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Gary Oak is a character appearing in Pokémon the Series. He is the grandson of Professor Oak and the rival of Ash Ketchum in the first few seasons. His Starter Pokémon was a Squirtle, later evolving into a Blastoise.


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Gary Oak is a tall, thin young man with light skin, brown eyes, and tall, brown spiky hair.

The Beginning

He wears a long purple shirt, dark gray pants, a yin and yang necklace, and brown boots with black straps encircling them.

Occasionally, he wears a brown cloak during his travels.

Gold and Silver

Gary's appearance remains the same as it is in The Beginning series.

Ruby and Sapphire

Hiss appearance changes slightly; the colors of his shirt and pants are switched, so he wears a short-sleeved dark gray polo shirt with the collar flipped up and purple cargo pants and black shoes. He also carries a light blue pack around his waist, and has purple bands around his wrists.

While working as a scientist, he wears his previous outfit, along with a white lab coat.

Diamond and Pearl

Gary's appearance remains the same as it is in Ruby and Sapphire series.


Gary Oak is slightly older, taller and more mature-looking. He wears a black leather jacket, a black belt around his waist, khaki cargo pants, and black shoes.


The day Gary started out on his Pokémon journey, he came off as an arrogant and egotistical Trainer. His chosen starter Pokémon was Squirtle, which was actually the same Pokémon that Ash originally wanted to start with, and he even had a group of cheerleaders who cheered him on in all of his battles, and they would go so far as crying whenever he lost. He didn't walk on his journeys like most Trainers did; instead he had his own sporty red convertible with a chauffeur. Gary loved when he got a chance to make fun of Ash by bragging about how far behind Ash was compared to him. He also gave Ash the pet-name of "Ashy-boy" (Japanese: "Satoshi-kun"), which occasionally seems to annoy him. His style of training at that point was to capture many Pokémon and to use the strongest, as a stark contrast to Ash, who was more focused on developing a bond with his Pokémon.

His arrogance continued overtime during Ash's journey in Kanto until he challenged the Viridian City Gym Leader, Giovanni, to a Pokémon battle for his final (but not necessary) Badge, where his team was brutally defeated by Mewtwo. However, this still didn't change his arrogance. It would take a loss at the Pokémon League way later on against Melissa for Gary to finally realize that he greatly needed to change himself.

In his few appearances during the Johto saga, Gary seemed to have become the complete opposite of who he was. He became much more polite and respectful to others, including Ash.

However, he still considered Ash his rival and would continue to do so until after their better at the Silver Conference.

Gary used his Blastoise against Ash's Charizard in a hope to win by type matchups, but was defeated by Ash's Charizard. After this he decided that he wanted to become a Pokémon researcher, like his grandfather.

Gary became an even better person during the Hoenn and Sinnoh travels because he gives Ash great advice, and helps him out when he needs his help. Sometimes Gary still teases Ash, but to a lesser extent.



When Ash and Gary were children, they used to watch movies with Delia and Professor Oak. One of them was about a Trainer and his Clefairy eating a Teddiursa's hamburger until Ursaring pounded it. While Ash was amused, Gary didn't like the movie much.[1]

Near the time when Ash started the journey, he was fishing out a Magikarp, but got slapped by its fin. Gary appeared and humiliated Ash, though he noted it was a good spot for fishing, and joined him. He then inquired what moves a Magikarp could use, and as Ash was taking too much time to answer, Gary told him: Splash, Tackle and Flail. He belittled Ash even further, who replied he had to try his best in catching Pokémon. Gary reminded that Ash had tried to beat him every time, but failed. In that moment, the two sensed they caught something: with both of their rods, they pulled out an old Poké Ball. Since they could not determine who took out the Ball, the two sides pulled the Poké Ball until it broke into two pieces. Ash believed this to be a draw, but Gary didn't want to hear any of it: he believed having a draw with Ash was just as bad as losing. The two sides then kept each part of the Poké Ball.[2]

Pokémon the Series: The Beginning

In the morning, when Ash was supposed to obtain his very first Pokémon, he ran into Gary. Gary claimed to be the best of the best and had the typical smug attitude, known by having fangirls and a fanclub to go along. However, Gary did not want to reveal which Pokémon he obtained.[3] Ash, who joined Brock and Misty, went to Cerulean City. He found a signpost, seeing that Gary scratched that he was a loser to aggravate him.[4] When arriving to Viridian City, Brock reminded Ash that his rival could be in the city, which upset Ash.[5] When Ash went to get a Super Potion to heal his Pikachu, he went to a store. However, Gary slammed the door outwards, unaware of Ash's presence to hit him in the head.[6] Ash later encountered Gary, who presented himself to the citizens of Porta Vista. He went to insult Ash, aggravating him, which made the latter challenge Gary to a battle. Gary refused, thinking of Ash as a lesser Trainer, to which Brock stopped the two from fighting. Suddenly, a Gyarados appeared (which was actually Team Rocket's submarine) to cause calamity, causing the two to part ways.[7]

As the construction foreman was having trouble with Diglett, Gary appeared with many Trainers. He claimed he would solve this problem, and belittled Ash for arriving as well. When the Diglett arrived, Gary attempted to send a Pokémon out, but it refused. Thinking it was impossible to get rid of the Diglett, Gary claimed that was a waste of time, and left with his Trainers.[8] At a canyon, Gary, wearing his archaeologist outfit, wanted to excavate a fossil. Ash joined in to obtain a better fossil, while Gary found some fossilized manure. Later, when Aerodactyl grabbed Ash, Jigglypuff used Sing to pull everyone, including Gary, to sleep. When everyone woke up, Gary wondered if what he had experienced was a dream, but his cheerleaders distracted his thinking.[9]

Gary went cruising to Cinnabar Island when Ash encountered him again. Ash noticed that Gary and others were partaking in relaxing activities, instead of training. Gary laughed at him, reminding ever since his grandfather was a Trainer, Cinnabar Island became a resort, but it did not have a Gym. Upon spending time there, Ash realized Gary was right, who spent the night at a hotel, having a banquet.[10] At Viridian City, Gary arrived to the Gym. Encountering Ash, he had his cheerleaders boost his confidence, while he mocked Ash. He showed he had seven badges, and needed last one to compete in the Indigo League tournament. Ash tried to enter the Gym, but was stopped by the guards, for only one Trainer can enter the Gym.

Inside, Gary faced the Gym Leader, Giovanni. The latter applauded Gary, who used Nidoking to defeat his Golem and Arcanine to knock out Kingler. However, Giovanni unleashed an armored Mewtwo, who defeated all of Gary's Pokémon with no difficulty. Gary used his Pokédex to scan Mewtwo, but the device had no data on it. When Ash later encountered Gary lying on the floor, the latter warned him of the 'evil' Pokémon inside the Gym, and no ordinary Trainer could withstand it. Ash battled the Team Rocket trio, who were appointed temporary as Gym Leaders for Giovanni. Despite Gary's warnings, Ash continued to battle the Team Rocket trio. Gary noticed Team Rocket's Meowth tried to sabotage the battle, and snatched a remote to prevent dirty moves. Ash won the battle, a fact which Gary grudgingly accepted, thinking he wouldn't stand a chance against that Pokémon.

Due to Misty's Togepi accidentally pressing the button, the Gym collapsed, forcing everyone to evacuate the Gym. While Ash admired his new Badge, Brock wondered of the danger Gary warned them of.[11] The heroes encountered Gary at Professor Oak's lab, where Oak applauded both Trainers. He explained others did not have as much strength to obtain eight badges. Ash and Gary started to bicker who was the strongest Trainer. Professor Oak pointed out while Ash did defeat Gary, the latter captured more Pokémon. The group went outside, where they looked at the Pokémon the Trainers caught, and found Gary's Doduo, as well as some Ash's Pokémon, which Professor Oak added that they reflected their Trainer's personality. Just as Ash and Gary were to battle one another, they heard an explosion, and saw Team Rocket behind it.

While Gary and Professor Oak were shocked to find a talking Meowth, Ash's 30 Tauros appeared, charging at Team Rocket and blasting them off. In the end, Gary and Ash swore to face each other properly in the Indigo League.[12] At the Indigo League, Ash encountered Gary, who belittled him for being late. He walked away, not wanting to become a lesser Trainer by being around Ash. During the torch-bearing ceremony, Misty and Brock compared Gary to Ash, finding the latter much more nervous than the former.[13] Later, Gary battled Melissa in the tournament. His Nidoking went to attack, but was stopped by Melissa's Golem's Seismic Toss, which defeated him. Gary stormed away to his car, telling Ash that he lost because he was distracted by his cheerleaders, leaving Ash surprised, for he expected Gary to at least pass the preliminary round.[14] After losing in the Indigo League, Gary worked hard on becoming a stronger Trainer.[15]

After Ash returned from the Orange Islands, the heroes, along with Professor Oak, were ambushed by Team Rocket, who attempted to capture their Pokémon. Gary arrived, sending his Nidoqueen out to rescue them and defeat Team Rocket. Professor Oak believed they were lucky Gary got here in time. Ash reminded he was the Orange Islands' Champion, but Gary pointed out he couldn't defeat Team Rocket today. Ash also reminded that he scored much better in the Indigo League, to which Gary claimed that was a long time ago, and he's a much better Trainer today. To prove those words, Ash challenged Gary to a battle, and to others' surprise, Gary accepted.[16]

Gary sent Eevee to battle Ash's Pikachu in a one-on-one battle. Ash boasted that he got into top 16 in Indigo League and was the Orange League Champion, which didn't impress Gary much. Eevee swiftly evaded Pikachu's attacks, countering them and defeating Pikachu with Skull Bash. Despite Ash losing, Gary complimented him for the good battle. Ash promised to defeat Gary in a rematch, to which he waved his hand. Gary departed away to Johto region, to face new Trainers and compete in the League. He took a route, evading Team Rocket, who wanted to ambush him.[15]

Pokémon the Series: Gold and Silver

Gary approached the heroes on the way to Violet City. The heroes were surprised about a Hoothoot using its red beam from its eyes, to which Gary warned them they needed to have a Hoothoot to cross the forest, to dispel illusions. He walked away, leaving Ash frustrated from this encounter.[17] As the heroes were going to Ecruteak City, they encountered Gary, who was battling a Trainer. His Umbreon battled an Alakazam and, after a tough battle, managed to defeat it. Ash wanted to challenge Gary to a battle using Pikachu, but Gary refused, claiming it was a waste of time, since he knew all of Pikachu's moves already. To show he's much more, Ash sent Totodile, Chikorita and Cyndaquil, but Gary simply walked away.

At evening, Gary was feeding his Umbreon when the power went out. He believed it was a blackout, but then saw the heroes coming out of the Pokémon Center. He and Umbreon went to inspect, seeing Team Rocket having tied up the workers at the dam. The latter were rescued, while Gary went to find a generator part. Since he could not find the part, he and others helped power the dam, by letting the water flow out. After the situation was resolved, Gary noted Ash was a much stronger Trainer, and wanted to challenge him someday, before walking away.[18] Gary used Arcanine for the Egg Race. He practiced with it when he encountered the heroes. Ash wanted to battle Gary, who replied he couldn't have Arcanine injured due to the race. Arcanine later saved Ash, who nearly tumbled to a rock, nearly injuring himself. Gary noted that Ash wanted to compete as well, and went to continue his training with Arcanine.

During the race, Ash used Bayleef to compete against Gary's Arcanine and others. During the race, Team Rocket went to capture Arcanine, to which Gary, Ash and Bayleef went to rescue it. Bayleef launched Ash onto the balloon, his board piercing the balloon, forcing it to descend. Arcanine was rescued, and teamed up with Bayleef, using Take Down to strike Team Rocket and Flame Wheel to blast them away. Gary thanked Ash for the help, but the two were determined enough to continue the race. While both of the boys received dummy eggs to carry them to the finish line, Ash's Bayleef succeeded in reaching the line first. Gary admitted his loss, congratulating to Ash. Having no regrets, he walked away.[19] Gary also attended a spiritual session in a temple, which later prompted Ash into doing the same.[20]

At the Johto League, Gary encountered Ash, both of them being able to participate. Ash promised he would beat Gary this time, who replied Ash was still naive. In the tournament, Gary passed the preliminary round. That night, Ash joined him, and the former noted how peaceful the night was, slightly like the day he started his journey. He noted that Ash had been late and had chosen Pikachu, who had been really stubborn at the time, but now saw that they were close together. He wondered if they would've seen each other had they not have encountered one another back then, in Pallet Town, thinking they would've had different occupations and goals.

Ash wondered why was Gary thinking of these things out of the sudden, but Gary simply stated there were far more possibilities for them in the future. He then walked away. The next day, as the opening ceremony was about to start, Gary wondered where Ash was. He was looking for him, and found him tied up: Team Rocket snatched his Pikachu. The two went after Team Rocket, and accidentally bumped into the torch bearer. As Gary secured the torch, Pikachu jumped down away from Team Rocket and blasted them away with Thunderbolt. While the torch bearer was injured from this incident, Gary proposed that Ash could carry the flame, which the latter accepted.[21]

When Ash's Bulbsaur was having a fight with Vincent's Meganium, Officer Jenny arrived to penalize them. However, the two Trainers, along with Gary (who had arrived) claimed they were just training, which calmed Jenny down. Ash thanked Gary for stepping in, who replied that he needed as much help as he could get, being an amateur Trainer, which only upset Ash. Upon defeating Vincent, Ash saw that his opponent in next round would be Gary. The latter claimed the battle would be short, considering he would face a weak Trainer.[22] As Ash became furious over Gary, the latter showed a half of the Poké Ball. Gary didn't think this conversation had much of a purpose, and left, reminding Ash that the battles were 6-on-6 format.

During the next day, Ash was researching Gary, and noted that he frequently switched his Pokémon. With Ash's mom and Professor Oak having arrived, Gary visited the group. Oak noted that the two sides were tense, and as Gary left, Oak noted that the latter was troubled. On the field, Gary faced Ash in the tournament battle, the two sides sending Nidoqueen and Tauros. Nidoqueen managed to withstand Tauros' attack and defeat it with Hyper Beam. Ash became impressed by Gary, who replaced Nidoqueen with Magmar against Ash's Heracross. Despite Heracross getting burnt by Fire Blast, the latter managed to relieve itself from that status and quickly defeat Magmar with Megahorn. Gary claimed Ash to be reckless, and sent Blastoise out: his Starter Pokémon he chose at the start of his journey.[2]

Blastoise managed to defeat Ash's Heracross quickly, countering his Muk's moves and slamming his Bayleef, causing her to faint. As Ash noted Gary's strength, his mom believed none of the boys had actually changed: while Gary always had confidence, Ash strives to improve himself constantly. After Ash's Snorlax defeated Gary's Arcanine, Gary sent Nidoqueen, who balanced herself on her tail, using a strategy that Ash would normally use. However, Snorlax defeated Nidoqueen, to which Gary sent Scizor. The latter used Metal Claw to defeat Snorlax, evade Muk's Sludge Bomb and defeat it with Swift. Ash sent his ace, Charizard, who quickly defeated Scizor with Flamethrower. It also quickly defeated Golem with Dragon Rage. As his final Pokémon, Gary sent Blastoise out.

Blastoise countered Charizard's Flamethrower with Rapid Spin and hurt it badly with Skull Bash. Gary knew Ash usually had a strategy that would turn around the battle, but had nothing so far. However, Charizard used Flamethrower to melt the battlefield's rocks, heating the field to the point Blastoise couldn't move. Blastoise had to cool down the field with Hydro Pump so it could move around, but this caused steam to evaporate. Charizard used this moment to get close to Blastoise and defeat it with Seismic Toss. Ash won the battle, which surprised him to have finally defeated his rival. At evening, Ash visited Gary, who, to congratulate Ash, gave him his half of the broken Poké Ball. Gary admitted he didn't even feel bad for this loss, as Ash did beat him fairly this time. The two sides smiled, as Gary swore to cheer for Ash in his battle against Harrison.[23]

Gary watched Ash's battle against Harrison.[24] After Ash lost the battle, he, Gary and others heard a scream. They went to inspect this, finding a Misdreavus under a tree. After rescuing it, Gary noted that these Misdreavus have been alarmed by the commotion from the League, to leave their habitat on Mt. Silver. Ash noted Gary knew a lot about Pokémon, to which Gary admitted he wanted to become a researcher. He bid Ash farewell, stating this had been his final tournament he participated in. The next day, before Gary went to Mt. Silver, he and others heard a commotion, as Team Rocket tried to steal Pokémon. His Blastoise fired Hydro Pump to destroy their net, whereas Harrison's Blaziken and Pikachu's Thunderbolt destroyed their mecha. Gary thanked others for the help, and wished each other luck in their future endeavors. The heroes wanted to hear more about Gary's research, who promised to let them know. The group parted ways, bidding farewell to each other.[25]

Gary briefly came to Pallet Town before leaving. Ash caught up to him, hearing that he had an inspiration about something. Gary felt he wanted to learn more about Pokémon, and since Ash had no idea what to do, he advised him to think things over at his house. Before Gary left, Ash returned to Gary the broken Poké Ball part.[26]

Pokémon the Series: Ruby and Sapphire

Gary decided to study to become a scientist, working among scientists to research Pokémon. He worked with others to revive an Aerodactyl. However, the latter went berserk and stormed out of the facility.

Gary and the scientists chased after an Aerodactyl, who flew away. The group met up with Tracey and Prof. Oak, who were shown the research center, which was based on studying fossils. Gary showed them some of the fossils, like the Amber Stone he had acquired in his travels, or the Aerodactyl egg. As the group went to search for Aerodactyl, Gary was feeling down, thinking he wasn't a proper scientist, or else he wouldn't have let Aerodactyl destroy the lab and fly away. Tracey and Prof. Oak reminded Gary it was an accomplishment that he had revived a fossil. Gary doubted that, but was reminded that his former rival, Ash, wouldn't give up trying after one mistake. Gary's interest was sparked, as he wanted to know how Ash was doing, thinking he should've remained a Trainer instead. Prof. Oak reminded that his grandson's journey to become a researcher had started already.

Finding the lone Aerodactyl, the group attempted to return it to the lab (as Tracey went to grab it by its leg), but were intercepted by Butch and Cassidy of Team Rocket, who captured Aerodactyl. Gary sent his Pokémon out to battle Team Rocket, and thwarted their efforts as Aerodactyl was freed. Seeing that Aerodactyl didn't fly away from the island, Gary believed it was too afraid to fly anywhere else. Thus, taking the seeds they found near its egg, the group wanted to bait Aerodactyl by offering it food, but Butch and Cassidy reappeared in a helicopter to snatch Aerodactyl. This time, Gary's Dodrio was used to use Drill Peck to smash the helicopter, while Aerodactyl's Hyper Beam blasted them off. Gary and others wanted to return Aerodactyl, who was upset by being near humans. To show they don't mean it harm, Gary offered it some fruit, which Aerodactyl ate. Aerodactyl was retrieved back to the lab, where Gary hoped to revive other fossils as well. His grandfather noted that Gary would become a great researcher, by studying prehistoric Pokémon.[27]

Gary went to Sinnoh region for his research. He sent a postcard to Ash, who, after losing another match in the Battle Pyramid, remembered Gary as his rival, and decided to work harder for his rematch in the Battle Pyramid.[28] As Team Rocket attempted to capture an Electivire, Ash and Pikachu went to rescue it by battling Team Rocket. Electivire's Trainer, Gary, soon arrived, and quickly defeated Team Rocket. Ash was impressed by Electivire, but he received no output from his Pokédex about it. Gary explained Electivire was from the Sinnoh region; Ash wanted to have a battle with it, but Gary refused, as Electivire had wasted too much energy already.

Coming back home, Ash encountered his mother, along with Gary, Professor Oak and Tracey, who wanted to congratulate Ash for passing all of Battle Frontier's facilities. Ash simply wanted to have one last battle with Gary, who complied to his request. Pikachu and Electivire clashed with one another, until Electivire stopped its attack with Protect and defeated Pikachu with Thunder Punch. Despite Ash's loss, Gary nevertheless congratulated him for beating the Battle Frontier. He reminded there were many Pokémon in Sinnoh region. He left, bidding farewell as he didn't have much time to go to Sinnoh.[29]

Pokémon the Series: Diamond and Pearl

When a group of men tried to steal a rare Shieldon, Gary came with Electivire to stop them. With the men dispersed, he turned to Ash, Brock and Dawn, the latter being told of Ash's former rivalry toward Gary. Gary introduced himself as the researcher, and met with Dawn, whom his grandfather told him about her. Dawn realized he was Prof. Oak's grandson, and thought that he, too, wrote poetry. Regardless, Gary reminded that these Shieldon had to be protected, hence why he was trying to build a station to preserve them. He contacted Prof. Rowan, to meet with him on the question of these Shieldon. The heroes swore to help Gary protect the Shieldon: they sent their Pokémon out to attack the hunters. Gary's Umbreon and Blastoise thwarted the hunters' Golbat away, then had the attacks aimed towards Umbreon; the latter dodged, hitting a tree that caused Beedrill (who made their nest there) emerge and attack the hunters.

As more hunters arrived, the heroes had to leave the area with the Shieldon, and went to the meeting point. As they were waiting for Prof. Rowan and others to come, the group was ambushed by J and her hunters. Gary and Ash battled her, while Dawn and Brock went with Shieldon away to protect them. However, J's Pokémon overpowered them, and with the battle over, Ash and Gary snuck underneath their vehicle into her airship to rescue a Shieldon that she had captured. Inside, Ash and Gary ambushed the hunters, and rescued the lone Shieldon. Ash wanted to battle J again, but Gary stopped him, for she fled by flying away in the airship. Nevertheless, Gary was grateful for the heroes' assistance and spoke out a poem. Dawn then truly felt that Gary was Prof. Oak's grandson.[30]

When Ash's Gligar went missing, they went to search for it, finding it to be near Gary. Gary greeted the heroes, explaining he was going to Lake Valor to see a Legendary Pokémon that Ash had seen on Rowan's behalf. Knowing well Gligar was Ash's, Gary offered to help him train it. Ash refused, but was persuaded by his friends to take the offer. Gary sent Umbreon to use Shadow Ball, which frightened Gligar, causing it to land on Ash's head. Ash felt that Gligar should focus, but Gary had an idea: Gligar could've just used its tail to bounce before attacking.

Since that failed, Gary then proposed to evolve Gligar, using a Razor Fang, to which Ash stated Gligar had to conquer its fear first before evolving. Team Rocket suddenly arrived and snatched Gligar, and Ash by accident as well. Gary joined Dawn and Brock in the search for Ash and Gligar. When they found them, they saw Ash had Gligar evolved into a Gliscor, who defeated Team Rocket. Ash thanked Gary for the help, but the latter believed he was the one to congratulate, due to his efforts having Gliscor evolve. He decided to take a break at the lake and spoke out a poem, impressing Dawn, seeing he was Oak's grandson, and the two sides parted ways.[31]

As Hunter J went to capture Azelf, Gary went to stop her, contacting Professor Rowan of her whereabouts. He had Electivire stop her, but was countered by Saturn and his Toxicroak. As Azelf was captured, Saturn explained to Gary that the bomb was crafted from Veilstone City's meteorites, all to capture the Lake Trio. As J went to the other lake for her mission, Gary went to stop her but was countered once more by Saturn. Once Team Galactic captured Mesprit and Uxie, too, they departed in a helicopter away, leaving Gary angry at their retreat.[32] Gary returned to Professor Rowan to monitor the situation. With Team Galactic disbanded and the crisis over, Gary told the heroes that the Adamant and the Lustrous Orb would be secured under Professor Carolina's care.[33]

Pokémon the Series: Black & White

Ash looked up to the sun while on a plane for Kalos and remembered all of his friends, including Gary, knowing that they, along him, were doing their very best to fulfill their dreams.[34]

Pokémon Journeys: The Series

After saving Ash and Goh from an enraged wild Onix along with his Blastoise, Gary made an appearance. After being introduced to Goh and reuniting with Ash, he informed them that he was looking for a wild Moltres in order to retrieve one of its feathers for Project Mew. Along the way, he also offered to help Ash find his Infernape, which had fled from Professor Oak's lab. Upon climbing a tall mountain, Gary and the other two boys encountered Ash's Infernape and the wild Moltres. Gary, with the help of Ash and Goh's Pokémon, battled the Moltres until it dropped one of its feathers and fled. With the success of his mission, he sent the feather to Project Mew's base lab, where he later received a token for his successful find and departed from Ash, Goh and Professor Oak at Oak's lab.[35]

Gary also reappeared briefly at the Project Mew lab where he was seen talking with Danika. He also met up with Ash and Goh again, as Goh was ready to start his first mission for Project Mew, though Gary's words towards Goh left him annoyed.[36]

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Voice actors

  • French: Lionel Bourguet
  • Dutch: Bram Bart
  • Hindi: Anshul Chandra (Hungama dub)


  • Unlike Blue, Gary is shown to care about his Pokémon. Also, he is shown at least once kissing a Poké Ball before sending his Pokémon out. In the episode that this happened, "The Battle of the Badge", Gary showed nervousness when Mewtwo used its psychic powers on his Arcanine and Nidoking.
    • Him kissing a Pokéball is similar to that of Misty, as she does the same thing before sending her Pokémon out.