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Glitches are mistakes in a game's programming, which usually cause errors during the gameplay. Some of these can be used to a player's advantage, while other glitches may be problematic, and could be disruptive to the progress of the game.

Generation I

Red and Blue

Old Man Glitch

The Missingno Glitch

This glitch is the easiest way to encounter glitch Pokémon, glitch trainers, and Pokémon above level 100. It also by extension allows the player to clone items to numbers higher than 99 and see Safari Zone Pokémon outside of the Safari Zone.

Performing the Glitch

  1. Go to Viridian City and speak to the old man who complained about his back near the start of the game.
  2. Talk to him and say that the player character is not in a hurry.
  3. Fly to Cinnabar Island. Do not leave Viridian City before flying to Cinnabar Island.
  4. Surf on the east coast of Cinnabar Island While surfing one will encounter:
  • Standard sea Pokémon. (example: Tentacool)
  • Strange Pokémon that do not belong here. (example: Pidgey)
  • Pokémon and trainers that vary depending on the player's name, including glitch Pokémon, glitch trainers, and Pokémon above level 100


The Pokémon and trainers encountered when doing this glitch are dependent on the name of the character. The third, fifth and seventh letters determine which Pokémon species or trainer class that will appear. The second letter determines the level of the Pokémon corresponding to the third level, or the team if it is a trainer. The fourth letter determines the team/level of the fifth Pokémon, etc.

Because the game stores the player's name as a string of eleven characters despite the seven-character limit, the character after the last letter in the player's name is stored as an end of name marker and the rest are stored as null characters. Because of this, any custom name will cause 'M (00) to appear at level 0, as well as either 'M (00) at level 80 or Missingno. at a level determined by the last character in the player's name.

Character Pokémon/Trainer Level
(Null Character) 'M (00) 0
(End on Name Marker) Missingno. 80
(Space) Missingno. 127
A Golduck 128
B Hypno 129
C Golbat 130
D Mewtwo 131
E Snorlax 132
F Magikarp 133
G Missingno. 134
H Missingno. 135
I Muk 136
J Missingno. 137
K Kingler 138
L Cloyster 139
M Missingno. 140
N Electrode 141
O Clefable 142
P Weezing 143
Q Persian 144
R Marowak 145
S Missingno. 146
T Haunter 147
U Abra 148
V Alakazam 149
W Pidgeotto 150
X Pidgeot 151
Y Starmie 152
Z Bulbasaur 153
( Venusaur 154
) Tentacruel 155
: Missingno. 156
; Goldeen 157
[ Seaking 158
] Missingno. 159
a Missingno. 160
b Missingno. 161
c Missingno. 162
d Ponyta 163
e Rapidash 164
f Rattata 165
g Raticate 166
h Nidorino 167
i Nidorina 168
j Geodude 169
k Porygon 170
l Aerodactyl 171
m Missingno. 172
n Magnemite 173
o Missingno. 174
p Missingno. 175
q Charmander 176
r Squirtle 177
s Charmeleon 178
t Wartortle 179
u Charizard 180
v Missingno. 181
w Missingno. (Kabutops Fossil) 182
x Missingno. (Aerodactyl Fossil) 183
y Missingno. (Ghost) 184
z Oddish 185
PK Rival (Sprite #1) 225
MN Prof. Oak 226
- Chief 227
? Rocket 230
! CoolTrainer♂ 231
Blaine 239
× (Multiplication Sign) Gentleman 241
. Rival (Sprite #2) 242
/ Rival (Champion Sprite) 243
, Lorelei 244
Channeler 245

Because preset names are stored as a string of all possible preset names separated by end of name markers, one will get different results if a preset name is chosen.

Item Duplication Glitch

When the player encounters or catches Missingno. or 'M (00), the quantity of the item in the player's sixth item slot will be increased by 128 if it is not already 128 or greater. This allows the player to gain essentially unlimited TMs, Master Balls, medicines, and even key items.

Because the items are duplicated both when encountering the Missingno. and when it is caught, it is possible to clone two item stacks off the same Missingno., or to clone the same item stack twice.

  • To clone two item stacks, put the first stack in the sixth slot, encounter the Missingno., switch the second stack into the sixth slot, and catch the Missingno.
  • To duplicate a single item stack twice, start with one item in the sixth slot, and then toss two of the item between encountering the Pokémon and catching it.
  • The above method will result in a stack of 255 items, which is very unstable and has the potential to (temporarily) mess up the item menu. It is recommended to toss three of the item instead to end up with a perfectly safe stack of 254.

Freeze the game in Oak's Laboratories

When Oak tells the player they have to choose a starter, go to the Poké Ball on the table and just hold the A button. Then, the rival will have the exclamation gesture and will not came to take away a First partner Pokémon. When you let go of the A button, the rival will come to the Poké Ball, as usual. A video of the glitch can be seen here.

Minimize/Substitute glitch

If the enemy uses Substitute or Minimize and the player goes to view the stats of any Pokémon and then return to the battle, the sprites will be changed. The enemy will have the sprite of the Pokémon's player but broken, and the Pokémon of the player will have the Substitute or Minimize sprite. The sprite of the rival can change if the player goes to view the stats of any Pokémon in the team. A video of the glitch can be seen here.

Safari Pokémon Outside the Safari Zone

  1. Go to Fuchsia City.
  2. Enter the Safari Zone, but as soon as one has entered, leave again.
  3. Fly to Cinnabar Island, and Surf on the east coast, but always right next to the land, do not surf out to sea, or too far south. (note that it works with the same condition in Seafoam Islands)
  4. While surfing one will encounter Safari Zone Pokémon (e.g. Chansey).

Notes: This is a good way to capture the rarer Pokémon of the Safari Zone:

After capturing a level 100+ Pokémon it will only level-up effectively with Rare Candies. If it levels up in a battle it will go back to level 100.

If leveling up a level 255 Pokémon, it will level up to lv. 0, the HP bar will be messed up, and the full HP will be an improper fraction (e.g. 67/32)

Tree Glitch

This is a simple, minor glitch. First, go somewhere and cut down a random tree using the move Cut. Stand where the tree once was, save, and turn the game off. When turning the game on again, one will be standing on top of the tree. This glitch does not work in any of the future games due to improvements of what the game saves.

Glitch City

  1. First go to Fuchsia City, then to the Safari Zone.
  2. Exit the Safari Zone, and the guy will ask if the player character wants to leave. Say "No". They will go back inside. Save and quit then try to exit again. This time, he will not ask if the player character wants to leave. He will instead say what he says when you're entering the Safari Zone. Go back outside. Then Fly to any direction except Celadon City, Cerulean City, Lavender Town, Fuchsia City, Vermilion City, Pewter City, Cinnabar Island( you can Surf around the island without entering) or Viridian City and run out 500 steps by any means. At the end of this there will be a box at the bottom of the screen. It will say "Ding-dong. The Safari Game is over." One will then be transported back to the Safari Zone counters. When exiting the player will be inside "Glitch City".
  3. It is not recommended that a player go into the cave, as this will cause all movements to freeze.
  4. This glitch can potentially damage the game if saving inside and don't have a Pokémon that knows Fly or Teleport.
  5. Different destination areas/routes as well as different versions will result in different Glitch Cities.
  6. Once the player enters Glitch City, there is no way out except using Fly.


'M is one of many glitch Pokémon. It was to be a baby Kangaskhan but was scrapped due to time constraints. It is also one of many "clones" of Missingno. but it has a separate identifiers, as it is a different Pokémon.

Mew Glitch

The Mew Glitch is a name given to several glitches that allow a player to obtain a Mew without the aid of a cheating device.

To properly perform this glitch a player must have had acquired the HM containing Fly or have a Pokémon that knows Teleport, and must have avoided the Youngster on Route 25 and the Gambler near the underground path, right of Saffron City, until ready to perform the glitch. First, a player must stand above the Gambler so that he is no longer visible. Next they must take a step down at him and quickly press start to open the menu (Note: If the Gambler spots the player the glitch will fail). While the menu is open, Fly to Cerulean City. If this step is performed correctly, the Gambler will spot the player, but the player will fly away right before the Gambler approaches him. Once the player arrives in Cerulean City, they are unable to talk or use the menu. Next, the player must battle the Youngster on Route 24 that was avoided earlier (Note: When going to battle the Youngster, the player must be a few steps away from him so that he walks to the player. Standing right in front of him will cause the game to freeze. The music will still be playing and, if you tried to talk to him, he will face you when you pressed A.). After defeating him, Fly to Lavender Town and walk onto Route 8, this will cause the start menu to pop up. Press 'B' to exit the menu and the player will be put into a battle with a Lv. 7 Mew. Further insight into this glitch can be seen here.

If you want to catch Mew in Cerulean City, you need a Pokémon that knows Teleport. Then, player must stand above the Youngster so that he is no longer visible. Next they must take a step down at him and quickly press start to open the menu and Teleport to Cerulean City. After that, you will notice that the menu is unusable. Battle the first trainer in the Cerulean City Gym, then head to the Nugget Bridge. When you get to the bridge, the menu will suddenly appear. Press B and Lv. 7 Mew will appear.

There is a way to use this glitch to encounter other Pokémon. This is the only way to catch Mew in Red, Blue, Green and Yellow and therefore it is impossible to fill up the Pokédex completely without having used it.

No Pokedex

The player is NOT able to obtain the Pokédex if done correctly. Since the player doesn't have any Pokéballs, they can't catch any Pokémon. All you need to do is use your starter to grind for enough EXP points until it evolves into Ivysaur, Charmeleon or Wartortle without getting Oak's Parcel. If the player then returns to Professor Oak and talks to him with only their evolved starter, he will read off how many Pokémon you have seen and obtained from your Pokédex despite not even having one yet. Due to this, you are not allowed to forward into Viridian Forest due to the needed Pokédex, which Oak can no longer give you because he thinks that you already have it, thus, making the game impossible to finish.


First Encounter/Screaming Pikachu Glitch

This glitch often requires messing around with the code, but other factors of it can be done by normal gameplay and not messing with the game files. It can be rarely done while trying to walk into the tall grass before you choose your starter. Go into the tall grass until you are on the left column on the second to bottom patch of grass. When Professor Oak runs over to you it will sometimes initiate a battle in which a glitch Pokémon appears. The music slightly changes and small pieces of the intro and Pikachu's voice can be heard at a high pitched level. For a visual, a video can be seen here.

4 4

It is currently under speculation on how to start the glitch or on how to encounter it, but multiple people have gone under research. The glitch starts with a random encounter (tall grass or not) and will show a glitched sprite of an unknown Pokémon. Its cry consists of multiple jumbles of static and even clips from audio of Pikachu. Sending out a Pokémon to battle it may either turn the battle back to normal or it will freeze the game, forcing you to restart. A video of the glitch can be seen here.

Freeze Partner Pikachu's Sprite

The player must go to a ledge and jump over. You have to keep the direction pad when Pikachu turns on itself. If you did it correctly, Pikachu's sprite will not move when Pikachu walks. This is a simple curiosity, and doesn't cause any damage to the cartridge function. This works in any Pokémon Yellow version. A video of the glitch can be seen here.

Lift goes to the same floor

In any lift of Pokémon Red/Blue/Green and Yellow, if the player chooses to go to the floor they're already on, the lift acts like it is moving. A video of the glitch can be seen here.

Generation II

Gold and Silver

Entering the Color glitch Dimension (Note this will not work on the original Game Boy)

  1. Go to Vermilion City.
  2. (Optional, but recommended) Save the game.
  3. Walk to the place where there's a Machop flattening the ground and talk to it.
  4. Do not move at all!
  5. Open up the menu, and click on the bag
  6. Go and click on the coin case and when a smaller menu comes up, click use.
  7. One will enter the glitch dimension.

There is a small chance that the game will crash, but no worries. If it does, or wanting to leave the glitch, turn off the handheld and restart it.

Cloning Pokémon and Items

Go to a PC anywhere in the game. Go into Bill's PC and change the box to an EMPTY box. Now switch off the computer and save the game in front of it. Now turn the computer back on and go into Bill's PC. Deposit the Pokémon you wish to clone into the currently empty box. Now, with the Pokémon deposited, change the box to another EMPTY box. When prompted to save, select yes to save game and then yes to overwrite, but when it says "SAVING DO NOT TURN OFF THE POWER" do the most ironic thing and turn off the game (switch off the console). When you go back on, the Pokémon will be in your party, and in the box on the computer in front of you. Note: Test this until you get it right with a Pokémon you do not like/want, in case you accidentally lose your prized Pokémon. To clone an item simply make the Pokémon you are duplicating hold the item before attempting to clone it. Both Pokémon will be holding the item. (Note: This is very useful for Master Balls and the like). To make the cloning process faster, it is possible to deposit multiple Pokémon from your party into the box and all of them will be cloned (Tested up to five Pokémon at a time, the max you can deposit at one time).

All Johto Starters

  1. Start a new game.
  2. Save OUTSIDE of Professor Elm's lab.
  3. Go in lab and choose a First partner Pokémon.
  4. Play until you get Poké Balls.
  5. Catch 2 Pokémon.
  6. Deposit your First partner Pokémon and one of the Pokémon you caught in Bill's PC.
  7. Switch to another box.
  8. While it saves, restart the game.
  9. Go in the lab again and choose another First partner Pokémon.
  10. When you go to Cherrygrove City, go to the Pokémon Center and go to Bill's PC.
  11. The First partner Pokémon that you chose before and the Pokémon you caught will be in the PC.
  12. Withdraw the Pokémon that you caught and deposit your First partner Pokémon.
  13. Switch to another box.
  14. Again, as it saves restart the game.
  15. Choose another First partner Pokémon
  16. In Cherrygrove, go to the Pokémon Center and to Bill's PC.
  17. Two of the First partner Pokémon you had before are there.
  18. You now have all Johto Starters.

You need Pokémon Stadium 2 to do this like it is shown. Without Pokémon Stadium 2, you need to restart the game a different time while it saves.


Cloning Pokémon

Go to a PC with the Pokémon you want to duplicate. Switch boxes to an empty box. Deposit the Pokémon you want to duplicate. Then switch boxes to a different empty box and when it says 'SAVING, DO NOT TURN OF THE POWER.', turn your system off. You'll find that you still have that Pokémon in your party and in the empty box. If this doesn't work, try again. Be aware that either this or the gold/silver cloning (which work the same way) may give you a Pokémon called "??????????" but that looks like the Pokémon you tried to clone; this Pokémon may have various negative side effects such as crashing the game. Turn off immediately if you receive a "??????????".

Receive all Johto Starters

This Glitch can be manipulated by doing the same way, and receiving all three starters. To do this, you must save before you get the starter. Then choose one, and go throughout the story until you can catch wild Pokémon. Catch a Pokémon and perform the Clone. When you turn back on, you will be back at the lab. Do the same thing, but with a different starter (make sure the first clone worked). Then, choose the final starter and go to your PC. You should have all three starters. Only the Starter that you last took will be in your Pokédex, and the other two will not. The others' evolutions will appear though.

Glitch City 2

Another glitch city can be found by a two steps:

  1. Go through the files and switch files that tell the difference between a wall and walk-able land.
  2. The side of your room should be able to let you walk through it.

Strange textures and texts are found inside of the Glitch City 2. A Poison Barb can be found there, but it has the texture of a green player on a bike. A trainer can also be found there named Cara. Her team consists of two Horsea's and a Seadra (both Horsea's being level 33 and Seadra being level 35). This is probably one of the most interesting Gen II glitches, since losing or winning against Cara has different results: If you lose, you'll be teleported back to your house's room and a glitched call prompt from your PokéGear will appear, press A button twice to finish the dialogue and the game will reset with the infamous 'This GamePak can be used on the GameBoy Color only' screen. If you win, a different victory jingle will play and Cara's sprite will change to a red Seadra sprite, her dialogue box will be empty and the game will crash.

However, Cara will appear in Glitch City if you're using an emulator with poor/inaccurate emulation, she's not supposed to show up if you were to do this glitch on real hardware.

Generation III

Ruby and Sapphire

Berry Glitch

The Berry Glitch is a bug in the Ruby and Sapphire Pokémon games. This glitch makes time related events, such as growing berries, stop from working. This starts becoming a problem after around 1 year of use. A message will pop up before starting the game saying internal battery has run dry, this indicates any time related events, such as the department store specials, stop from working. Some Pokémon, such as Jirachi automatically fix the Berry Glitch when getting them. One can get Jirachi by trading it from the Colosseum US bonus disc or by buying and completing Pokémon Channel.

Sootopolis City Minor Glitch

Fly to Sootopolis City and go up each stairway except the last one. Stand on it, but at the VERY bottom. Walk left. Instead of making a static sound and making the player character stay in one spot like it usually does, they will walk forward, One can only be on this tile, and the glitch was fixed in Emerald.

Living Nightmare Glitch

If a Pokémon uses Nightmare on a Pokémon that is asleep which is then awakened due to the Shed Skin ability, then the Pokémon under the effects of Nightmare will still take damage from the move despite being awake.

Thief/Sticky Hold Glitch

If a Pokémon attempts to use the move Covet or Thief to steal an item from a Pokémon with the Sticky Hold ability, then the sprite of the Sticky Hold Pokémon will become distorted.


No/??? Pokémon Glitch

Note: To perform this glitch, one must have a GameShark, and the 'Walk through walls' code. And it must be a new game, and get up to the part when one is going to get their first Pokémon.

When Prof. Birch is being attacked by the Zigzagoon, ignore him and walk into the grass. When attacked by a Pokémon, the player character will send out a Pokémon that is just a black circle with a Question mark in it.

  • If the player selects to fight, it says "??? has no moves!".
  • It is impossible to flee.
  • If the player attempts to switch Pokémon, the game will freeze.
  • It is pointless to use the player character's bag as it contains nothing to help.
  • If the wild Pokémon attacks the Pokémon, it will say "??? has no health left!" and the battle will instantly lose.

Clone a Pokémon

This glitch allows you to clone up to five Pokémon at a time, and six if you don't mind losing one. You may also clone items using the same technique.

  1. Go to the Battle Frontier.
  2. Go to the Battle Tower.
  3. Use the PC right of the desks, then:

Note: Make sure the Pokémon you wish to clone are deposited in any box with no Pokémon. If you want to clone items give whatever item(s) you want to clone to Pokémon in the box. Exit the Pokémon box, and save the game. After saving, withdraw whatever it was that you deposited, be it items or Pokémon.

  1. At this stage you should now have five good Pokémon, and one other one, or whatever items you want to clone.
  2. Go to the desk at the very right and talk to the receptionist.
  3. Say that you wish to enter a battle, and register two Pokémon.
  4. Accept that you wish to save the game, but when it gets to the part where you choose YES or NO to overwrite save data, turn your game off. 
  5. Turn your game back on.
  6. You are standing at the counter. The glitch has succeeded.
  7. When you turn your game on go to the Pokémon box. You should have two copies of all the Pokémon you wanted to clone, and if you deposited items you will have them in your box along with being held by the Pokémon in the PC.

Note: Saving at any time throughout this glitch will render it impossible to do without reloading.

Tutorial video

Disobedient Hidden Power glitch

If a Pokémon is told to use Hidden Power, but uses another move due to the disobedience function, the type of Hidden Power will carry over to the other selected move. An example is below:

  • A Seviper is fighting a Pidgeot. Seviper has a Ground-type Hidden Power.
  • Seviper is instructed to use Hidden Power, but due to disobedience, uses Poison Fang instead.
  • Pidgeot will become immune to Poison Fang during that turn because the game lists Poison Fang as a Ground-type move, which Pidgeot is immune to.

This glitch also effects and changes the types of moves that don't do damage such as Thunder Wave or Will-O-Wisp.

Generation IV

Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum

Darkrai Glitch

This glitch can take up to five hours and is only recommended for those with a lot of patience. (Have your Pokétch open to step counter at ALL TIMES.)

First, go to Jubilife City. Then you will need to tweak (a kind of hacking) by going about 23 steps NORTH of the Pokémon Center and riding your bike up and down. This is because your characters movements are controlled by four squares surrounding it. If you get lucky, you will break out of the squares and a black "void" will appear on the west side of Jubilife. Using your bike, try to get into the void. As soon as you get in, register your Explorer Kit in the menu. From now on, you will not be able to open up your menu unless you want your game to get seriously messed up. Use the kit with Y and your game will encounter an error and shut down. Turn it back on and go exactly:

  • 9 steps east
  • 4 steps south
  • 42 steps east
  • 78 steps north

You will now be in the Mystery Zone. Go east 50,000 steps (this will take about 70 minutes) and then go north another 42 steps. Now go east another 50,000 steps. You will reach an invisible wall. Keep trying to go through it in different areas and when you get through, you will be in Fake Sinnoh (a walk anywhere Sinnoh). You will be just east of Fullmoon Island. Find Newmoon Island, then go back to Fullmoon. Go to Newmoon Island again, and go inside of the forest/cave entrance. You will see Darkrai, it will be at Lv.50. Catch it and retrace your steps.

Void Glitch

Used to capture Pokémon such as Darkrai and Shaymin. One can use this glitch in Pokémon Diamond and Pearl. The player character enters the Void using the Tweaking Glitch. Save before using this glitch, as saving in certain parts of the Void may result in a BSoD, which, without use of an Action Replay, erases the save file.

This glitch can also be performed in Pokémon HG/SS but cannot be used to catch legendary Pokémon. It can only be used to explore the void and works the same as Pokémon D/P.

Acid Rain Glitch

This glitch occurs when the move Pursuit is used to faint a Pokémon that is switching during a weather condition in Pokémon Platinum. During this glitch, several weather conditions appear simultaneously, and can cause Pokémon to be damaged, strangely, by their Abilites, i.e., "Togepi was hurt by its Hustle!"

This glitch will not occur in Pokémon Battle Revolution.

Cloning Items (Japanese D/P only)

Enter a tag battle with a Pokémon that knows the move Thief, and another with an item given to it. Make sure that the Pokémon with the move Thief does not have anything held on it. At the start of the battle, use Thief on the Pokémon with the Master Ball and one will clone it. This glitch is still being tested and does not work in the Kanto region.

Shaymin Glitch

  1. Tweak using the Void Glitch.
  2. One will be in Mystery Zone.
  3. Go into Fake Sinnoh by taking a few thousand steps.
  4. Find the way to Floaroma Town.
  5. Walk a little more to find Seabreak Path.
  6. Shaymin Land form will be there.

Level 0 Pokémon glitch

It is unknown how to trigger this glitch. The glitch causes 4-5 blue and white squares to appear at the top of the screen as well as a name tag reading the name of a random legendary Pokémon, with a level of 0 and has 0 HP. This Pokémon seemingly cannot be caught as it can break out of any Poké Ball thrown at it. 

HeartGold and SoulSilver

Gym Music Glitch

One will need an R4 with HeartGold/SoulSilver versions for this glitch. Here's how to experience the glitch.

  • Before playing, activate the Wild Shiny Pokémon cheat (where in all Pokémon the player character encounters will be shiny).
  • Start and play until reaching Kanto.
  • Go to Vermilion City and battle Lt. Surge.
  • Once the player character defeats his first Pokémon sent out (like Electrode), the sound will change from the Gym fight music to the one when one earn Exp. Points from defeating wild Pokémon.

The music will play throughout the battle. If the cheat is deactivated after that, everything will go back to normal. There'll be no side effects either. It is unknown if it works with other Trainer battles.

Max Repels Glitch

Sometimes in Pokémon HeartGold and SoulSilver versions, after excessive use of Max Repels, a glitch will occur where one will encounter Pokémon in the wild no matter what, regardless of using Max Repels. A way to solve this glitch is to use any other repel (not Max), save, turn off the console, turn it back on and hope for the best. What may help is putting the strongest Pokémon in the front of the Party.

Map Glitch

If using the Action Replay or other devices too much, the player character will be unable to fly to the Pokémon League or look at the Kanto Region Map if having not personally discovered it previously.

Generation V

Black & White

Mega Money Glitch

If the player wins a Trainer Battle using both a Prize Money Power and an Amulet Coin so that the Prize Money is over $99,999, then the amount of money received will be displayed with a question mark due to the game not being able to show more than 5 digits.

Rock-type Rock Smash

The TM display for the move Rock Smash is displayed as a Rock-type move despite being a Fighting-type move.

Sandile & Conkeldurr Sprite Clipping

Upon encountering a Sandile, its lower jaw clips through the platform it stands on. This also happens with Conkeldurr in which the bottom of its stone pillars clip through its platform as well.

Generation VI

X and Y & Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire

Lumiose City Glitch

If a player saves in Lumiose City outside of shops their game will sometimes freeze. When the player restarts the game, their game save data will be deleted. This was fixed with a patch released by The Pokémon Company.

Sylveon Glitch

Evolving an Eevee into a Sylveon may not register Sylveon as caught in the Pokédex. Trading a Sylveon into the game, however, will register Sylveon's entry.

Name Glitch

Sometimes happens with Zoroark. While battling, it will instead say Xerneas, and the moves will glitch. This happens at Pokémon Safari.

Pokémon X Special Edition

Though this is not a glitch that can be done with all SD cards of the game, certain rare instances can happen to where textures are missing. For instance, overworld Trainers have no heads, Pokémon will have no pupils or faces, and backgrounds will have missing textures. This glitch was first given its name as a joke, but turned out to be an actual glitch once more than two people had experienced the rare occurrence.

Albino Pokémon

They are also called Monochrome Pokémon. Sometimes, for unknown reasons, certain Pokémon will not have loading color palettes, making them entirely white or gray with only black outlines of things like the face, arms, and other body parts. This glitch goes away after the game is saved and turned off, reloading the albino Pokémon's colors. The glitch is harmless and only affects the Pokémon's appearance. Other similar texture glitches have appeared, involving distorted sprites or strange textures.

Wailord Glitch

Evolving Wailmer into Wailord while surfing with it may cause the game to glitch, due to the fact that Wailmer has a special surfing image, while Wailord's is default.

Generation VII

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Side Games


Poké Ball Glitch

This glitch allows you to use any kind of Poké Ball in your inventory without reducing the amount of Poké Balls you have in a double battle. It requires you to have at least two different kinds of Poké Balls in your bag. On the first Pokémon's turn, use the Poké Ball you wish to duplicate on the Pokémon you wish to catch. Then, on the second Pokémon turn, move that same kind of Poké Ball to another location via the Y button. It doesn't matter what else you do in that Pokémon's turn, as long as you do not move the Poké Ball back to its original spot. Your character will throw the Poké Ball, but the Poké Ball's stock in your inventory will not change. This is very useful if you don't want to lose your Master Ball.

Pokémon HOME

Obtain alternate Magearna with full PokéDex

If the player completes the entire PokéDex in Pokémon HOME, they must shift all of their Pokémon in their Box to the left and then shift them all again to the right so that they appear where they once were. Closing the game and reopening it will give the player a Magearna with alternate colors. This, however, may have been an oversight and may be patched.