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Three of his 6 cheerleaders

Gary's cheerleaders are six girls that follow Gary around, like a fan club. They only appeared during the Indigo League series. They cry whenever Gary loses a battle. During a battle, they are usually cheering Gary on.

The only time they cheered for another was for Ash in The Battle of the Badge. After Gary lost to Giovanni, Ash challenged the Gym, which was then left in the care of Jessie and James.

The cheerleaders then were absent for most of the Johto League. They finally reappeared in The Ties that Bind to cheer Gary on during his battle against Ash during the Silver Conference. Unlike the previous battles, they did not start crying when Gary lost to Ash. The cheerleaders haven't been seen since when Gary decided to become a Pokémon researcher.

Voice actors

Gary's Cheerleader roster as of "Dig Those Diglett"


  • In the Japanese version, Gary refers to them as his girlfriends, which he never does in the English dub.
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