Gateon Port is a major location that appears in the game Pokémon XD: Gale of Darkness. It is a town that is mainly a harbor. Trainers such as Sailors can be battled here.


Lighthouse: The lighthouse is located on the north side of Gateon Port. It can be accessable by using the moving bridges. A single trainer and Miror B. can be found at the top but the latter can only be seen after Michael snags all but one Shadow Pokémon.


Michael along with Jovi are first sent here by their mother to retrieve the machine parts from Perr. However, Jovi soon runs into a thug named Zook and Zook prepares to battle Michael by sending out his Shadow Zangoose. Fortunately, Michael and Jovi are saved by an old man named Mr. Verich and two men stop Zook. Jovi thanks the man for saving her and Michael and Mr. Verich simply says it was something that had to be done.

Soon, Michael and Jovi spot Perr across the bridges and he will come over and will head inside his shop. After speaking to Perr again, he will hand over the machine part.


Eevee Evolution

During the first visit to Gateon Port, Michael can enter the Parts Shop to meet with an ex-navigator. After listening to his story, the navigator offers Michael any kind of stone to evolve his Eevee. Michael can pick anyone he wishes, but to get either an Espeon or an Umbreon, Michael must battle a little more with his Eevee before it can evolve.

The Final Shadow Pokémon

After Michael has snagged almost every other Shadow Pokémon except one, Michael will be notified of Miror B.'s presence at Gateon Port. Miror B. will be at the top of the lighthouse where Michael can snag the last Shadow Pokémon in the game: Shadow Dragonite.


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