Forretress of Solitude (VSフォレトス VS Foretress) (known as VS. Foretress in Chuang Yi version) is the 11th chapter of Pokémon Adventures: Volume 9.


Red prepares for his Gym Leader application test, despite Yellow and Daisy warning him. During the test, however, Red feels weak, but does not show any sign of weakness. Instead, he makes brilliant strategies to defeat his opponents. At the end, though, Red makes a tough choice.

Chapter plot

In Kanto, Yellow and Daisy warn Red he can't train too much. Red knows tomorrow is the Gym Leader aptitude test, so goes to train more, making Yellow and Daisy worried. Later, at Red's house, Bill has faith in Red passing the exam, though Red worries about it. Red gets visited by Brock and Misty, who give him the videos of their aptitude tests. During the night, Red is prepared, but still feels his hand weak. Next day, Red is in the Viridan Gym, where he faces a lot of Pokémon to battle for the Aptitude Test.

The first one is Pineco, so Red sends Saur, whose Vine Whip defeats Pineco. Foretress and Pineco are sent, though Saur defeats them both with Vine Whip, for Red focuses on precision. Foretress uses Spikes, so Saur uses Sweet Scent. Red sends Snor, who uses Belly Drum. The viewers are surprised, for Red and Saur cannot move too much due to the spikes on the ground. Saur makes a powerful punch on the ground to repel the spikes, then uses Mega Punch on Foretress, defeating it.

Azumarill is sent, who uses Whirlpool, so Red cannot switch his Pokémon. Amidst the water, Red feels his legs getting a bit weak, which Daisy notices. Saur quickly uses Mega Kick, hitting Azumarill. Red sends Vee against a Porgyon2, who locks them on and uses Zap Cannon, hitting Vee. Red counts on Vee, who restores the energy with Morning Sun and uses Psychic, defeating Porygon2. Red wins, but feels his hand trembling. A member of the council congratulates him, but Red declines the position of the Gym Leader, as he feels pushed to the extremes and still feels a bit weak. Suddenly, Blue appears with a Scizor and checks Red out. He knows Red was feeling weak when riding the bicycle at Cerise Island and just heard Red rejected the position of the Gym Leader Red wanted so much.





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