Delibird Delivery ② (VSデリバード② VS Delibird ②) (known as VS. Delibird (Part 2) in Chuang Yi version) is the 10th chapter of Pokémon Adventures: Volume 9.


Silver, determined to pay back for what the Masked Man has done, sends the Gyarados, which calls its pack to attack the Masked Man. After defeating the Masked Man's Pokémon, Gold comes to the lake, shocked to see Silver defeated. The Masked Man intends on defeating Gold, sealing his fate with Silver.

Chapter plot

Gold's Exbo uses Flame Wheel and Silver's Sneasel Icy Wind to hit Ariados and Houndour. The Masked Man promises to defeat them. Suddenly, Ariados and Houndour disappear, while Gold, Silver and their Pokémon are hit by invisible forces. The Masked Man appears near Silver, asking how the red-haired girl Silver is fond of is. He remembers she should've been killed making her escape. Silver's Sneasel uses Quick Attack and Rock Smash, though Delibird dodges the attacks. The Masked Man is escaping with Delibird, so Silver tracks him with Murkrow, while Gold is binded by the ice, disabling his movement. Murkrow tries to attack, but Delibird hits it back, for the Masked Man wanted to separate Silver from Gold.

Gold's Murkrow attacks the Masked Man, for Silver tells these are for the atrocities the Masked Man caused. Silver sends his Gyarados, who attacks the Masked Man. The other Gyarados appear as well, for Silver's is their leader. The Gyarados attack, while Gold tries to defeat Houndour and Ariados. Aibo uses Double Team, causing Ariados and Houndour to hit each other. Gold comes to the lake, but sees all Gyarados are frozen, while Silver has fallen down. A chunk of ice falls down, causing Silver to sink into the lake.

Silver falls down, under the ice, while the Masked Man continues to attack Gold using icy spikes. The Masked Man tells Gold he will join Silver, but Gold replies Silver had nothing to do with this. The Masked Man replies Silver betrayed him, while Gold responds he should not force anyone to do his work. Suddenly, an ice block falls on Gold and Aibo, as they sink down as well.



Flame Wheel


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