Piloswine Whine (VSイノムー VS Piloswine) (known as VS. Piloswine in Chuang Yi version) is the 7th chapter of Pokémon Adventures: Volume 9.


Gold and Silver encounter Team Rocket, whose Pokémon attack them. Gold and Silver make multiple risks to defeat them, causing Team Rocket to retreat. After the battle, Gold stops Silver, wanting a true battle, which Silver may be interested in.

Chapter plot

Gold and Silver encounter Team Rocket, who still exist after the attack in Kanto. Team Rocket have their Pokémon attack Gold and Silver, though Silver stands still. Silver believes these grunts have caused the earthquake, making the lead admins impressed at his deduction. The male admin recognizes Silver to be the one who attacked the grunts at New Bark Town and in Slowpoke's Well. The Pokémon attack, but get intercepted by Exbo, as Gold sees Team Rocket interrupted the fight against him and Silver in New Bark Town. Gold tells Silver he can team up, but Silver replies him to stay away.

The male admin orders an attack, causing an earthquake. A large Pokémon emerges, as the male admin explains it is a Piloswine, which will stomp on them. Silver did not expect a Piloswine to be that powerful. Gold sends Polibo to use Water Gun, but Polibo dances instead, making Team Rocket think Gold is even weaker than the red-haired boy. Piloswine chases Silver, who flies with Murkrow. Silver realizes Piloswine's frost chill enables these earthquakes. Polibo helps Silver, using Whirlpool to soak the ground, trapping Piloswine in the sand.

The male admin turns around, hoping for reinforcements, but Gold managed to defeat all the Pokémon. The admin orders all grunts to send their Pokémon. The female admin tells the male one not to attack, as they gathered the info about Ho-Oh from the tower. The male admin is displeased, for he orders retreat. Gold is not pleased either, for he wanted to battle Team Rocket a bit more. Silver acknowledges Gold became stronger in battle, while Polibo comes back to Gold. Gold asks Silver about Ho-Oh, as he reacted strangely when the female admin mentioned that Pokémon. Gold also wants to know Silver's goal, but is okay if Silver does not tell him. Gold knows Silver has some sense of duty, but wonders if Silver enjoyed a Pokémon battle. He asks him to stop for once and face Gold in a true battle, which Silver is interested in.

Jasmine wakes up at the refuge camp, while the doctors inform her Amphy saved her. She remembers the boys that saved her, but the doctors stop her, for some rescue teams will be sent to encounter any missing people in the ruins. Jasmine recalls two boys that saved her, though the doctors tell the entrance to Ecruteak City is forbidden, for they know it is deserted anyway. Gold and Silver come to the ruins and start their battle.





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