egg was originally from Sinnoh that got imported to Kanto.[22]

PJ021 21

Goh looking at Ash's Pokémon egg.

After hearing, Ash explains that he sensed the egg to him and Nurse Joy, Goh was amazed that his friend was gonna take care of the egg after Nurse Joy decided to let him take care of it. Back at the Cerise Laboratory, Goh wonders when the egg will hatch and listen to Professor Cerise explain more info about them. That night, the boys were sleeping until they woke up when Pikachu noticed that egg was starting to hatch. After the egg hatch, they were amazed when it was revealed to be a Riolu. However, the boys went after Riolu when it got confused and ran away from them. The boys' search for Riolu led them to a forest. During the search, Goh listened to Ash as he explains how he felt that Riolu was waiting for him and later believed it to just be mistaken. Seeing how concern Ash was about the newly hatched Pokémon, Goh suggested to split up to cover more ground as he leaves with Raboot to search for it. After Ash found Riolu, Goh was at the Pokémon Center with his friends so the Emanation Pokémon can get its injuries healed, after balling a lot of wild Pokémon. Also, Goh, Raboot, and Pikachu were witness when Ash caught Riolu as he made it a member of his team.[22]

PJ022 29

Goh and Raboot reconciling their bond.

While in Hoenn to investigate a Beautifly migration, Goh finally told Raboot how he felt about his cold attitude towards. During the night, Goh notices Raboot leaving the Pokémon Center and informs Ash of the situation. On the last night, they were staying in Hoenn, Goh, Ash, and Pikachu follow Raboot as they see that it was helping some wild Pokémon living in the area. However, Goh sees other Pokémon coming in then decides to help it by providing a beat in order to do a dance battle with Ash and Pikachu helping out. After helping them and that morning, Goh thought Raboot would be happy with its new friends instead with him but realize that he made a mistake when Ash told him that he should have talked to his partner about it first. After Raboot caught up with them, Goh reconciled with his partner and best friend as they both agree to stay together.[23]

PJ023 2

Goh taking care of his Pokémon.

Goh was at Cerise park taking care of his Pokémon then called Ash to help him take care of them. However, Goh and Ash noticed that there was a food shortage as they decided to spend the night at the park. While Ash took some time to get some rest with Pikachu and Riolu, Goh took watch but woke his friend and Pokémon up for their shift then he alongside his partner got some rest. However, that next morning, Goh and Raboot were woken up by Pikachu Thunderbolt attack as he alongside his friends fell asleep during their shift. After waking up, the boys see that the other Pokémon were fighting and Ash's Dragonite grabbed everyone as it told them that they should let them work this out on their own. However, Goh and Ash see that Golurk was going berserk as it sealed was remove but some of his Pokémon recovered it then put it back on. Although, Goh, Ash and their Pokémon all help his Cascoon evolve into Dustox. After everything was resolved, Goh, Ash ,and their Pokémon enjoy some time together.[24]

PJ024 14

Goh, Ash, Pikachu, Raboot and the Team Rocket trio in disguise fishing out a Pokémon.

Hearing rumors of "The Lord", a giant Pokémon said to be living in a lake at the Resort Area in the Sinnoh Region, Goh and Ash decided to head over there to investigate. While there, Goh and Ash meet up with the Team Rocket trio, who were on vacation and in disguise. Team Rocket accidentally save Pikachu and help Goh find a good lure to fish up the Lord. After fishing up and catching a Goldeen and Magikarp, Goh uses Team Rocket's recommended lure, and immediately finds a giant Pokémon. With some help from Pikachu, Raboot, Ash, and Team Rocket, Goh fishes up and catches a gigantic Magikarp. After finding out what they came for, Goh and Ash found out that had Team Rocket's elite group Matori Matrix led by Matori, who lied to the Team Rocket trio just so she could get them out of the way of her operation. Goh had Raboot battle them but witness Ash's Pikachu gets taken by them as he had to get his friend away from danger when he attempted to save him. While at the Pokémon Center, Goh sees that Ash wants to find Team Rocket and not only get Pikachu back but the other Pokémon they stole as well. Through the Team Rocket trio, who overheard everything Matori said and want payback, help, Goh and Ash found Pikachu along with the other Pokémon as they were able to rescue them. After Team Rocket retreated, Goh and Ash thanked the disguised Team Rocket trio for their help then left to go back to Kanto.[25]

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Goh, Raboot and Gurkinn watching the finals at the tournament.

Goh and Ash headed to the Kalos Region for the first time to head to Shalour City to further their goals, with Goh hoping to catch a lot of Kalos Pokémon and Ash going to participate in a Pokémon World Championship Tournament. Goh ended up catching a Binacle, Scatterbug, Phantump, Fletchling, and 4 different colored Flabébé. Goh later ended up encountering a Lucario, which he wished to catch but was quickly stopped when its trainer, Gurkinn, appeared. Gurkinn was impressed by Goh's collection of Pokémon, and helped him by telling him that a white color Flabébé was very rare. Goh and Gurkinn eventually made their way back to the PWC Tournament, where Goh and Gurkinn discussed who they were accompanying. When Goh told him about his friend from Kanto, Gurkinn recalled a trainer with a Pikachu from Kanto, and Goh was shocked that Gurkinn knew Ash. When the two of them entered, they saw that Ash and Gurkinn's granddaughter, Korrina, here about to battle. Eventually, Korrina Mega Evolved her Lucario, and Goh was amazed by it. Gurkinn asked him if he had ever seen Mega Evolution before, and Goh told him he had only ever read about it. Gurkinn told him Mega Evolution could only be achieved by a trainer and Pokémon with a very strong bond, and Goh expressed interest in it. After the battle, Goh met Korrina for the first time and told Ash that Ash had inspired him with his battling. Goh then saw a white flower Flabébé and chased after it, before returning to Kanto. [26]

After this, Goh decides to enter the 10th Annual Magikarp High Jump Contest with his giant Magikarp. The Magikarp, which was super fat after a few days, was fired up after seeing the 9 times champion, Kasuking and his shiny Magikarp, Goldkarp, and began an immense training routine along with Magikarp and Ash, getting extremely muscled, while Raboot looks on in indifference. Goh and Magikarp compete in the tournament, getting to the finals and beating his own record in the process. When against Kasuking and Goldkarp, Goh reveals that his Magikarp has been jumping with weights, which are so heavy Machamp has trouble carrying them, and can now jump to any height. After storing energy, Goh's Magikarp jumps all the way to space, defeating Goldkarp, when Goh and Ash realize that Magikarp isn't coming back down. However, due to his Magikarp not landing, Goh became runner-up and Kasuking became the winner.[27]

Next, Goh and Ash go to an island full of Slowpokes, where they meet a Slowking. After Slowking gets noodles from Ash, it decides to wear the noodle cup on its head instead, dropping the Shellder helmet on Ash. Ash undergoes a transformation, saying he wants to be an "influencer" and a "Slowpoke master". Goh gets Raboot to knock the Shellder off Ash's head, only for it to land on Goh's head. Goh undergoes a similar transformation, deciding to catch all the Slowpokes. Pikachu and Raboot have the same happen to them until finally, Goh's giant Magikarp falls from the sky and hits Slowking, causing the Shellder helmet to go back onto Slowking.[27]

While at Cerise Park, Go was playing with his Farfetch'd while Ash was training his Riolu when Prof. Cerise surprised them with tickets to an official Pokémon World Championships battle that Leon would be participating in. Goh decided to take his Farfetch'd to watch the match. Goh and Ash arrived to Wyndon Stadium late, but still managed to make it, though Goh almost threw up due to running. Goh and Ash saw Raihan, the Dragon-type Gym Leader of Galar, for the first time when he was introduced as Leon's opponent. When Raihan sent out a Pokémon Goh had never seen before, he used his Poké Dex to scan it, identifying it as a Duraludon. While Leon had a rocky start, Leon ended up victorious after using his Gigantamax Charizard to beat Raihan's Gigantamax Duraludon after using his signature move, G-Max Wildfire. Raihan then promised Leon that he would beat him and become the strongest trainer.

Ash then cut in, shouting out from the stands at Leon and Raihan that he would be the one to beat Leon, with Goh being embarrassed at Ash's outwardness. He then saw Chairman Rose for the first time when the announcer pointed out that he was in the vicinity. After the battle, Goh and Ash were fighting over Leon's iconic pose when they found a statue of a hero. They originally thought it was a statue of Leon, but a girl corrected them by saying it wasn't. The girl introduced herself as Sonia, and told Goh and Ash the story of the Darkest Day. Goh and Ash were left to try and figure out the story but they‘re brainstorming was cut short when a trainer told them that there was something powerful on the nearby bridge. Goh and Ash went to investigate it but, and found that a Farfetch'd was causing the trouble. Goh used the Poké Dex after he was confused by it' strange appearance, and learned about Regional Variants.

Goh attempted to capture it with a Poké Ball, but it deflected it easily. Goh then sent out his Farfetch'd to battle it, but he ended up losing the battle as well, causing him to give up and let Ash try and fight it. The Galarian Farfetch'd was knocked to the ground after Riolu managed to beat it, and Goh was happy that Ash had won, but he was shocked when Ash began to cheer on Farfetch'd despite being its opponent. Later Goh and Ash took their weakened Pokémon, along with Galarian Farfetch'd, to the Pokémon Center to have them healed up. After they left, Farfetch'd attempted to challenge Ash again, and Ash decided that Farfetch'd would be a good Pokemon for his team, and offered it to come with him to train with Pikachu and Riolu. Farfetch'd agreed, and Goh watched Ash caught it with a Poké Ball. Goh was slightly discouraged after not being able to catch it, complaining that Ash kept getting cool stuff. Behind him, a wild Sobble had found its way to them, but was frightened by Ash's training and became invisible.[28]

The next day, Goh and Ash were still in Galar, eating curry, when their food suddenly started vanishing. When Goh's food disappeared, he stared down the empty space that was there, and the culprit became visible, before running into a corner. Goh used his Poké Dex to identify it as a Sobble, before Sobble began to cry before turning invisible and causing the whole group to cry. While they were searching, Ash asked Goh if he wanted to catch it, and Goh was certain because Sobble's invisibility reminded him of Mew. Nurse Joy eventually approached them and told them that Sobble might be hiding in the fountain. Goh then approached the fountain, not knowing if Sobble was there, and introduced himself. He told Sobble that he really liked his invisibility, and that he wanted Sobble to join him.

Goh reaffirmed Sobble that he wasn't mad that he ate his breakfast, and that they could eat together if Sobble joined him. When Sobble didn't respond, Goh became upset that it had run away, and threw a Poké Ball at the fountain in frustration. Goh laughed, saying he wasted a Poké Ball by accident, before his Rotom Phone exclaimed that Sobble's Poké Dex info had been added, much to his astonishment. Goh then encountered a Silicobra and sent Sobble out to battle it. Sobble immediately became invisible out of fear. Goh had Sobble use Water Gun and Pound on Silicobra, but Silicobra retaliated by spraying sand over Sobble, making him visible again. When Goh told Sobble to become invisible again, Sobble didn't know what to do, before Silicobra tackled it. Sobble began to cry after it was hit, washing away the sand and becoming invisible again. Silicobra escaped and Sobble ran away, with Goh unable to return it to its Poké Ball.

Goh and Ash end up chasing after it, before splitting up to cover more ground. Goh found Sobble by a river, telling Sobble that he wouldn't do anything to it, before it ran away again after making him and Raboot cry. Goh decided he would need to do something to combat Sobble's tears, and rejoined Ash to follow the river downstream. Goh became upset and began to beat himself up inside after realizing that he had made Sobble battle without asking it to and getting it hurt. Ash then told Goh that he had only just caught Sobble and that it wasn't going to be easy right away, and that Goh just had to keep trying. Reaffirmed by Ash, Goh was ready to continue searching before Team Rocket showed up with Sobble in a cage. Team Rocket attempted to exchange Sobble for Pikachu, but when that didn't work, they prepared for battle. Team Rocket ended up getting an Armaldo and Magnezone from the Rocket Prize Master. Jessie had Magnezone use it's Metal Sound to subdue Goh, Ash, and their Pokémon. Jessie then taunted them, questioning why they wanted to save a weak crybaby like Sobble, which caused Goh to become very mad.

Goh said that Sobble may be a crybaby, but it's anything but weak. Goh then promised Sobble that he would save him, before Jessie made Magnezone increased the Metal Sound. Goh kept trying to push through, which inspires Sobble to break free from it's cage and try to escape. Jessie and James end up finding out and Armaldo stops Sobble, but Sobble ends up crying and causes Team Rocket and their Pokémon to cry. Goh and Ash, however, have put on goggles to combat Sobble's tears, and are able to defeat Team Rocket. Goh apologizes to Sobble, telling it that he would ask Sobble if it wants to battle next time. He then says that Sobble's timidness is a good thing, because Sobble is always aware of its surroundings and can protect it's friends from danger, and that it makes Sobble strong. Sobble ends up crying out of happiness. Goh then brings Sobble back to Kanto with him.[29]

Back in Kanto, Goh couldn't find Sobble due to it becoming invisible after crying. Goh and Ash look for him, eventually coming across a group of their Pokémon crying, so they knew Sobble must be close. Goh had his Butterfree and Venomoth use Stun Spore and they locate Sobble. However, when Goh's Scyther attempted to get it, it scared Sobble and caused it to cry again. Ash was able to help Goh calm Sobble down by having Dragonite gave it a hug. The next day, Goh was excited to see the Pidove that Chloe had started taking care of. He and Ash later sat down with Chloe, Professor Cerise, Ren, and Chrysa to discuss Chloe and Yamper's history. After hearing Yamper crying outside, the group discovered a Fearow attacking Yamper and Pidove. Goh then cheered Chloe on as she had her second battle with Yamper against Fearow. When Fearow recovered and started escaping, Goh realized he was missing his chance to catch it and tried chasing after it, but it was long gone, so he reluctantly gave up on it.[30]

Goh then helped train Ash's Riolu by having it battle against his Farfetch'd and Beedrill. Later, Goh visited Ash's house for the first time after they went back to Pallet Town to try and find Pikachu and Mr. Mime after they had run away. Goh brought Sobble outside of the lab for the first time, carrying it on his shoulder. He watched as Ash apologized to Pikachu, before Pikachu electrocuted him with Thunderbolt to show that things were back to normal.[31] Years after his original visit to Azalea Town, Goh's parents brought him on another family trip to the town after it had poured rain on their last visit. Goh, however, was not happy to return to the town. Like the first time, Goh's parents quickly fell asleep from the long car ride and Goh took the opportunity to go through Ilex Forest in the hopes of capturing more Pokémon.

However, he was quickly reminded of his past experiences, but he continued to push them away. He brought out his Scyther and Farfetch'd, believing that they would never let him down like Tokio did. While exploring Ilex Forest, he encountered an Ariados and Pineco, two Pokémon he had previously encountered alongside Tokio. Yet again, he tried to push aside his bad memories, not wanting to confront them, and quickly captured the two Pokémon to make himself happier over capturing new Pokémon, but it doesn't make him feel any better. Eventually, he reaches the shrine to Celebi that he had once tried to look for all those years ago. He finds a piece of paper wedged between the wood. After reading it, he realizes that it was an apology from Tokio, who had gotten sick after being outside in the cold when they were searching for Celebi. After realizing that Tokio hadn't abandoned him, he almost breaks down, but before he does, he hears Tokio behind him. Goh, now knowing that Tokio didn't abandoned him, let's go of his bad memories and greets Tokio with a smile, as two Celebi, one normal and one shiny, fly by.[32]

Goh was later told of a Pokémon Trade event being held at the Vermilion City Pokémon Center by Professor Sakuragi, and Goh decided to head there with the hope of trading some of his Pokémon for new ones. When he arrived, he spotted a trainer dressed as a Kricketune, which he mistook as one. When the trainer approached, she introduced herself as Koromi, the Bug-type Queen of the Sinnoh Region. Koromi and Ash's Rotom Phones went off to indicate that they were both competing in the Pokémon World Championships, so they decided to have a battle. Ash used his Pikachu and Koromi used her Heracross. Ash and Pikachu ended up winning the match. After the battle, Goh and Koromi shared their Poké Dex entries based on what Bug-types they had caught, and Koromi became interested in Goh's Pinsir, and asked to trade for it. Goh told her that he didn't want to trade his Pinsir away, but that he would help her find a wild one that she could capture herself, which she agreed to.

The three of them went to Vermilion Forest, where Goh captured his Pinsir, and started their search. Goh brought out his Pinsir to help, and Koromi attempted to hug it, but it knocked her off and hid behind its trainer. After searching for a while with no luck, Koromi and her Heracross decided to create a special honey that would attract wild Pokémon. She had Heracross and Pinsir try it, and Pinsir started to become interested in Heracross. Eventually, Team Rocket showed up and captured Ash, Koromi, Pikachu, Raboot, and Sobble, leaving just Goh, Pinsir, ad Heracross to defend them. Goh attempted to get Pinsir to battle, but it decided to hide behind a tree instead. Goh and Heracross decided to team up and fight Team Rocket. When Jessie attempted to capture Pinsir, Heracross saved it from them, causing Pinsir to develop a crush on it.

Goh and Heracross then easily disposed of the Team Rocket Trio, sending them flying. Afterwards, a wild Pinsir appeared after being attracted by the honey, but because Koromi was still captured, she couldn't capture it, so Goh caught it before it could get away. After he freed Ash and Koromi, she told him that he should trade his new Pinsir for her Heracross, so that it and Pinsir could be together since they were in love. Goh agreed, and they went back to the Pokémon Center and used the Trade Machine to make the exchange official. Heracross then officially became one of Goh's Pokémon, which Pinsir was very happy about.[33]

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Goh Golurk
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Goh Flabébé Blue Flower
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Goh Heracross
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  • According to an interview with his Japanese voice actor, Daiki Yamashita, Goh was designed to be a neutral-looking character by appearance, since he was intentionally created with both masc-and femme-coded physical traits.
  • Goh was originally designed by Ken Sugimori.
  • Goh is one of the two companions of Ash who aren't characters in the main games. The other being Tracey Sketchit.
  • Goh is left-handed.
  • Goh is the first main character in the anime to catch a Generation VIII Pokémon.
  • Goh's name and his quest to catch every Pokémon are references to Pokémon GO. His clothes slightly resemble the male player character's appearance in that game, and his catching style is mainly based on the gameplay mechanics of Pokémon GO and Pokémon: Let's Go, Pikachu! and Let's Go, Eevee!, all of which feature catching Wild Pokémon without battling. His Pokédex also has a tendency to say "Nice!", "Great!" and "Excellent!" whenever he catches Pokémon, furthering the reference.
  • From "Working My Way Back to Mew!" and onward, Goh owns the most Pokémon out of all of Ash's friends.
  • Goh is the first character to catch more than two Pokémon in the same episode since Ash caught his 30 Tauros in "The Legend of Dratini". He is also the first main character who catches several Pokémon of different species in a single episode.
  • Goh is the only other male companion by far beside Brock to have a Baby Pokémon on his team as Brock had his Bonsly and Happiny while Goh has Mantyke.
  • Goh, like May, has obtained two starter Pokémon in the same Region.
  • Goh is the first main/male character other than Ash to:
    • Have caught a regional Fire-Type Starter.
    • Have owned a Pikachu.
  • Goh is the first main character to have caught a Fossil Pokémon.



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