Quilava Quandary (VSマグマラシ VS Quilava) (known as VS. Quilava in Chuang Yi version) is the 5th chapter of Pokémon Adventures: Volume 9.


Gold makes a special training against the Daycare Pokémon. Making tough calls, he manages to defeat them, causing his Exbo to evolve into a Quilava. After hearing about an earthquake, the Daycare couple send Gold to a new mission.

Chapter plot

The old woman comes into a library, where Gold sees a picture of Red, the last winner of the Pokémon League. Gold sees Red's Poli and points out to Polibo he will grow just like Poli. The woman leads Gold into the training room, where he faces a lot of Pokémon he needs to defeat. Gold is displeased, for the woman places bars, forcing Gold to fight. He goes to use a cue, but the woman takes all his gadgets off, as they are not allowed. She scolds him, for this is a test of stamina and wits of a trainer than the Pokémon. Gold charges with his Pokémon, making the old woman almost sorry for him.

The opponent's Pokémon attack, so Gold's Exbo uses Smokescreen, while Togebo uses Metronome. Gold hopes this to work, so Exbo uses Ember, but Donphan resists the attack. The old woman tells him to switch Exbo with a Water-type Pokémon, so Gold sends Polibo, who uses Water Gun, hitting Donphan. The old woman advises Gold if he makes a move at the right time, he can defeat any opponent. At Ecruteak City, the old couple's granddaughter is walking through the city, wondering what Pokémon has the egg hatched into. However, an earthquake causes her to fall down into a pit.

A Primeape uses Cross Chop on Sudobo, who uses Mimic. Gold sees his tactics won't serve him much, so sees he has to defeat Primeape with fire. Sunbo uses Sunny Day, so Exbo uses Ember, hitting Primeape. The old woman admits Gold has potential, being amused at this training, for it improves both the trainer and the Pokémon. Gold is exhausted, though the old woman tells him this is what training is all about. Suddenly, Exbo evolves into a Quilava. Gold is very pleased, telling he is her servant.

Suddenly, the old man hears there was an earthquake in Ecruteak City. He and his wife worry that their granddaughter has been there during the accident, though the old woman has an idea. Later, Gold is at Ecruteak City, trying to find granddaughter named Jasmine. Some moments before, the old woman ordered Gold to go there, to use the powers to find her. Due to this training, Gold has learned the basics of battling, so the old woman gives him a King's Rock. Gold runs, trying to find Jasmine. Meanwhile, Silver also heard about the earthquake and heads there.





King's Rock


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