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This Persian is a Normal-type Pokémon owned by Giovanni.


Persian was always seen with its master and Giovanni actually seemed to care about Persian above any other Pokémon and was often seen petting it and feeding it treats. In return, Persian was very loyal to Giovanni and went with him wherever he went and has remained through the series as a loyal pet. Persian has rarely been seen in battle, instead of being treated as a pet. Team Rocket's Meowth hates Persian because he was and wants to be Giovanni's favorite Pokémon.

It was stated by Meowth that he used to be the top cat, but was replaced by that "stuck up good for nothing" Persian, however Persian was replaced by Giovanni when Meowth was affected by Mismagius' illusion throwing his Persian away and saying "I want a Meowth on my lap" which Meowth was perfectly happy to accept and it wasn't later in the episode when Giovanni told Meowth to either evolve into a Persian or go away, this was all the work of a Mismagius' Confuse Ray.

Persian and Meowth have both always been wanting to get all of Giovanni's attention but it is Persian that gets Giovanni's attention. Persian and Meowth met for the first time when Team Rocket contacted Giovanni before going to the St. Anne and when Persian came petting up to Giovanni's side, Meowth was horrified that he was replaced. Persian, like Ash's Pikachu, stays out of its own Poké Ball and is more likely to stay with Giovanni, but in the Black and White series, Giovanni does return Persian to its Poké Ball after battling Pikachu.

Persian is last seen in SM062 being petted by its master Giovanni after the Alolan Meowth officially joined Team Rocket and is now owned by Matori.

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Known moves

Voice actors


  • Rika Matsumoto, who voices Ash, is the original Japanese-language version voices Giovanni's Persian in both the Japanese and English language versions of the Pokémon anime.
  • Interestingly, Giovanni's Persian has never been shown to have the unpredictable nature that Persians are known for.