Ampharos Amore (VSデンリュウ VS Ampharos) (known as VS. Ampharos in Chuang Yi version) is the 6th chapter of Pokémon Adventures: Volume 9.


Gold comes to the tower in Ecruteak City to find Jasmine, only to see her being carried by Silver. With the tower sinking, Gold teams up with Silver, trying to find a way out. With a strange mud coming from the ceiling, Silver sends Croconaw and Gold Polibo. Polibo, however, starts evolving, managing to rescue both trainers.

Chapter plot

Jasmine is hurt after the earthquake. She sends Amphy, who flashes out a signal. Outside, Gold sees the signal coming from a tower. Gold sees Jasmine's picture and wonders if she is amidst the rubble, since she was not seen in the refuge camp, yet the electricity was cut out. Suddenly, he notices a tower falling down quite easily. Jasmine gets approached by Silver, while Gold tries to find survivors. Gold comes and encounters Silver, who holds Jasmine, unconscious. Silver tells him he found her here and decided to help out.

Silver gives Jasmine to Gold to hold, while he goes to do something. Gold sees the tower is full of mysteries, seeing a statue of a Pokémon named Ho-Oh. Gold tries to get out, but the ceiling above him collapses, so Silver's Ursaring holds the walls. Suddenly, Gold notices the air getting thinner and colder. Silver scolds him, for his Quilava is out and will exhaust oxygen supplies. Suddenly, they hear something. Suddenly, mud comes down the ceiling, engulfing Gold and Silver. Silver orders Gold to send a Water-type Pokémon, but Gold does not see why he should listen to him.

Silver replies it would blast out the mud, forcing it to be flushed out. Silver sends Croconaw and Gold Polibo (with the King's Rock on his head), though Silver is disappointed by the latter, as he is too small. Suddenly, Gold's Polibo evolves into Poliwhirl, though the mud pushes Gold and Silver to the ceiling. Silver tells Gold to communicate through the Pokédex. Gold calls Polibo back, though the tower sinks. Suddenly, Croconaw and a new Pokémon emerge from the tower, saving Gold and Silver. Gold is surprised, but Silver explains it is a Politoed, evolved form of Poliwhirl.

Silver goes away, feeling that was not a natural earthquake. He also remembers seeing frost amidst the mud. Suddenly, Gold and Silver face new opponents.






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