This Porygon is a normal-type Pokémon owned by Gladion.


Gladion sent Porygon to battle against Hau's Pichu. Porygon fired Psybeam against Pichu's Charge Beam, causing a collision. Hearing Hau entered the tournament for fun, Gladion had Porygon intensify its attacks, which defeated Pichu. When Hau sent Komala, Gladion switched Porygon with Type: Null.[1] Gladion also sent it to battle against Moon's Grimer, who grappled it.[2]

As his Type: Null's mask began to crack, Gladion swapped it with Porygon. Sun had Dollar attempt to use Inferno Overdrive once more, but En spew out a smoke, as it was unable to execute the Z-Move twice. Instead, Porygon blew Dollar away with Psybeam.[3]

Known moves

  • Using Psybeam
  • Using Discharge
  • Using Zap Cannon


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