This Beedrill is a bug/poison-type Pokémon owned by Giovanni. It has the ability to Mega Evolve.


Giovanni caught Beedrill in Viridian Forest, where it evolved.[1]

The Beginning series

Giovanni cornered Red to the walls of the Gym, as Giovanni forced Red to surrender.[2] Red refused, as he touched the Poké Ball with his foot and sent Aerodactyl. Aerodactyl carried Red off and used Hyper Beam, which defeated Beedrill.[3]

To stop Lance, Giovanni's Beedrill fired Twineedle on two of Lance's Dragonair. With Lance down, Beedrill intimidated the Elite Four member.[1] After Lance obtained Giovanni's Earth Badge, Lance's Dragonite rescued Lance, causing Beedrill to fall down.[4]

Ruby and Sapphire series

Giovanni sent his Beedrill, after he sensed an intruder nearby. The intruder stood hidden and silent, so Giovanni went away with Sird, Carr and Orm after the threat was gone.[5]

Kanto II

Beedrill went with Giovanni to capture Deoxys.[6] He had Beedrill use Agility to provoke Deoxys into lowering its defense to have Aggron use Brick Break.[7]

Hoenn II

Beedrill was with Giovanni, who welcomed Red, Green, Blaise and Amber, stating he was here to help save the planet.[8][9]

Known moves



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