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The - (ギネマのみ, Ginema Fruit) is a Berry introduced in Generation III, exclusive to the Japanese version of Ruby and Sapphire. It is an e-Reader Berry; thus, it will turn into an Enigma Berry if its holder is transferred to Generation IV through Pal Park.


In-Battle Effect

When one of the holder's stat is lowered, the Berry is consumed and the stat is raised.

Berry Information

Generation III
Growth Time Hours per Stage Yield
56 Hours 14 Minimum: 2
Maximum: 3
Image Tag Description
Tag III Ginema Berry Sprite.png うすい かわを すべて むくと まんまるい みに なる。 とても しぶくて すっぱい。
(After the thin skins are all peeled off, it becomes a round Berry. Very dry and sour.)
Berry Blending
Verdanturf: IndigoFallarbor: Indigo
Slateport: GrayLilycove: Indigo


Games Description
RS ポロックの ざいりょう つちのなかに うめると なぞな みが そだつ
(POKéBLOCK ingredient. Plant in loamy soil to grow a mystery.)


Games Location
RS e-Reader


The Ginema Berry is based on an onion. Its name comes from the Japanese name for the onion, (たま)ねぎ Tamanegi.