Gloria is a new Pokémon Trainer and the female protagonist in Pokémon Sword and Shield. She is one of the two main protagonists alongside Victor.


Gloria is a short young girl with brown eyes, brown hair, and fair skin. Gloria wears a grey hoodie over a magenta button-up dress, tartan green socks, and brown boots with lighter brown laces. She also dons a dark green and white tam o' shanter on top of her head. She carries around a backpack instead of a shoulder bag, though she can ditch it and use other forms of storage instead.

Apart from her basic features, Gloria's appearance in the game can be altered from the very beginning. The player character is given the option to choose her starting hair color, eye color, and complexion from a variety of presets. A few of these are permanent, but many of the other aspects can be customized further later on.


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Main article: Schilly

Gloria's counterpart in the Adventures manga is named Schildemilia Tate, though she prefers to be called "Schilly." Schilly is extremely rambunctious, hyper, and loves to talk by yelling or shouting out real loud, often having to be told to shut up by the exasperated people around her.


  • Pre-release media at E3 2019 referred to her as Gloria, Jane and "Shield".


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