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The Go-Rock Squad (ゴーゴー団 Go-Go Gang) is a criminal syndicate featured in the first Pokémon Ranger game. Their goal is to replace the Ranger Union by enslaving all Pokémon in the Fiore region through the use of a malignant variant of the Capture Styler called the Power Styler. The respective heads of the Go-Rock Squad are Gordor and his underlings, the Go-Rock Quads.


The organization was founded by Gordor, to replace the Ranger Union created by his old rival, Prof. Hastings. The philosophy of the Go-Rock Squad is that they believe they are justified to enslave all Pokémon in the Fiore region for their own purposes. This theme is fueled from their leader Gordor, who was declared second-rate alongside his research in the face of Professor Hastings' own research. Ultimately, their goal, according to Gordor is to render the Pokémon Rangers irrelevant and allow for the Go-Rock Squad to take over their role. However, the Go-Rock Squad has no respect for Pokémon or nature, charges to help people, and the problems they do solve are in fact caused by them, causing the people of Fiore to recognize them as criminals instead of heroes.


The Go-Rock Squad is a criminal organization composed mainly from lower-ranking Grunts, many of whom are relatively easy to defeat. These Grunts are equipped with Super Stylers which they use to impede the actions of Pokémon Rangers. The Go-Rock Quads are higher-ranking members within the organization, and are used by Gordor to handle the more difficult operations. The Quads are also practicing musicians, and will often play a song shortly prior to battle. After the Go-Rock Squad is disbanded, the Quads leave their criminal past behind and take up a musical career. Gordor, being the head of the Go-Rock Squad, personally handles the subjugation of Entei, Raikou and Suicune at the apex of the Fiore Temple.


The Super Stylers used by the Go-Rock Squad are based on a stolen prototype created by Prof. Hastings, though their use of it is completely different from the Pokémon Rangers; forcing Pokémon to work against their wills for the organization's private goals. In the Dusk Factory, the Super Stylers are mass-produced for use in the field until the factory is shut down. A more powerful variant of the Super Styler called the Power Styler is used by Gordor atop Fiore Temple, which he uses to control Entei, Raikou and Suicune. However, this device is destroyed by the combined efforts of Plusle and Minun.

When the Dusk Factory facility is abandoned by the Go-Rock Squad, they retreat to their headquarters hidden in the Sekra Range. The Sekra Range headquarters is abandoned and subsequently detonated by the Go-Rock Quads after the player character successfully infiltrates and shuts down their operation and the Super Styler prototype stolen from Prof. Hastings is recovered.


  • The Go-Rock Quads' musical motto is slightly reminiscent of the motto uttered by Team Rocket when introducing themselves.