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This Vanilluxe is an ice-type Pokémon owned by Georgia.


Vanilluxe floated to Iris, wanting to meet Axew. This scared Iris and Axew, but Georgia called Vanilluxe back, pointing she caught that Pokémon to defeat dragon-type trainers. During the presentation of the moss grown in Ferroseed Research Institute, Georgia sent Vanilluxe, since she wanted to use the moss to improve her Vanilluxe's stats. The scientists replied moss did not have such an effect yet, though Vanilluxe went after Axew, and were followed by Oshawott and Iris. They came to the top of the building, where Vanilluxe used Icy Wind to freeze Oshawott, who fell in love with her. The moss inside the building started to overgrow, terrifying Iris, Axew, Oshawott and Vanilluxe. However, Vanilluxe used Icy Wind, which froze the moss and crushed it. Vanilluxe managed to come to the central room, where Iris and the Pokémon reunited with Ash, Cilan and Georgia. Once the Ferroseed have been defeated and stabilized not to produce any of the overgrown moss, Iris thanked Vanilluxe for helping them out.[2]

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