Delibird Delivery ① (VSデリバード① VS Delibird ①) (known as VS. Delibird (Part 1) in Chuang Yi version) is the 9th chapter of Pokémon Adventures: Volume 9.


Gold and Silver fight against the Masked Man, whose Delibird manages to stop them for a bit. While Silver is down, the Masked Man tells Gold of his relation with Silver, which goes back for years. Silver and Gold attempt to make a counterattack, but the Masked Man has a trick up his sleeve.

Chapter plot

Gold's Polibo uses Dynamic Punch on the Masked Man, though Polibo's hand gets frozen. Gold charges, but Silver stops him, for his Kingdra uses Twister. Silver points at the frozen icicles, warning Gold not to touch them. Gold gets contacted by Prof. Elm, who reports the metal substance recovered from the Masked Man is made by the same material that Gym Badges are made from. He warns Gold the Masked Man is actually a trainer, who may be even more powerful than anticipated. He advises Gold not to fight him, but Gold sees it is too late for those words.

Gold and Silver stare at the Masked Man, whose Delibird uses Blizzard, causing trees to be frozen. The Masked Man wonders who will be his first target, telling them they can run. Silver has Sneasel attack Delibird, using Icy Wind. However, Delibird attacks Gold and punches Silver as well. The Masked Man wonders why has Silver tracked him for five years. Gold is surprised, though the Masked Man continues, as he kidnapped some children nine years ago to become his assistants. He did not expect Team Rocket to be wiped out easily in Kanto, so he made sure to kidnap the children, for they are easily to manipulate, like the Magikarp that evolved into Gyarados.

As Delibird intimidates with the frozen icicles to Gold, the Masked Man is displeased, for Silver could've been a powerful trainer instead of an errand boy. Gold replies Silver is much tougher than he thinks. Gold saw Silver in action many times and can tell he is no weakling, telling the only weakling is the one relying on Team Rocket. The Masked Man is insulted, so has Delibird attack. However, Exbo's flames negate the attack, while Sneasel slashes the Masked Man. Gold allies himself with Silver, telling the Masked Man uses Pokémon for his own needs.

Sneasel and Exbo charge, but Gold and Silver get ambushed by Masked Man's Houndour and Ariados.







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