Rock, Paper... Scizor (VSハッサム VS Scizor) (known as VS. Scizor in Chuang Yi version) is the 12th and final chapter of Pokémon Adventures: Volume 9.


The evaluation test is interrupted, as some wild Pokémon attack. Blue uses Scizor, who attacks the Pokémon, proving Blue is a good leader. To help Red, Blue gives him his Charizard, as Red goes to heal his limbs in a hot spring. Red leaves Yellow his Pika, who goes with her and Chuchu to Johto.

Chapter plot

The member of the council is furious Red gives away the position of the Gym Leader. The member specifies one wishing to become a Gym Leader must register and participate in the test. Suddenly, an earthquake occurs. Red and Blue go out, though Daisy orders Yellow to stop Red, as Red is in no condition to battle. Red and Blue encounter some wild Pokémon, so Red guards the entrance while Blue's Scizor uses Metal Claw to attack Arcanine. Blue sees an Exeggutor is angry and wants to battle, while Red acknowledges Blue being swift, unlike himself.

Exeggutor is scared of Scizor, though Red sees Exeggutor's claws resemble heads. Red admits Blue is a worthy opponent, as Scizor uses False Swipe. Blue throws his Poké Balls, catching Rhydon, Alakazam, Arcanine and Exeggutor, being praised by Red and Yellow. The people admire Prof. Oak's grandon, making the council member shocked. Red tells him Blue was a semi-finalist in the League. Blue comes to the Pokémon Association's van and turns the music off, for that music caused the wild Pokémon to gather. Blue tells the council member that even if he thinks Blue is not good enough, he should look for someone qualified enough.

Blue trades his Charizard for Red's Gyara and orders him to ask Daisy for details. The council member thinks Blue should be the next Gym Leader, for he seems skilled and popular, too. Plus, he did not scold them too much for the mistake they made with the van. Later, Red sets off, as he has the info he needs. Yellow is surprised, while Daisy tells Red can cute his hands and legs. Daisy tells her brother told her about a spring in the mountains that can cure limbs. Blue remembers Sabrina healed one part of the body, so Red should be able to cure all of his limbs, though the path is guarded by wild Pokémon, hence why he gave Charizard to Red.

Before leaving, Red leaves Pika with Yellow, as he does not want Pika to feel responsible for his injury. Pika waves goodbye to Red and Yellow proposes him to join her, as she needs to do some investigation in Johto. Pika agrees, and Daisy waves farewell to Yellow, as she goes on a new quest with Pika and Chuchu.






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