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This Arcanine is a Fire-type Pokémon owned by Gary.


The Beginning series

Arcanine was used to battle Giovanni's Kingler. Arcanine quickly defeated it with Fire Blast. However, when Giovanni unleashed Mewtwo, the latter used Psychic to defeat Arcanine without much difficulty.[1]

Gold and Silver series

Gary used Arcanine for the Egg Race. He practiced with it when he encountered the heroes. Ash wanted to battle Gary, who replied he couldn't have Arcanine injured due to the race. Arcanine later saved Ash, who nearly tumbled to a rock, nearly injuring himself. During the race, Ash used Bayleef to compete against Gary's Arcanine and others. During the race, Team Rocket went to capture Arcanine, to which Gary, Ash and Bayleef went to rescue it. Bayleef launched Ash onto the balloon, his board piercing the balloon, forcing it to descend. Arcanine was rescued, and teamed up with Bayleef, using Take Down to strike Team Rocket and Flame Wheel to blast them away. Ash and Gary, without such obstacles, continued their race. In the end, Arcanine lost to Bayleef, who reached the finish line.[2]

Gary's Arcanine was shown on a computer, as Ash went to research which Pokémon Gary could use during the Silver Conference.[3] Gary sent Arcanine to battle Ash's Snorlax. The former used Take Down, but dodged as Snorlax attempted to use Body Slam. Instead, Arcanine fired a Fire Spin, but was quickly defeated by Snorlax's Hyper Beam.[4] Ash, during his battle against Harrison, remembered his battle with Gary, including his Arcanine.[5]

Journeys series

Arcanine was used against a wild Articuno, during a Project Mew Trial Mission.[6]

Known moves