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Geeta is a character appearing in Pokémon Scarlet and Pokémon Violet. She is the chairwoman of the Pokémon League in Paldea and also the Top Champion of Paldea.


Geeta is a tall woman with dark skin with black hair and blue and yellow eyes. She wears a black pantsuit with socks and loafers of the same color, blue gloves and a yellow necktie on her blue shirt. Her glove has a sun emblem on it.

Geeta's appearance is similar to a combination of the two most notable pokemon on her team, Glimmora and Kingambit. Her long flowing hair resembles Kingambit's hair style, which also reflects her management style as one who prefers to command and observe passively, than actively (given she's usually standing still and tends to let others do things their way with unspoken high expectations). Glimmora is referenced by the blue waves in her hair and outfit giving her an otherworldly appearance, which is meant to surprise the player with ambiance. Her Tera type choice being Rock seems to be reflected more by her unmoving yet sharp nature as despite not being popular among her employees, she is still highly feared and respected without needing to show much emotion.


Geeta is a refined and composed lady, who hopes and strives to nurture Trainers in Paldea so they can reach their fullest. She is known for her bureaucratic approach on handling things.

However, she has a habit of micromanagement with strict rules, which makes her unfavored by those who wish to express themselves. Larry dislikes her for forcing extra positions on him (being both a Gym Leader and Elite Four member on top of his job), forcing him to pick another Pokémon typing for the latter and even dictating his overtime hours. Tulip states that her aura is too "bewitching" and conflicts with her own, while Ryme is annoyed that she had sent the player to inspect her, wanting to prove the power of Ghost types to her.


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Champion Assessment and the Academy Ace Tournament[]

0956Espathra Pokémon HOMETypeType Psychic HOME Psychic0673Gogoat Pokémon HOMETypeType Grass HOME Grass
Tera TypeNoneTera TypeNone
Level61[Notes 1]; 69[Notes 2]Level61[Notes 1]; 69[Notes 2]
AbilityOpportunistAbilitySap Sipper
MovesLumina CrashDazzling GleamMovesHorn LeechZen Headbutt
Quick AttackReflectPlay RoughBulk Up
0976Veluza Pokémon HOMETypeType Water HOME Water / Type Psychic HOME Psychic0713Avalugg Pokémon HOMETypeType Ice HOME Ice
Tera TypeNoneTera TypeNone
Level61[Notes 1]; 69[Notes 2]Level61[Notes 1]; 69[Notes 2]
AbilityMold BreakerAbilityOwn Tempo
MovesAqua JetLiquidationMovesAvalancheCrunch
Psycho CutIce FangEarthquakeBody Press
0983Kingambit Pokémon HOMETypeType Dark HOME Dark / Type Steel HOME Steel0970Glimmora Pokémon HOMETypeType Rock HOME Rock / Type Poison HOME Poison
Tera TypeNoneTera TypeType Rock HOME Rock
Level61[Notes 1]; 69[Notes 2]Level62[Notes 1]; 70[Notes 2]
AbilitySupreme OverlordAbilityToxic Debris
MovesIron HeadKowtow CleaveMovesTera BlastSludge Wave
Zen HeadbuttStone EdgeEarth PowerDazzling Gleam

League Club Room[]

Geeta will Terastallize Kingambit at the first opportunity rather than Glimmora.

0970Glimmora Pokémon HOMETypeType Rock HOME Rock / Type Poison HOME Poison0956Espathra Pokémon HOMETypeType Psychic HOME Psychic
Tera TypeType Rock HOME RockTera TypeNone
AbilityToxic DebrisAbilityOpportunist
MovesPower GemSludge WaveMovesLumina CrashDazzling Gleam
Earth PowerLight ScreenShadow BallProtect
0652Chesnaught Pokémon HOMETypeType Grass HOME Grass / Type Fighting HOME Fighting0713Avalugg Pokémon HOMETypeType Ice HOME Ice
Tera TypeNoneTera TypeNone
AbilitySap SipperAbilityOwn Tempo
MovesSpiky ShieldLeech SeedMovesAvalancheHeavy Slam
Drain PunchBulk UpEarthquakeBody Press
0887Dragapult Pokémon HOMETypeType Dragon HOME Dragon / Type Ghost HOME Ghost0983Kingambit Pokémon HOMETypeType Dark HOME Dark / Type Steel HOME Steel
Tera TypeNoneTera TypeType Flying HOME Flying
AbilityMold BreakerAbilitySupreme Overlord
MovesDragon DartsSucker PunchMovesIron HeadKowtow Cleave
ThunderboltShadow BallTera BlastStone Edge


  • Her passive nature and expectations as Top Champion seem to imply she prefers to take a backseat when it comes to being the strongest Trainer, as she encourages Nemona to be the true final test for the player. This may hint as to why her team seems unusually lackluster for a Top Champion, because the nature of the school system is to let the students push themselves to their limits and not discourage them to push further by claiming she's the best when she knows the students are expected to beat her.
    • This is also reinforced by the sympathy she has for Nemona wishing for a rival to match her skill as even Geeta couldn't push Nemona to her limit.
  • Geeta is the second Champion in the Pokémon series since Alder from Pokémon Black Version and Pokémon White Version to not serve as the final battle of the game's main story mode.
  • Geeta is the only female champion to not own neither a psuedo-legendary nor a starter pokemon.
  • Geeta is the second character to Terastallize a different Pokémon; she Terastalizes Glimmora in the base game, while in the League Club rematch in The Indigo Disk DLC, she uses it on Kingambit instead.
    • The change in her lineup may reference to players criticizing her initial team, since Kingambit's Supreme Overlord would not be at maximum power, while Glimmora's moves were unusually lackluster as a final Pokémon.
  • During her League Club rematch, she uses a different Glimmora, which is female instead of male and has two moves changed.


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