Ghris is a character appearing in Hoopa and the Clash of Ages.


A resident of Arche Valley, Ghris was a master of the power shared with that place's inhabitants by Arceus. When Hoopa was consumed by its own power and threatened the inhabitants of Dahara City, Ghris took it upon himself to stop it. By combining the powers of Fire, Water, and Ground, he fashioned the Prison Bottle to contain Hoopa's excess power, reducing its size and abilities. He then hid the Prison Bottle in ancient ruins, hiding it with the power of Arceus. Ghris then brought Hoopa to Arche Valley despite its objections, and tried to help it understand why it had been stripped of its power and ability to travel through its own rings.

Ghris also attempted to help Hoopa see how its powers could be used to benefit others, as opposed to amusing itself. Eventually Ghris' great-grandchildren Meray and Baraz were born, and in his advanced age Ghris was a beloved figure to them. He also became increasingly fond of Hoopa, their companion, whom he considered to be part of his family as well before passing away.

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