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This Nidoqueen is a Poison/Ground-type Pokémon owned by Gary Oak.


The Beginning series

When Team Rocket attempted to kidnap all Pokémon in Professor Oak's lab, Gary appeared with his Nidoqueen. Nidoqueen used Mega Punch on their Lickitung. Meowth went to use Scratch, but Nidoqueen was unharmed by that basic attack. It blasted Team Rocket away, before unting the heroes.[1]

Gold and Silver series

Nidoqueen faced Ash's Tauros in the Silver Conference, where she used Rock Smash on him. Tauros retaliated with Horn Attack, but Nidoqueen stopped him and blasted him to a rock with Hyper Beam. Ash sent Heracross, to which Gary swapped Nidoqueen with Scizor.[2] Moments later, she went out to face Snorlax. Nidoqueen bounced on her tail, then used Double Kick on Snorlax. Snorlax, however, endured the attack, evaded Nidoqueen's Hyper Beam and defeated her with Ice Punch.[3]

Known moves

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